Bottom Line: It's very tough for New York to qualify

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/06/2020 08:21:00 AM |

All in all as this is written New York has a better record than they did one year ago at this time.

They may fall back, they may move toward the twenty over they likely need to get to, we don't know, the schedule is terrible, there is really no more rest.

Beyond that they have to find ways to win, the division at this time is stronger than a year ago, the teams from west that are struggling give up points.

The trade deadline offers no real answers, your team has to be good enough already for any incoming player to make the impact needed, and most of these players available are not the answer, and are just as capable of sinking a team for good.

From here it gets even tougher, they have about nine games left out west against teams that will likely decide where things go.

All that written New York still has thirty games to play, that's a ton of hockey.