Sorry But No Positives Here

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/04/2018 08:44:00 AM |
I don't like repeating things written in recent entries.

We all want our team to win, but it's clear unless something changes out of nowhere that's not going to happen under this management/ownership.

On the ice, the coaching staff had two days to prepare for a tired team who lost/traveled Friday, and managed to give up 26 first period shots/49 for game.

I'm seeing mistakes/shots against that could rival 1972 Islanders, as words from Weight reflect a man completely over his head in this job.

Bridgeport has had tons of turnover, they play/win many low shot against games. I don't think any NYI team has ever been worse defensively which began opening night.

Off the ice, it feels like January a few years ago where we are at the point it's time to send this team to a market where fans will support them, that will never happen in Nassau.

To be Dolan's tenant at some Cuomo-Dolan taxpayer arena with a 16,500 capacity for NHL is a joke, and reflects this ownership is not about hockey (beyond Ledecky's love of the Rangers) or wanted a NYC team, it's about some land while the majority owner is not even around, and Wilpon has no money to build a thing or spend on his own team in their taxpayer stadium.

Meanwhile Snow-Weight still have jobs with this team being that bad on the ice. World class? 14,000 would stand to see games at Coliseum, is Ledecky that flat out lost? 

We have no clue if there is any agreement year to year any longer, or if it's Bettman's decision how long they stay in Nassau with the usual poor crowds which will give everyone their out to relocate this franchise to a place fans will spend real money.

Meanwhile Dolan's comedy writer, Randi Marshall, is complaining about Cuomo giving Nassau Coliseum six million for renovations, while over a billion dollars goes from Cuomo to Dolan starting with the fifty million dollar tax exemption that dates back to 1982, now Penn Station RFP money, Belmont RFP money, and a penny on dollar lease on Belmont land. 

Dolan does not pay taxes, the only checks go from Msg lobbyists to Albany. (likely now in Seattle for that RFP/renovation)

Msg employee Joe Percoco as of 1/24/18 was finally let go by Dolan once Cuomo gave him his Belmont RFP win.

Dolan family paper completely ignored Percoco went from Cuomo's staff to Msg to work for Dolan, now that Cuomo awarded Dolan an RFP win at Belmont, Percoco's time at Msg is over.

Sorry but NYI ownership should have fought for a NYC arena on Shea site, and demanded their own arena without Dolan or Wilpon or made a deal to stay at Barclay's.

Now Dolan's former 10 year employee, Joe Lhoda, does not want LIRR changes, that environmental study will drag on while Shea was dug up in 2009, and we all know 30 other teams want no part of being in a suburb because the team cannot survive financially much less one that's been a huge failure in Nassau where even Barclay's had better/equal attendance without weekend games.

And we all know attendance was just as bad or lower with Arbour-Torrey after 1989, so where is this so called traditional Long Island base which has been a joke at supporting this franchise once cups stopped.