Injury Updates/Corporate attendance bumps?

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/30/2022 11:29:00 AM |

I find it interesting a team that has had six dollar seats again they could not give away, had all tickets prices over $100.00 and a standing tailgate over $75.00 the last two games with a massive crowd of kids. The building was absolutely packed and I do acknowledge the holidays is usually a time the Islanders historically sold out or came close. This is a franchsie that had 11,000 in first place in March 2019 in Nassau vs Columbus. Is Leiweke, UBS, all corporate partners/sponsors given tickets as perks to inflate prices on the secondary market and activate a standing room tailgate? Something smells very funny about this like NYPD-NYFD which seemed to be the most well attended game in advance in 2020-2021 when this failed location at Belmont opened.

Ticketmaster had prices on 1/10/23 vs Dallas at $30.00 which is what's it's been all season as even opening night vs Florida was hardly packed.
So where are all these kids coming from, it looked like a game at Dolan's other arena after you get past his facial recognition, and are not on his ememies list or have ligitation against him or his friends.