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New York Islander Fan Central | 3/13/2019 06:50:00 AM |

Not much to write, the drumbeat continues. The NY Islanders are not a western conference team that can have a bad week, or a long losing stream with a big cushion. A bad week means a wildcard, a bad ten days means 9th seed.
The team seems over the flu bug that went around since they went to Edmonton, but what Flyers did was no fluke, and teams are going to use that template to beat them. You got Trotz version they kept Columbus to outside/angles, vs Columbus side they dominated with a 66/30 shots attempted advantage, and held NY to 20 for game. The NYI numbers game is allowing 15-25 shots against & being hard to play against.
One two day break the rest of the season after Wednesday, they will mostly be on the road. Pick a player out of position between Beauvillier, Ladd, Komarov. Someone will play out of position with Boychuk out who's rarely played that side. Pulock played 25 minutes vs Columbus.
My impression is the top players are due to score some goals & will gain the confidence needed once that happens, they worked hard to get here, we'll see how it plays out. If they are not good enough & qualify, it will likely be over very fast.
I'm still guided by Trotz comments months ago his team is likely 1-2 years away from being a yearly contending team, and would likely not win in the playoffs.
All tributes to Mr Torrey will remain through the rest of this season, many have been added to the historical site.