Patrick Roy Must Go

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/30/2024 12:21:00 PM |

Now we know why no NHL team rang Patrick Roy's phone.

He was a 500. coach besides one year, now he's here, his statements, line combinations, and criticism of the best goalie in the NHL are major red flags. Sorokin has faced the most shots in the NHL, made the most saves, of course he's tired/struggling, and getting little help from a forward group that is old/slow/can't backcheck or kill penalties. The shots against have declined under Roy but you see it every game with the NYI goals coming off point shots, on defense the players beat on walls because forwards slow, leave passing lanes open, and have a powerplay that looks lost beyond the rare game the other team pulls a no-show. (Winnipeg for two periods before 17-3 shots against in third)
As for Mr Roy his comments back to day one have been odd, after no-show loses praising his team which even had Dolan's Msg puppets reacting like he was clueless. Criticism of Sorokin, which is absurd from a man who walked out on the Habs during a game forever, and should know public criticism of a man who's carried this team for three seasons is not warranted in any way. Without Sorokin they are 14th-15th for the last three seasons.

So now all three career centers are playing wing so Pageau can eat minutes and produce nothing but slow/soft coverage, and now awful/declining Cizikas is a first line wing?

Lane Lambert did not deserve a pink slip, but it was the final thing that could be tried to shake things up, change the voice. Patrick Roy is far worse, bad challenges, odd statements, reasonable benchings of Engvall/everyone. Sorokin is the last player on this roster who should be called out by his coach, he signed here drama-free last summer (vs Tavares) and did not sign up for no help/weak offense, and a team that can't hold a lead because the identity line/others got old three years ago.

Roy is not responcible for the roster, but his lineups/message are too strange/unconventional with his leadership. He got his assistant coach after an odd stretch getting him here. Like Travis Green this should have been an interim hire or Lamoriello should not have called Roy at all.

No coach fixes what's wrong here, but Roy can/has made it worse in many ways, it was a poor hire beyond the talent, and already clearly it's time for him to go but supposedly Lou signed another person long-term (Engvall, Mayfield) who clearly is part of the problem.

Patrick Roy must go.