New York Roster Announced

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/11/2016 03:58:00 PM |
And now we sit back, give twitter/website a break, and see what happens. The twitter account is now protected, screen caps will work fine here if necessary.

Easy to go back & read past entries/tweets to where things need to be for a playoff spot, as things go up/down with the standings/players.

The plan here has always been to set folks up for the next season at the end of the previous season, and that is now completed both here & prospect site.

Done writing about media coverage & Dolan's for good. It's in the New York Islanders hands to fight for their coverage, you know where I stand on these subjects, folks are free to accept coverage or speak up.

I failed on being silent in the past when this was written here, that will not happen again.

After Bloomberg posted Prokhorov's bond offering statement information the lease details were posted here for everyone, and remain here. Everyone now knows when the lease deadlines are with lease opt/outs, same with Bridgeport, and we have a Coliseum website with a 4/5/17 date for re-opening which will never house an NHL team again.