deHaan Injury Hurts NYI Playoff Chances Unless Snow Acts

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/19/2017 08:32:00 AM |

29th in goals allowed, and now they lose their 3rd best defender to another shoulder injury that seemed well behind him in his past, his body grew out since then, and he was durable.

The scoring is going to dry up, they have to win low-scoring games, one bad week can put this team last in the conference given the usual domination by teams in this division, and the Devils absolutely not going away.

deHaan is a left defender, who likely just lost huge in his upcoming UFA.

So now the options are clear if another defender does not go down which is likely given Boychuk's history, and Hickey having his issues.

 1-Pelech (four year contract) plays with Pulock, who has done a solid job but both got lit up good in Columbus.
2-Hickey goes up to second line, unlikely for him.
3-Seidenberg continues to struggle playing the side he was not +25 on last season.
4-Management calls up left defender Devon Toews, one of the leading AHL goal scorers among defenders.
5-Snow cashes in some draft picks, to get what is likely a flawed solution, which is why that player is available or ready to hit UFA, those trades usually do not happen in December.

My take is Toews is best suited to the role, he's no kid, and was the likely replacement for deHaan if he leaves, so time to make the call.  For now I see Pelech-Pulock it would take something unexpected for that to work long-term.