6/1/17: Doug Weight TSN Audio Interview

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/01/2017 01:47:00 PM | |
Weight (never at a loss for words) on a long host of subjects: Gomez, Tavares extension. Barzal, and what he can expect in camp.

Decided to cut out the TSN article which is not relevant, and only take Weight's direct audio comments.

The silence when asked about Gomez was funny, and left the hosts with dead air.

Basically the two TSN host barely had to speak, but they got in their Tavares-Toronto narrative during the fourteen minutes.

NYIFC Comments: 
As for Scott Gomez, I was a bit outspoken on Gomez hiring on twitter. Just do not think a new head coach with no experience, needs an assistant coach with no experience at all.

In January, Gomez, did analyst work for NBCSN. 

There's a reason most NHL teams hire experienced coaches/assistant coaches with long track records, many with Stanley Cups.

Roles at this level require extensive experience doing the job before being hired, which is why Charles Wang took his lumps for hiring Garth Snow as his general manager. Lorne Henning was a player-coach at the end, Nystrom was on Terry Simpson's staff briefly, and Ken Morrow was Al Arbour's assistant for a short time, but how often do you see players go from the ice, directly to a role as an assistant?

Again fair or not, Weight as part of Capuano's staff since 2011-12 is accountable for the teams success & failures, he was very animated on television, and was this teams assistant general manager.

He just hired an assistant coach who's never been behind any bench in that capacity.