New York Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/14/2020 12:46:00 PM |

Not a great deal to write about, in the end NY will be good enough or not good enough to qualify. There will be injuries with this kind of schedule, lack of rest. Can't treat every win like they got the cup, and every loss as elimination, you play games, then you know. Boring but truth.

As for the trade deadline, lack of quality, tons of players who can sink a team just as fast, either your team is good enough before the trade or it's likely not going to change.

If it's really NYI arena why is there a relocation penalty clause? When Dolan/cronies want them out, and these owners have lost enough, seen enough empty seats, that price will be paid. Barclay's on a Tuesday outdraws Nassau on a Sunday vs Flyers. Maybe they get one more local owner, but 2032 when cable contract expires looks like a long shot, but the idea was always reverse the 2013 decision to not give Dolan the Coliseum for his AHL team, Cuomo gave him a competing arena eight miles away.

One other thing, Cuomo aka ESD aka Dolan's paid politician can waive relocation penalty clause any time he likes.

Nice to see Tonelli/Goring get their nights, so many more just as deserving. Very awkward for Bourne, Morrow who are in teams Hall Of Fame, and others like Stefan Persson. When 16 players win four straight cups, and have the success that franchise had from 1975 to 1984, it goes beyond five finals, four cups, nine/ten years going as far as NHL semi-finals in that amazing conference.

Social media comment. Keeping twitter private for a while or for good. Enough of people with their profanity/tantrums, and childish gif's that would not fly in their real lives or jobs. I don't want the people who take the time to follow me to endure that, nor will it be permitted. Very easy considering I could care less if anyone follows me on social media. Anyone I ever blocked on twitter could not write 140/280 characters without profanity, insults, or clearly cannot conduct themselves as adults or are just walking billboards for themselves.