Mayfield/Quine Resign Two Years

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/13/2016 08:02:00 AM | ||
 Las Vegas Review: Reports Garth Snow's special assistant, George McPhee, will be hired 7/13 as Las Vegas new gm.

 NYIFC Comments: 
One-way deal means Mayfield can still go to Bridgeport, but makes full-salary. This was not just accepting his qualifying offer. He's going to have to deal with sitting if the NHL defenders are healthy, and did not get a callup despite may defenders hurt last season. He needs to play here or it's not going to work.

Expect a few players to accept qualifying offers, perhaps Quine looking for a similar deal?

Personally, I think the Islanders dodged a bullet with McPhee given his signings/deals with Caps, and how he reportedly has issues with agents. Ledecky has no fall back he's familiar with now.

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