No regulation wins in a month for New York/Bridgeport Update

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/07/2021 10:24:00 AM |

Beyond three games vs a 5th seed.

Any chance at division title gone, home ice (granted it's not home at Barclay's) gone, now they go play on road where even in empty buildings they have struggled badly.

The rest was there or no less than other teams, it was not like past seasons where they got 1-2 (two day breaks) & opposition would get three day breaks and practice time at home.

And of course the scoring issues continue, they had to add Palmieri, Johnston on first line with Martin was not going to work, and bad news is Beauvillier (who carries scoring) is due for a cold spell.

Vancouver finishes 5/19, not sure how NHL starts any playoffs before that time, final game in Boston 5/10.