Mitch Korn has been named Director of Goaltending

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NYIFC Comments: Ok, got who I wanted. Perhaps overzealous on titles, but Korn had a while to accept the role here, and when I saw the job title for NHL on goalie coach coming from Marlies, felt Korn had decided to stay where he just won a cup, plus he was at Caps prospect camp. I'm very happy with this move.

New York Hires Piero Greco-Goaltending Coach

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NYIFC Comments: I guess that's a no from Mitch Korn being this is a hire for the NHL level. Lamoriello takes someone from Marlies. Newsday's latest beatwriter claims Fred Brathwaite has been let go of. Chris Terreri is still listed as being goalie development coach.

Nelson Avoids Arbitration-One Year

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NYIFC Comments:
Nelson did not hire an agent for a one-year extension so this is another player who could hit UFA next summer to go with Eberle & Lee.

Everyone likely wants the show-me contract, but players who avg 20 goals a year are not easy to find at his age in UFA.

Obviously neither side was thrilled so they kicked it down the road another year so Nelson can test UFA.

John Gruden has been named Assistant Coach

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NYIFC Comments: So to recap what's been announced: Cronin, Richardson, Buchberger out, all hired elsewhere. Lambert, Gruden in.

Ryan Pulock 2 Year Extension

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NYIFC Comments: Nice signing, wanted them to go long-term because if he's as good as projected, he's going to make huge money in two years, but they will still have his NHL rights for someone born 10/6/94. One more to go, Nelson, who filed for arbitration, and will have a contract either way.

Toews (1-way) Burroughs (2-way) two year extensions

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NYIFC Comments: Toews at 24, with a one-way deal means he's coming up, as soon as he's ready/healthy. Burroughs with a 2-way deal, can play here or in Bridgeport but two solid signings.

Still Beginning Of A Long Summer For New York

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For now we see if Mark Hunter (contract over 7/15) or Mitch Korn, come to NY or decide on another job elsewhere.

Then we see how arbitration with Brock Nelson/restricted free agency goes.

Don't think we are done with coaching staff changes, but seems reasonable Chris Lamoriello, likes what he has in Brent Thompson, and Bridgeport loaded up with veterans is returning at this point.

As for the rest, can't see any 1st round picks being traded for a rental, who likely would test UFA next summer, that would be an awful decision. Teams in a playoff spot, knowing they are not surrendering a potential lottery pick, only give up their first rounders at the trade deadline.

For those who remember 2014-15, the Boychuk/Leddy deals were not made until well into preseason when it was clear NY could not win with their defense, which included UFA signing T.J Brennan, who never made it back to the NHL, even after going on waivers.

The Kevin Poulin waiver claim also brought Berube here after the season began.

Bottom line is a lot is still expected to change, and the time to do some negotiating with Lee/Eberle is also now, to see what happens moving forward.

They can replace Tavares lack of speed/defense, how he was not visible 5/5 or with games in the balance, but to have this happen next summer with Lee/Eberle is too much. 
Off the ice, silence is golden for Dolan's Belmont arena scheme, they don't want negative publicity, and Newsday is owned by Dolan.

They just want their shovel in the ground as fast as possible, and will use NYI to make that happen.

Once construction begins, they could care less if NYI play there, but the unknown here is still Wilpon/Sterling paying for it for Dolan to run, and rail access with a double trip to from/Jamaica until 2032 if Dolan's MTA guy, Joe Lhota does not kill it, perhaps taking longer than a train to Barclay's?

I do expect Cuomo to demand no more Barclay's games ever after 2/28/19, but there is no binding lease for Coliseum, and Cuomo has to pony up to make Coliseum upgraded regardless of the cost.

No matter what after a few early sellouts, the novelty will wear down fast, if Tavares leaving does not drive people away, and if poor attendance in Nassau makes Barclay's decide they don't want them in either of their buildings or our owners finally get that reality check they need to play in NYC, that's the end.

And for all Scott Malkin did to upgrade staff/sign Tavares his leaving saved them money, even if those management changes are expensive.

Ross Johnston 4 Year Extension

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Hope it's a 2-way deal because if everyone is healthy, someone is not going to play, or #15-53, are going to be moved at some point.
Nope. Aside from Martin, some players who are not heaalthy scratches could be sitting, that 23 man roster has filled up fast, but it's a long summer.

New York Signs KHL Forward Jan Kovar/Transactions

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Note-the prospect site would have Bridgeport/AHL transactions, but that site no longer lists the players under AHL contracts only. Many new & re-signed players today. Jones was only player to go from 2-way to AHL-only.

7/6/18 More Lamoriello

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Lane Lambert Hired/Lamoriello-Trotz Speaks

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New York Signs One-year contract with Robin Lehner

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Also it appears they have signed their European Goalie, Jakub Skarek, to an ELC. He is committed to a team in Europe.

NYIFC Comments: The biggest risk in many area's, with likely the best upside among the middling names, got the shortest contract. Folks know I wanted Halak re-signed, but Lehner's past success cannot be fluffed off, and he has to report ready or he'll be gone faster than Parenteau. Gibson showed some signs at 26, we'll see about Soderstrom, and on a better defensive team Greiss should return to where he finished up last season with some quality games.

Matt Martin Traded Back To New York For McAdam

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NYIFC Comments: I think for now on 7/3, we have to take a step back, and see what this all translates to by opening night which is a long-way off. The changes are going to continue. Gibson was traded by one Lamoriello, and was just given two years by another. Lamoriello signed Martin, and traded for him, and brought down the forward from the Leafs. Sure it makes some fans happy bringing home Martin, who just sat on the sidelines, but things don't happen here for those reasons.

New York Signs Tom Kuhnhackl/Old Business

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And in old business besides, Mike Sislo

Valtteri Filppula One Year Contract

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Islanders website only list center Valtteri Filppula as a member of the roster.
NYIFC Comments: Another 34 year old center, who left the Flyers? Having problems seeing this as productive, they clearly needed more physical players, defensively stronger, but don't know.

Center Leo Komarov Signs 4 Years

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Hickey, Four Year Extension With New York

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NYIFC Comments: We'll see where this puts deHaan, but unlikely they can keep both without a trade of someone else. Frankly, at plus 20, he was one of the top defenders available, with plenty of competition for his services.