Bellows Leaves College For WHL/Dolan Newsday Follies

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/31/2017 01:08:00 PM |
Portlandtribune: Kieffer Bellows explains why he left college to play with Portland in WHL this fall.

NYIFC Comments:
See former pick Blake Kessel, who did the same after his junior season long ago. This means his time table is no longer four years to be signed by NY to an ELC, he likely has to be signed by next summer 5/31/18 as all CHL drafted prospects would be.
Short version, Dolan is using the family paper to play their games again, and the usual gullible fans are buying in because they get an article from a newspaper that's not even allowed to write the name Dolan.

Paperwork does not lie, Mangano's committee made clear why Dolan lost the bid for the Coliseum in 2013: Nine page document from Mangano's committee on why Ratner won and Dolan lost, all about money.

And the committee documents 9/23/13 make clear Dolan/NHL must approve four Coliseum regular season games if any Islander owner wanted to be the first to ask for a second home arena which has never happened before.  Page 136 (Bridgeport) Page 157 (4 games at Nassau)

Bottom line this is Dolan using his family-owned Newspaper, now under Pat Dolan, to flat out lie & hide their involvement in the process, if the Islanders owners did want to play four games at Nassau Coliseum.

Either Malkin-Ledecky do not want any part of being the first NHL team ever to ask permission to have a second home arena,  or they asked, and NHL/Dolan refused permission.

My guess is Malkin-Ledecky want no part of requesting a second home arena, but the notion Dolan's newspaper write articles like they never bid for Coliseum themselves and would have to approve those regular season games (not preseason games) is just their usual selective journalism.