NHL Territorial Rights

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/16/2017 11:31:00 AM |
Excuse me if you have not read this before. Dolan wants the Islanders out of NY entirely to regain NYI territory, save 300 million dollars, and install his own AHL team at the Coliseum.

He would lose his tax exemption (50 million a year) in any outdoor game as the home team.

Malkin/Ledecky have to approve a Sabre home game inside their territory with written consent.
1/1/18 is the official 1st day in a 30-day window, Prokhorov, Ledecky/Malkin could drop their Barclay's opt-out notices, basically guaranteeing the team leaving NY entirely by the end of that season or one after.

Ok, back to trying to win 9 of 13 games to face a team 30 games over five hundred in a 1-8 playoff series.