Is Doug Weight Part Of The "Culture" Problem?

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/19/2017 01:45:00 AM | | |
So if the culture needs a change, what is Doug Weight still doing here, whether it be as assistant coach, head coach or assistant general manager?

I understand he's a good quote, and the fans desperately need that kind of communication, but whatever role he had as an assistant in terms of special teams, or closing out games he was also responsible as part of Snow/Capuano's staff.

He's a big part of creating the past culture, as he recruited Andrew Ladd, and reportedly got on the phone with many free agents as assistant gm.

This is a man who was behind the bench as an assistant since 2011-12 season, and was very animated when seen on television.

I get he likely is a mentor to Tavares since day one, and that may be a big factor in his resigning.

Having written this in terms of head coaching experience, until Weight was given the interim tag, he had none at any level after he retired here as a player. And it also has to be noted he rarely had time to practice much less ever with a team on full rest.

When this team needed a left wing in elimination games, 5th overall pick (LW) Michael Dal Colle, stayed in Bridgeport for Thomas Hickey?

Ok, he's getting his own staff which started with Richardson + on 5/18.

Capuano never seemingly had his own staff besides people from Bridgeport, Scott Gordon holdovers or the return of Greg Cronin. (before Capuano was behind the Islanders bench in 2005 under Steve Stirling)

For me Doug Weight talking about a culture change is a surprise, he's a big part of the past culture here, some good, but some not so good.

As an interim coach (even with an awful schedule/no rest/never home) more than a few decisions were terrible, which led to blow out losses rarely seen in the first half.

Also, as I wrote on twitter many times, I'm still not past Snow's comment, Capuano, was not someone they were going to bring back regardless after this season.

So if Capuano's team finished with the exact same record as Nashville in a 14 team conference, and was still playing right now, he would not have been back?
So did Dolan approve a Bridgeport game (who's the home team in NYI AHL operated arena?) in exchange for Ledecky-Malkin surrendering via paperwork approval for a Buffalo home game in Queens, or did he threaten pulling all television, joke Newsday coverage with the awful beat-writer?

Is he putting back in more player post-game interviews, instead of the new twenty minute post-game?

Why is Staple writing on twitter what's in Thomas Greiss locker? Whatever happens in the room stays in the room, the other German player Seidenberg never got an article all season at +25 from him. 
Are the Islander fans who like the fisherman logo, the same people who really think Dolan is a friend  of this franchise?

So the Dolan family, that fought the team over 50,000 for the Metro Ice Challenge, and hides them 24/7 really wants to pay them over 300 million dollars through 2031?

If you believe that, you likely think if Dolan won the 2013 bid for the Coliseum he would move his AHL team out of Nassau for an Islanders return, & that his tax exemption means nothing to him which was only reported in a Rochester newspaper as to why Buffalo is hosting a game inside the NYI territorial rights so Dolan can keep getting close to 40-50 million dollars a year from NYC taxpayers.

Watchdog Newsday sure wanted no part of Dolan's tax exemption, the NHL, had no comment, but we get false headlines about 30 day notices (not in lease paperwork) & first steps to opt outs, when half way down the page it's buried both sides could keep the same lease.  

Funny Dolan's Newspaper writers can put up documents to everything related to Barclay's or the Islanders lease, but when it comes to Dolan's television contract with the Islanders, Devils, Sabres, Red Bulls, Cosmos or NHL territorial rights agreements, they cannot get anything from their own employer much less anything that happens inside the Chase Garden besides throwing out Oakley with a pro-Dolan spin of events? 

Maybe next some of our fans next will agree with Jim Baumbach, Al Arbour's 1500th win should not have counted in 2007?

Randi Marshall was never shy about demanding financial information or political contributions from Wang or Ratner when she was not posting 3/4 articles to defeat the 2011 referendum or play watchdog on Ratner when Dolan lost the Coliseum bid, same as Robert Brodsky.