The Cuomo-Dolan Echo-Chamber Selling Ponzi-Scheme Arena Via Taxpayers Where NYI Are 41-Day Tenants

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/15/2017 02:47:00 AM |

I thought it was time to post Dolan's echo-chamber. The people who have to push Dolan's scam through as quickly as possible, despite no financial details, or a community meeting advertised to answer questions where none were given.

The days of 2011/2013 where we got numbers before decisions are long over for Dolan's echo-chamber, it's get Dolan his revenge arena.......facts & truth be damned, media jobs are at stake, who cares that's it's eight miles from the other 16,000 seat arena fans would not go to after 1989 most nights?

Dolan's media is putting on the pressure to get Cuomo's ESD, to make a decision before Prokhorov's 1/30/18 deadline and no doubt Wilpon wants his money where for no given reason our team cannot have a NYC arena that displaces his plans in Flushing where no infrastructure money would be required, and no community would be displaced.

If Prokhorov does not opt out  (36 million is a drop in the bucket he will get back when he sells Barclay's to stop all this)  it forces NYI to stay at Barclay's through 2040.  Ledecky would have to change his public stance they are staying at Barclay's, costing them 53.5 million next season with no place to go next October, and no business operations.

Prokhorov will not let them in any of his buildings if they want to be a willing tenant of Dolan undercutting his two facilities.

But let's look at the list from my long experience creating the echo-chamber. I will leave out LI fans who have been boycotting since 1989 & are very gullible & sadly NY fans who were warming up to NYC even without Sat games the first two years, outdrawing 16/25 Coliseum seasons at gate plus tying six others despite strong push to hurt those numbers this season which should influence Tavares, Bailey, and free agents more than anything.

The Dolan echo chamber starts at top, where donations are not published by his media from family members, where conflicts of interest are not published in the family newspaper.

Sadly many of the amateur bloggers may want to speak up, but the pod-cast, tee-shirts, message boards, resume, their fictional connections matter more to them than the truth or NYI.