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Updated-Yormark's comments about wanting hockey to stay at Barclay's beyond two years, and he feels it's working is very surprising. If it really is the Islanders decision we all know Jon Ledecky said in Aug 2016 several times they hope to be at Barclay's for many years to come.

We'll see,  it could offset some of what was written below, or it could be all the "good faith" we will be reading about.

For those wondering to the best of my knowledge New York will draft 15th in each round besides the 4th and 6th rounds.

Zipay did that for his team on twitter already, the guy Dolan hands us retweets one crummy preseason game where their own team is involved.

Sorry not personal, but this team needs the dedicated coverage other teams receive to attract more/new fans. Seems Dolan's budget is only for biased arena follies to drive fans away so he can pocket his cable contract money,  put his AHL team in Nassau & on television to replace the Islanders when they leave for Quebec within two years which is how I see things playing out unless something very surprising happens.

Meanwhile the same entitled fans who boycotted their team away since 1989, want to boycott them back to 7,000 in a fictional Belmont arena (at stubhub prices under twenty dollars with a max payroll) in five or six years? It won't work after the first Saturday game.

Staying home is the biggest reason the New York Islanders have had these problems since 1989, the fans never learn.

Fans all over this league have no Stanley Cups or came close, but they fill their buildings, and grasp the concept a team is not an entitlement.

When Wang said we have no place to play,  and it was Barclay's or town, here's the reality:

Nothing's changed. Despite some good signs it can work in NYC, there seems to be no level-headed patience for it as the campaign I wrote would come from Dolan/media would never let up to defeat the Islanders at that location since 2012. 

They will never have a better NY location to call home, give it a good decade with some real coverage, they will create generations of new fans, and the revenue will be there to solve all issues, same as Washington.

I would not be shocked if Prokhorov/Yormark are not near the point where they flat out would refuse Barclay's & Coliseum, and force an out of NY relocation entirely.

I would also not be shocked if they ask NYC/Albany for the money to redo Barclay's or Malkin-Ledecky do, the team simply stays there and no one opts out of any lease from 1/1/18 to 1/31/18.

Cuomo can just stop Dolan's 40-50 million dollar check and give the Islanders that money being they are the only team in NY/NJ not to get a dime ever for anything, and Wang paid for renovations as a tenant?

Cuomo's already approved giving Messier a 108 million dollar loan for that scheme in the Bronx for a renovated arena, now DeBlasio is on board?

Seems Bettman is a bit detached from the circumstances, his plate is full, with expansion, and what will be huge problems for him with no Olympics (all-star game announced) but please stop selling the notion the fans all are from Long Island when 40 percent of season tickets in 2011 were coming from NYC before the referendum?

After  Bettman threatened to revoke Dolan's ownership long ago after his humiliating lawsuit loss, and having nothing to do with the Rangers, Bettman's making appearances on his network?

A lot more appearances than our hockey team as usual.

As I wrote many times, Scott Malkin, who is the primary owner will stay or walk together with Ledecky, they will be the final New York owners when their options run out.

Hope fans consider these things when they decide staying home is not a ticket back to Long Island, it's only a ticket to Quebec between their trips to see New Jersey football teams.

Bettman's holding Quebec for a relocated eastern conference team where 15,000 people will sellout five years of games at top dollar prices within a week.
Anyone consider Bossy thinks Tavares is an UFA 7/1/17, not 7/1/18?

Funny how the Tampa media did not advance any narrative Steven Stamkos needed to be signed or traded by 7/1/15, who signed 2-3 days before he could go UFA almost a full year later.

But our team does not have a real beatwriter, he's paid by another NHL team while Seidenberg may be the best  +25 player never to receive any coverage.

He gives some Islander bloggers/podcasters a few interviews, so they look the other way for their resume, the less he does, the more praise he receives. 

Ever see any beatwriter with a franchise player advance a narrative he must be signed almost a year early or traded,  much less from a 101,100, 94 point franchise? 

My personal take on this is Staple's looking for a change, and whoever comes in will be just as lazy & negative because that's what James/Pat Dolan want.

Having written this, I cannot see any Tavares signing without a commitment where this team will play first per agent Pat Brisson's advice.
This story has had many changes but Trent Klatt resigned as a high school coach, and has duties as a New York Islanders scout.
New York will lose a good player in the expansion draft, don't see any trade or scenario to make that avoidable. 

Based on how last season ended, and given the glut of centers, it should be Strome, given Nelson's production, with Quine, Cizikas, Beauvillier, Barzal and others who can play the middle.
To me Halak is a starter here, or he should go.

We know his highest level is superior to Greiss, which team Europe decided after he was out 16 weeks while Greiss started in the playoffs. Capuano handed him the starters job afterward, and Weight went to him coming back from the AHL when the games were must win.

That's a bitter pill for Greiss, but he got a three year contract, and has been a career backup.

I would not give Williams or Gibson off injury a qualifying offer, and despite maybe giving Berube the AHL offer someone will, perhaps it's time to move to someone who's barely played the last two years?
I also see some changes in Bridgeport with Loic Leduc & a few others not getting a qualifying offer, but only Snow/management knows.

I posted the Crus Rydberg/Andrew Rowe signings in Europe on twitter.