Mr Snow Wasting Our Time Again Lying About Injuries

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/08/2018 09:04:00 AM |
Snow gave an interview to Dolan's Newsday as moving trucks are loading up to take their operations to College Point operated by NY Times distribution, the exodus is on as Zipay is done covering Rags. (he claimed not the reason he's leaving)

Bottom line, most of what he said, I had no issue with. But I do not like lies or my time being wasted which I made clear in past about his actions on that stage with Nolan in 2008 where he said they talk daily and work well together, then his rebuilding word non-sense from 11/27/2009.

Snow's team was giving up tons of shots and goals starting opening night long before deHaan, Boychuk, and others were hurt, same as their powerplay gave up two goals in the opener vs Buffalo, it's entirely on Snow & his coach.

There was no Streit-Okposo injury in a scrimmage, they are not leading NHL in man games lost by a mile like 08,09, 11 where the number went from 400/500/620, and even those teams were not facing anything close to this many shots a game.

Long time readers will remember this back on 11/27/09 in Tavares rookie season when Snow talked about the rebuilding word Globe & Mail.

At the time I wrote words matter, and don't waste our time beyond usual rhetoric on lies. 

By 2011 Snow was hammering the rebuilding word, now he's using the injury excuse, it's not acceptable. Owners own.