New York Needs 10/12

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/23/2024 05:58:00 PM |

Seriously, how many times can we take the teams temperature, great they won seven straight, but anyone who followed knew the many weaknesses would catch up with them, and they would fall back, and they did. Too old/slow/not skilled, and stuck in tons of bad contracts, they made no effort to go after Duclair at the deadline who Tampa gobbled up and got production from. It's a miracle pitch and putt Palmieri has scored a bunch given he's a 30 game scorless streak waiting to happen between not back-checking. I'm happy Clutterbuck gave them two goals, and beat Winnipeg but little spent the third period pinned in their zone giving up tons of shots. The Jets know NYI faults, and even though they did not come back, everyone knows no lead is safe. Ok, so we wait a few weeks, and see if they can hang around.