New York 2nd in Division In Goals With Non-Scoring Roster....How?

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/29/2022 08:17:00 AM |

It's kind of hard to explain NYI goals for number being second best in division with a roster filled with non-scorers and middling veterans who struggle. They had big wins early vs Ducks/Sharks but also games where they scored 4 goals and lost like Nashville/Blues. Dobson, Nelson are putting up big numbers, Lee despite his slump is going to go hit 20-30 goals. The high goal totals vs some top teams have to be given their due along with wins vs Canes, Leafs, Vegas, Devils, Colorado, now Pens. Having written this they went 0-2 vs Arizona, 0-2 vs Nashville with 5-4 loss. They seem to score a lot of garbage time goals both way but in a win you have to score to get to garbage time. It's not Trotz lowest-scoring/top defense teams as they allow more w/better D. NYI go into games and I frankly expect them not to score but here we are at 36 games and a roster with 8-9 non scorers produce. You never know where the next goal is coming from unless Dobson scores or sets it up. But here we are.

Still today they are a bubble team outside the play-offs and have some seperation vs teams below them despite the games in hand.