Bottom Line Nothing's Changed For New York.....

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/19/2023 03:08:00 PM |

Had nothing to write in the last eleven days, what's changed? They want from a season high nine over, lost two games they needed to win vs Caps/Kings & then beat awful Ducks, Sharks, in games they had to have. Nothing changed, and despite Florida gaining, many teams in their mix for 1/2 seeds have been struggling along.

Offensively regardless who comes out/returns the scoring is moderate at best & Horvat looks like another non-scoring forward here while Engvall is out producing him, does it really matter if we are hoping Parise, Palmieri, Pageau, Martin, Cizikas, Clutterbuck can provide offense?

Same circumstanes, differnt names. Barzal last played in Boston with Horvat, they looked like an AHL team against the Bruins. Feels like 1994 where New York beat out Florida for the last playoff spot but this time without Sorokin they are the 14th-15th seed, while Hextall was the reason they were not a much higher playoff seed, and struggled so badly.

Hextall was unbeatable or unplayable like many in this forward group as he was in Quebec as what happened after he left NYI. The 1994 forward group with good goaltending would have not crawled to the final playoff spot the last week vs expansion Florida.

I guess the only true progress is Ron Hextall is sinking the Pittsburgh Penguins like he did the 1994 New York Islanders. I don't know if Sorokin can be re-signed but he has to be and it should be a record contract.