All-Star Game Comes to Queens 2026/Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/19/2024 03:28:00 AM |

I'm not writing much because you cannot keep posting the same script. Outdoor game felt rigged by refs with calls in third. Dobson did not pull the net off and made a save before puck crossed the line, and 5 of last 6 penalties were against NYI, who have no problems blowing leads without refs deciding the game for them. As always many NYI goals were from outside by Dobson/defenders while usual aging players give them nothing and can't skate/backcheck or defend in their own zone.

Historically bad penalty kill, shots against, no ENG all season which is incredible. It all begins with the aging forwards like Pageau, Engvall, 4th line, Lee lumbering with tons of muscle on his legs slowing him down. It's been a poor show and these contracts are not going away to improve the team with players who can skate in Bridgeport. I don't think many of these players at their contracts would be claimed off waivers. #44,21, 17,53,15,18, it's time to move on from this group. #44,21,53,24,27 will not be movable, this is what the team is, never was a coaching issue & a new gm cannot fix this.

Colin Campbell's officials did a good job with the fixing today in the third. Patrick Roy refused to discuss officiating, the players blamed the officials, so it's not just sour grapes on my part. Dolan keeps 44 million tax break because NYI hosted, his arena's cronies at Belmont get ASG revenue, and NHL officials kept the other team in a game they should have lost.