10/31 Northwell Tour/Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/31/2017 04:42:00 PM |
When does 60 million equal three million for a building that cost 50 million to construct in 2013 that was purchased for nine million in a bankruptcy sale by Charles Wang?
NYIFC Comments: Mr Ledecky seems to believe there is more revenue to be made in Cuomo- Dolan's Belmont taxpayer arena as his tenant, then in NYC, which is the equivalent of suggesting the Caps could have made more revenue staying in Landover when Ledecky was part of an ownership group that moved into a new arena in downtown DC.

Also the two years at Barclay's (with virtually no Sat games/football Sunday games, Dolan media killing arena to drive fans away) still outdrew all but three Coliseum seasons in the 21st century. How much guaranteed money is Dolan giving them to be his 41-day tenant in the middle of nowhere because it will never come from fans purchasing tickets 41 times at big boy prices.

Barclay's can shut all this down by not opting out in January, locking the team into it's 25 year lease, which would mean no arena in-between Barclay's/Coliseum.

Malkin-Ledecky want their 53.5 million less expenses next season, any notion this is honoring a contract for them next season is incorrect. They can opt out in January, and if Prokhorov also does the lease ends at the conclusion of this season.