NYIFC Trade Deadline Notables:

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/20/2022 06:45:00 AM |

Trade section's up for Monday's deadline. Only Lou Lamoriello knows what he has in mind. He either thinks circumstances, not being older, slower, less skilled combined with the collapses at the end of 2019-20/2020-21 plus the 0-12-1 at Caps, Pens, Bruins contributed to this being a bad team overmatched on opening night or he does not.

Folks know what I thought/projected last summer. Did not want to be right, but I was.

As always the trade deadline tabs go up and the right side of the header comes down until we see who stays. Me? I would clean house. Have to get rid of those bad contracts. Palmieri, Pageau, Cizikas, Bailey, Martin, Varlamov. All UFA have to go. Don't think Lamoriello will do the massive housecleaning needed, which means expect New York being a playoff outsider for a lot of years.