The Failed Belmont Experiment Ranked Dead Last For Fan Experience/Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/24/2023 05:39:00 PM |

Meanwhile 78 percent want something built on Shea Stadium site that Malkin-Wilpon wanted in 2017, while Dolan's boy in Newsday in 2017, wrote Queens was not viable, nor was any other city location.
Dolan got his Nassau Coliseum at Belmont, operated by his friends with no real money in Leiweke/Azoff, with the Boston Bruins/Delaware North, the Wilpon's.

Now Dolan's friend in Vegas, Robert Goldstein, helping with that badly overbudgeted Msg Globe, has the Nassau Coliseum lease for 99 years, with 17-1 approval vote, and wait for Hochul to approve a Casino license. Side note anti Shinnecock Nation, NYI arena former Hofstra President works on a board that approves Casino licenses. Expect the same happy talk from Dolan's Newsday, Belmont got, ignoring any bad news a casino would bring to a university. Goldstein lives in Dolan's pocket, and despite his worth being only 200 million, has huge stock investments in Sands in Vegas. Either way, they have the building rights to the HUB as long as they pay the former lease, Ratner-Prokhorov, Mastroianni, EB-5 would not pay for a building with mostly no events. Goldstein has to come up with 54 million in the next sixty days, and Rechler as usual is in.
Even if no Casino, Goldstein is here to stay, TOH-Kate (plant a tree at Dolan's UBS arena) Murray has to give zoning approval for anything Goldstein constructs.