NYIFC Notable

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/10/2017 09:13:00 AM |
Ok, still not much can be changed from 1/26/17 entry beyond being in realistic contention at this time, and NYI not being a team playing a 50 game preseason.

A few nice stories like Ho-Sang call-up, Bailey, Lee, Ladd, Weight, but the wear/tear/travel of this schedule is likely too much for any team to hold one playoff spot available to them. One new trend has been some big losses which were overdue.

They are making their best run at a spot under circumstances the fans should be proud of in this division.

1/26/17: New York Not In Realistic Playoff Contention With Horrible Schedule Unless 95+ Points

Don't feel entries should be written or repeated as in past, more of big picture look at things.

Hoping for best, which is this case can only be a playoff match-up against a team rested, ready, close to 30 games over five hundred.