New York Notables.....

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/18/2019 03:41:00 AM |
Let's begin here. I don't know.
What will Lamoriello do at the deadline? Will they win division? Even make playoffs? 7/8 points, between first-ninth, with Carolina/Pittsburgh & Philadelphia almost unbeatable. All I can write is what's been repeated often here. It's too early, too much hockey left to play.
Wish NYI had thirteen point edge they would have in 16 team playoff/west seed. They don't. Tampa is the only team that does.
One bad week, changes a lot, two bad weeks puts them outside. All the winning is helping them hold their spot, it's not doing anything to change the discussion in the other direction which we all want.
The schedule coming up gives them almost no two-day break after this.
I'm not of the mindset to make any changes because the chemistry here is special. They have an excellent defense that's only getting better/some players just starting, & prospects that under this coach/management will produce some star talent.
If they get injuries, think talent is here/Bridgeport, to make up for it. Ho-Sang when he's on can step in & help after his big weekend, guess Dal Colle will go back for Ladd/or not, he should not sit much longer.
Beyond that, play the games. Calgary x2, Toronto 2/28, & Washington on 3/1, will be very tough opposition, and no such thing as an easy night in this league vs anyone.
Boring but honest. Keep working.