New York Up Against Wall...

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/05/2020 10:25:00 PM |

Simply put, they are losing the games they have to win, or at least get a point, and it seems they are working hard. If I were coach, I would not be criticizing this team.

It's been an odd season, but they seemed to have that ability to fight off top teams, and scratch out wins (Washington/Boston) but against Toronto the pattern was broken in a game they allowed only 22 shots.

Now they maxed out Varlamov, lost Pelech for the season, and Greiss has struggled, like he knows his future depends on the decision of another goalie in the KHL.

How much sustained traction can get they get out of #47,28,14,32,17, and score enough goals? We saw Ladd play ten minutes/go back.

Not putting anything on Dobson, he got beat on a good play. Boychuck whiffed on one, Toronto's goalie played well.

But here we are, they have to play Colorado, travel to Devils, who only lost to Colorado, both those teams will be more rested. They are facing losing three straight in regulation for the first time under this coach.

My thinking on Bellows/Ladd is if the players here are not getting it done (Eberle had a good game in Toronto like he's getting close) why are they going to change things? Varlamov has not been a goalie who carries teams in his recent past, he's not been a true #1 for a few years. Caps let their former backup (Trotz playoff starter in game one year they won cup) to Colorado.

Bottom line backs are against the wall, despite some slippage from teams around them, that won't last.