New York Notables.....

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/01/2020 10:03:00 AM |

Welcome to 2020....

Would I have signed up for fifteen over in this division on 12/31/19 back in October? Absolutely.

Is this team in trouble? Coach is flat out not been happy all season, he's not getting anything near how this team took over games, and just smothered the life out of the opposition into some very easy wins.

Do I think Trotz-Lamoriello are on the same page? Why was Ladd recalled, and presented like he did all he could and belongs here, only to play ten minutes, and go back with Trotz saying it's a "Lou decision"?

Is Trotz holding this together? Yes, but the man sounds like someone unhappy, he's flat out talking about throwing together lines, when in reality, he's had almost all his players return from a year ago. Filppula is approaching -30 in Detroit with about four goals, yet between Brassard, Bailey, Koivula, Cizikas nothing works on that third line center spot.

Dal Colle was hurt, but he also was moved to RW when Eberle went down, with neither playing producing on top of Komarov, Martin (injured) Johnston, #14 having a few moments, but far more is needed which includes Lee.

Even worse Greiss has struggled lately on some very soft goals, and #6,25 have had some troubles like teams are figuring out the defensive system, and pressure them into turnovers before the zone is cleared.

We watch the games, see the comments by the opposition, no one is talking about the NYI being the hardest team to play against like a year ago, we read how NY hung on, were outplayed, it's not how you compete for a cup.
Washington attempted 87 shots, had 39 shots on goals. Last year NY went 2-0 at Caps, both shutouts.
A while back wrote I this was not Weight's 2017 team that was eight over winning 6-5, 5-4, they would have the character/coaching to overcome what followed . I don't think a team fifteen games over that had a 16 game unbeaten streak is a bad team, but it's not how they got there last season.

Ultimately you want the team playing it's best hockey going into those last twenty games, but this is not another division, they are 3-4 days from the second wild-card in this mix, expect it to stay that way.

Is there best hockey in front of them? Possible, but the schedule is awful the last two months like it's been for years, they get no breaks/rest, less than anyone.

So now what? More games, keep scratching toward 20 over. To me every game is a two game swing. Before Caps game the number was 14 so you hope it's 15, not thirteen by end of day, overtime points work. Regulation losses to me are a minus two.

Add up those two regulation losses to terrible/struggling Kings, Ducks, Nashville, Columbus, 2-3 other games you are talking about 15 over being 25 over.

That's how you gain the separation needed.