Nothing's Changed For NY/On All Fronts..Quips/Comebacks

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/19/2019 12:30:00 AM |
The calendar continues clicking down the days, a lot of hockey to be played, nothing's changed. Keep winning & soon we can write something else on that front. Seeding will take to final days or even final game. Take things down to 2/3 game segments now. 1st in the division to 9th overall/playoff miss is not out of question. Someone's going to come close to winning out.
Trotz is going to do what he does with his lineup/injured/sick players, he knows best. I'm downplaying individual accomplishments for now, despite both goaltenders numbers/team defense.
Quips/Comebacks: It's funny to have twitter conversations with people who live in denial or sold themselves this Belmont lemon as all or nothing. I do get they want ANY resolution/arena at this point, even one that's doomed to fail, in a horrible location with no people, and of course many of them are young/clueless when another NHL teams newspaper with a huge vested interest are selling you something in a their newspaper like they did in 2011-2013.
Many people don't want facts, information is not their friend, they live in their bubble & that's the way it's going to stay. If you can't convince them the world is not flat in 2019, it's just not going to happen.
And of course it's priceless reading those people defend the awful Nassau attendance, or think announcing 11,000 people, who won't purchase $12 seats is some kind of viable alternative to support an 80 million dollar payroll & 120 million to operate a franchise in NY. It's that kind of denial that created these problems since 1989 & it's the same story/excuses since Arbour-Torrey were still working here. Wait until next fall & they actually have to go in October to Nassau.
Quip: Belmont is going to be great, wonderful, incredible.
Comeback: You don't know anything about it, who's paying, why there is no rail access until 2033, hundreds of millions to renovate LIRR or provide trains not available on overloaded tracks now, next to CIP (Cross Island Parkway) with the worst road access in NY beyond Jackie Robinson/Interboro. And this LI arena is partially on NYC border. So where's Wilpon's money? How come we have no answers/details to virtually anything within months of a so called ground breaking for an arena that will be operated by Dolan's Oakview/& his guy, Irving Azoff, who will have 110 acts or that this Belmont scheme (using NYI name to get a shovel in ground) is a competing arena to hurt Coliseum/Barclay's simply because Dolan lost bid in 2013 to Ratner for the Coliseum.
Quip: Cue gifs, it's going to be great.
Quip: We are a Long Island team.
Comeback: So why did Barclay's tie/outdraw LI fans the first two years not playing Saturdays? Where are those sellouts we were told about in Newsday that there are no tickets available in lower bowl almost a year ago, & few in the upper? Truth is there are thousands of empty seats, empty rows at top of building, $12 prices to see a first place team? For three years you lied to owners about how all the seats would be filled if they came home. There are only 13.9k now (down from 16.1k) & they were only really filled once to cyber-bully Tavares. Ticketmaster has thousands of available seats, other sites with seats under ten bucks.
Quip: Do you know how abused we have been for 20-30 years, what Milbury/Snow did to us?
Comeback: You stayed home for 30 years, even for Arbour-Torrey, voted down every arena plan, refused a penny of taxpayer support while you waved pom poms of all local teams who were handed taxpayer arena's? The same people stayed home and finished last even in playoff years. The only year they managed 21 sellouts was one Wang via Milbury spent money, and team improved. No one seemed damaged during sellouts at end of 2002, until Wang raised prices to the league avg. I get you love acting like problems began in 1995-96, but this team finished last with Torrey & Arbour, even in 92-93, when they went to semi-finals.
Quip: More gifs, we are LI only comments as they go back to discussing NJ football teams they love on LI or the city-based baseball teams.
Quip: Barclays is awful they should have fully renovated Coliseum.
Comeback: 2013 was not that long ago. All submitted bids were for the same renovation/downsized building & one was to demolish the Coliseum & put up a 5,000 seat building. Dolan's bid was for his AHL team to play there as anchor tenant with home Ranger preseason games, no one was dumb enough to fully renovated the Coliseum for Nassau to be their tenant. Dolan wanted more taxpayer money than Ratner. Nassau wanted someone to pay for their renovation. Dolan's Newsday people like Randi Marshall, Brodsky, Baumbach scared you with $58, then you voted no in 2011, and then he bid in 2013 to get the Coliseum & the entire hub for himself. This is all documented county information, including why he lost/Ratner won.
Quip: More gifs. Nassau is where we belong, Barclay's is not suited for an NHL team, it's terrible/awful.
Comeback: Nassau/Belmont equals bankruptcy, enough lies/excuses. We need a NYC home, grab an unobstructed seat, sit on the floor if necessary & give it a rest. We need a home where millions of people live, not in the middle of nowhere. 30 NHL teams agree with me/no one moves to a suburb you can't get to. Cue my images of empty seats in Nassau/reports of 4/5 playoff teams last in Nassau.
Quip: You are obsessed with Dolan and have an agenda.
Comeback: 130 other sports teams don't own their rivals television, newspaper coverage, and bid for the former home. I'm obsessed with team being here in a decade or less. NY is the right place to survive with the best rail/road access & the most people/corporate money to afford the payrolls necessary all of you cry for on 7/1. Not my fault Dolan owns Newsday/Msg/News12 bid to get Coliseum for himself, & has a biased paper that bleeds money to sell his narrative to gullible people while his television hid the games since 1998. When his paper ignores the billions going from Cuomo to Msg, and Newsday makes issue of Coliseum getting six million once, everyone should question that lack of objectivity. Dolan lost on LI at home, billionaires don't like losing & have giant ego's & his personal conduct speaks for itself, and he's fighting a competing arena to his in LA. He wants NHL map set back to 1971 & to put that cable money back in the bank he owes NYI.
Quip: What cable money/More gifs.
Comeback: Let grown-ups talk.
Quip: Baumbach is my voice for arena news.
Comeback: You mean the guy pretending to be a business expert, who's claim to fame was making a fool of himself & actually wrote Arbour's 740th win did not count in his book when he was pretending to be a sportswriter in 2007, who lasted about two weeks & another outlet in 2010, and then crawled back to Dolan? Even I had information here on Barclay's lease ten days before Baumbach in August 2016 because I asked Bloomberg writer about Prokhorov refinancing debt on Barclay's so he gave me the link.
Comeback: You got what you paid for & still won't support a first place team in March. Stop blaming owners, look in mirror. Newsday people & News12, people need their paychecks, and write what owner wants or someone else will be hired. Does not mean you should be buying what they are selling without real details.
Quip: Owners know what they are doing, why would they agree to these plans?
Comeback: Are you for real? Owners purchase teams without knowing a thing, rich people do that all the time, Wang, Milstein, Barroway, trophy purchases. 480 million for 80 percent of a team & 70 million a year on payroll is a ton of money to go build retain in the middle of nowhere with 24/7 rail that is at best decades away. Malkin's guy, Brian Garrison, compared Belmont Garden's to Rodeo Drive in LA, that's absurd.
Quip: More gifs.
Comment: Too bad they never put all that time drawing gifs into reading, they might have learned something.