Malkin & Ledecky Can't Be Trusted

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/27/2018 09:25:00 AM |
In the end you get smart people, you get smart decisions, if you get people who don't have a clue you get what we are seeing.

Scott Malkin & John Ledecky clearly don't have a clue. 

A majority owner who has not been seen since his 2014 introductory press conference, a minority owner who wants to be Dolan's tenant, who can't stop cramming his Ranger childhood down on our throats? A 70 million dollar payroll but they keep Garth Snow as gm like he cannot afford to get rid of him.

Does that make sense to you? 

Ledecky's statement they can make more revenue in Belmont as Dolan's tenant vs Barclay's? The Wilpon's paying for a building when they cannot even afford their own team when Cuomo could have made the same deal in Queens without Dolan or Wilpon?

Two men who want a state of the art facility, but only 16,500 for hockey, the only two people who want to play (and move back) to a suburb that's been a proven failure that only lost money. 30 other teams want a city or wish to move to one to stay in business.

The list only keeps growing, it's like Tony Hrkac coming back for alumni night.

And now the magic 1/30 date I have been pointing at since August 2016 has arrived and Dolan's boy Cuomo again is in his hip pocket to get our team out of NYC, and pressure the NHL to force them into something they have never done in their modern history.

Two home arena's. One in a 13,000 seat building that was rarely filled with no luxury boxes, that could not outdraw Barclay's 16 times, and tied six other Coliseum years since 1989 is not a workable solution, it's just a big distraction that will upset an NHL teams home routine vs Barclay's where the team has dominated.

How could Tavares or any player serious about winning sign up for this if you want to give a player who's rarely the best player on the ice, who's speed/defense is terrible money where he will not have top talent around him? 

Nassau fans are the worst,  they refuse to pay for expensive tickets or even break 10,000 at rock bottom prices much less the ones necessary to support a modern payroll, it won't work in Nassau at any location, they need to pay double current prices in a 13,000 seat arena that will have no corporate money. They needed to December to support only a winning team on weekends while Barclay's with all the forced media negativity had 2 recent crowds over 15,000.

A state of the art Dolan Belmont facility designed to put Barclay's/Coliseum out of business which will take revenue from both and cost Prokhorov money when he sells his interest in either? What are they thinking at BSE when the 36 million after expenses is a drop in the bucket through 2040 by comparison compared to the money this will cost Prokhorov when he's told no one wants to fight with a competing arena. 

The NHL approving 2 home facilities for one NHL franchise for any duration (beyond Ledecky's Caps moving in season before he sold his stake fast) is unheard of, and not permitted per the territorial rights agreement,  much less for several years. If the NHL BOG does not want it or become one of the teams forced to play in Nassau they will not be happy having to travel there vs being in NYC.

If BOG says no, what's next plan 1/30 is here, opt out notices must be delivered.

The rules are simple, one home arena per team, per territory.

Sorry but to trust Malkin, Ledecky, or their decisions is contrary to their actions, who becomes majority owner of a team, spends 480 million to hide in Europe. Malkin has many on-line video's in front of crowds talking.

I wonder if Tavares to the Rangers is part of this Belmont scheme or they gave up part of their cable contract money to 2031 as their end of this ala Milstein long ago in a Palffy deal?  Obviously a deal was cut with the NHL for these owners to forfeit their territorial rights to the outdoor game in Queens, or Dolan forced them to forfeit all territorial rights in Brooklyn and Queens as one part of them becoming our landlord at Belmont.

Dolan owns Newsday, his  media will sell the false narratives they want starting with slapping NYI name on their arena to get it pushed through with the public, when their paper already wrote Dolan will operate it making NYI only a 41 day tenant, again in the middle of nowhere.

Meanwhile Ledecky already said who owns the Belmont arena is a private matter, he can't say it's Dolan's via Cuomo.

And we all know it makes no sense for Barclay's to renovate a building again for a temporary move, NYC fans deserve all the weekend games, let Nassau crowd prove it's worth on Monday's with double current prices, they always have a story to not attend games.

Ledecky's going to face his reality check very fast in Nassau after that first announced sellout when those same people stay home for most of the other games, he'll likely be gone fast with Malkin.

What I do know is when 8,000 start showing again in Nassau, and Dolan's renovated Seattle arena is ready, the NHL is likely going to put a stop to this because this lease drama will not be ending any time soon.  Ledecky can play the poor fan/stockholders support card as his out.

Cuomo was getting Belmont done for Dolan even if the Wolfpack were the anchor tenant as revenge for 2013, even if NYI stayed at Barclay's.