Doug Weight Shots Allowed Reflect No System/Plan

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/22/2018 07:04:00 AM |
I have seen NYI teams at the bottom of the league play defense with low scoring games with Jamie Rivers, Heward & a bunch of players who had no business in the NHL, and still had low shot against games/wins.

Bridgeport with all it's injuries/call-ups & changes, played their 23rd game with two goals or less allowed on Sunday. 1-0 shootout win.

NYI have played ten games all season allowing two goals or less.

We can talk about lack of days off, practices which is fair (because other teams got rest) but this team is where it is based on the entire season, when it's defense was healthy. It's dead last in goals allowed.

Yes, I do think it's a coaching issue, which began with a 5-1 opening night loss, followed by a win against Buffalo where the powerplay allowed two goals.

Weight's words (blunt at times) mean nothing, his message does not translate to his players or whatever system (if he has one) is not understood by his players. This is a man behind that bench since 2011, our assistant gm.

They can't win the 1-0, 2-1, 3-2 games they must play to go on the kind of streak necessary to make the playoffs. The shots against are the worst I have ever seen.

Scott Gomez is working here in the NHL based on how he spoke to players about power-plays after a brief announcing gig.

Halak is giving them some excellent goaltending, we have been lucky he did not get hurt with this work-load.

Other organizations have cleaned house in season & replaced the coaching staff, a lot of good hockey people like Weight, simply are not qualified to be head coaches. It takes that long experience, strategy, x/o this team simply does not have. Capuano had long experience, strategy, the man taught coaching, it's not about the sound bytes to fans on a network or newspaper with awful coverage.

Sometimes stats do lie, this time they don't. NYI cannot play the low scoring/shot against games teams all over this league do.

Owners own? Time to replace the gm, and the coach. Let Thompson come up as interim, he has plenty of coaching experience & his teams plays defense.