My Thoughts on 2017-18 NY Islanders

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/11/2018 09:38:00 AM |
The New York Islanders yielded 293 goals, the most by any team since the 2006-07 season. Their penalty-killing unit had a 73.2- percent success rate, the lowest by any team since the 1988-89 season. Close to 20 year records for shots against & all time 50 shot games against. A powerplay that allowed 10 goals, who hired someone with no experience to run it.

Why is this general manager and inexperienced coach here unless for Tavares they stay or he goes?

My thoughts on Snow is he is a very good gm, he had back luck but after 11 years he should have been sent packing along with his interim coach, now at year 12 unless for Tavares they go, he goes, what's left to write?

Tavares set records for being on the ice for goals against that go back a decade, Leddy was over -40. Tavares was not an impact player in games like his counterparts, he rarely was the best player on the ice for his own team. He disappeared most of the games, despite his 80 points which reads odd but is true. Go find a highlight beyond those goals vs Flyers, he looked unhappy the final month, but also made clear on 2/26 he may resign by the end of the season playoffs or not, he made clear this is the only place he wanted to play too many times to be let off the hook if he does not resign.

Meanwhile you have cup winner Boychuk say they have a good team but allowed too many goals, while Clutterbuck did not provide brutal honesty and say the problems began opening night, as the 4-3, 5-4, 6-5 wins masked the very obvious problem long before deHaan got hurt, as Halak rarely let up a bad goal. They could not win the low scoring/low shot games even some awful Islander teams did.

35-37-10 without goal scoring and Halak having a career year (who they should bring back) this team is 20-52-10.

All the players endorsed the gm/coach for some reason on breakup day, and wanted to return. Tavares who completely trust Snow/Weight seems for him, it's this gm/and Weight who's been his mentor since day one or why sign up for unknown replacements when he can pick his own gm/coach elsewhere?

It was a terrible season (despite incredible career years by Lee, Barzal, Bailey) from opening night, no point to repeat all my entries. Pulock's finish makes me think he's a star, and Toews could well be for openers. Who knows what Bellows/draft brings.

Ledecky did a good job the first day, it looked sincere like Snow/Weight are no lock to be back.

Day two he acted like Cuomo giving Dolan an arena to be our landlord was ownership's victory, leaving NYC/Barclay's is the biggest loss this franchise has ever had. 30 teams want to play inside a city to survive financially.

Dolan's newspaper/media will do nothing but sell Dolan's arena as our home we run, nothing could be a bigger lie, this is just payback for Dolan losing Coliseum in 2013.

Now this fragile team is going to be the only one really in my life time to have 2 home arena's, and have success? Not seeing that, and Lee is a huge signing next summer.