X-New York Returns To NHL Playoffs

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/01/2021 10:07:00 PM |

Did not think they would post back to back shutouts, but here we are. They deserved both wins, this offense as usual goes as Beauvillier does, and Bailey assisted on every goal. New York has earned the right to participate. A lot of work ahead, what impressed me with last two games was the physical beating the opposition took, but New York has it's road season trends which has to change, but today is a day for our fans to enjoy.

I have also made the decision not to refer to this as Covid Cup playoffs any longer. We have had 48 game seasons, shortended seasons, and despite playing seven teams/eight times, with rescheduled games, in empty buildings, this would be a legitimate playoff with spots not awarded months later to twenty four teams with unbalanced games played at the time or a play-in round.