New York's Problem That's Not Going Away

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/17/2016 01:35:00 PM |

Did not expect another entry this soon, but see something different from past years.

They do not have any top six right wings. Management's first choice to replace Parenteau (not a first line right wing) was to use a career bottom six left wing in Chimera.

Then when that did not work it was time to move the player management said should have not have been playing right wing in Ryan Strome, he was back on right wing.

This frankly makes them look like they have no plan or idea what to do.

Lee bounced to right wing last year, and has been moved there early this year, but he's a left wing, and has had his best success with Tavares on the left, the plan has been to make him play like Mark Parrish, despite the fact this kid showed good skating skills when he came here.

Quine is a center, Prince is a left wing or has been used in that spot. Barzal is a center, Beauvillier is a left wing/center, not a right wing. Nelson is a center who's played left wing with Tavares but showed little chemistry, he's not a right wing based on rare looks there. 

Can't use the Grabovski plan with veterans much less kids unless you want to get them hurt.

Nice that Bailey scored a beauty at 4-4 to win an overtime game, but career trends do not lie nor was he management's first choice this year.

Beyond that you have Clutterbuck, a right wing with skating/scoring skills, who's been on the 4th line the past two seasons. 

So Mr Ledecky feels the next step should be beyond the second round, how does this team even play five hundred hockey without two top qualified right wingers with the NHL's worst schedule?

Why unload Parenteau under these circumstances where Tavares had one practice with him on a Friday, went to Washington for one preseason game, and then release someone advertised as a top right wing who at least would have helped this issue on the second line.

Sorry, but this problem is not going away, and don't write Ho-Sang if the plan is to make any serious run at a Stanley Cup right now.