Projecting out the season

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/04/2024 10:48:00 PM |

It's nice they won a few games (one a blown lead at Flyers), and for today hold the eight seed. It would take a seasons worth of long-overdue production out of most of these players to qualify. They did have a gutty win at Columbus (who were rested and just beat Colorado 4-1) after almost being shutout by league worse Chicago and never would have scored if not for an odd bounce that led to Holmstrom's goal.

Forget the tiebreaker that's gone, they must beat out everyone in points, they only have 25 regulation wins.

Formerly struggling Nashville today is 15 over, on a three game losing streak, solidly in a wildcard spot, and you can bet Barry Trotz wants to beat Lamoriello. Knicks hockey wants that top seed, and expect the refs to have a hand in the game as they did in the stadium series fiasco, and the other game. New York needs to win both of these, before NYI stopped playing Knicks hockey, we owned them when league was not giving them Covid games that should have been cancelled twice in 2021-22 or a game in NJ we host so they get 44 million from Hochul/ESD.

Does New York ever not lose to the Canadians speed, the failed Belmont experiment will be largely empty. At Devils who roasted them 4-0 recently (remember the lost lead game there before that?) or the finale vs Pens who won 7-0 at the failed Belmont experiment.

I know some want me to write things just to make them happy or lie to you. Just to match Lane Lambert last season they need to go 5-0-1. When they were 19-20 over at the end of seasons I was very happy to give out the praise as fast as the criticism. I don't have any faith in Cizikas as a first line winger, and they will continue to get little rest.

What I remember most about 1994 is Hextall was so bad New York had no chance, and the game that broke the 17-0-2 streak was all Hextall imploding. We would still be chanting 1940 if Florida got the last seeed. This time our goalie is one of the best in NHL, but team is as bad as Ron Hextall, but Roy does not want to play him.

Be careful what you wish for. If New York qualifies you might wish they did not make it in the end. But here we are.