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New York Islander Fan Central | 6/08/2022 01:53:00 PM |

Obviously not a good time for fans of our New York team. What Colorado-Edmonton did is what the new NHL has become to survive 82 games with speed/skill. You can make a strong case of the non-contending teams for years New York has firmly joined that group with the least players who fit that style. Many players here are signed long-term, and others are too old/slow/on downside of their careers or simply don't produce to win games against top teams. This is where they are with a gm approaching eighty years old. The NHL's best coach is gone, his long-time assistant is the new voice. For our fans being at the cap ceiling is brand new for this franchise, the prospect base is not good, and they can't afford to lose top draft picks.

I expect a fall off from 9th as Buffalo, Devils, Wings, and many of the non-playoff teams for years are showing signs they can make the jump Carolina, and Florida finally did.

What works is they have Sorokin, Barzal, Pelech, Pulock, Dobson, with some solid talent in Nelson, Lee, Mayfield. The old/declining players signed like Pageau, Bailey, Cizikas, Martin, Clutterbuck are what they are-not the answer.

The record against contenting teams for several years said it all, pandemic or end of 2019-20 when it was coming apart. Beauviller's inconsistency was never worse. My guess is Lamoriello fired his coach, he's going to extend his aging vets like Chara/Greene. Varlamov will likey stay and is not a problem, but the scoring in front of both goalies is, and teams weant this organization's best players in old-fashion hockey trades.

Those 20 plus shot periods in both Colorado games told us everything. All these other teams that live outside the playoffs for generations stay there because once you enter that club, it takes a ton of prime talent (not here) to change that.

I expect another very quiet summer with the bare minimum disclosed, not a good way to bring fans to a terrible location not built to support a hockey rink next to a congested highway in the middle of nowhere. We'll see if Malkin gets his mall as Belmont tenant or racetrack becomes a priority. The contracting company for the parking garage (Aurora) put lanterns on parking garage, it has not yet opened despute it's late April-May projections, the arena itself has not installed lanterns on models. Racetrack tunnel is underway.

Fully expect to be available for draft/free agency unless something unexpected happens.

Not selling myself or some podcast, as usual never matters to me how often I post here or twitter.