New York Notables: Silence means no customers

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/30/2023 08:03:00 AM |

This is not the old NHL, and Lamoriello did not operate this way in New Jersey or Toronto, he can stay silent, bring back the same team & not say much or anything, but this franchise will lose 1/2 it's marginal attendance with the buzz of the first year/50th anniversary failures, and now it's just year three.

NHL is not going to hand them all those Sat night games again either. It's not a market like Pens, Blues where the seats will be filled win or lose. Silence is not golden, nor is hiding at Northwell.

Briefly I don't know what lingering effects the pandemic bring to the calander. Qualifying offers should be 6/15, the draft 6/28-29th with likely no first (Horvat) no third (Ladd) so 2-4-5-6-7. Finally UFA on 7/1 as it used to be. We know NYI UFA menu with Engvall/Mayfield/Varlamov, only Lamoriello knows is everyone relevant signed or not on a team that badly needs two scoring wingers with very limited cap space.

And the clock starts ticking on Sorokin, who's the only reason this is not a 14th-15th seed for the last two seasons, if he wants to stay which only he knows it's going to take record money.