ITV XM Radio Interview with Garth Snow

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Media Blog: Cory Witt links to "NHL Live" with Don La Greca and EJ Hradek who interview Garth Snow on the 2008 Draft and news surrounding the Islanders on Tuesday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
The gm said the team is not expected to be players on 7/1 because they do not want to bump a young player from a spot but could " kick the tires " on someone.

Newsday: Greg Logan archived his chat Tuesday and disclosed he spoke to Marc Gandler a few weeks ago regarding Bergenheim and it's likely he will be headed to arbitration but also made comparisions to Trent Hunter.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Begging the question if he knew why did everyone have to wait for weeks in some chat where someone had to ask before we found out when he did his Gandler article and knew.

It's getting beyond ridiclous at Newsday between Ranger prospect camp updates, writers doing Avery features while our team receives what amounts to unprofessional rants from guest amateurs with tidbits of information in chats that fans need to pull from the beatwriter.

Get to work Greg Logan.

Official qualified list.
Who is club looking at in free agency.
Any chance anyone who is a pending UFA could be back.

Larry Brooks, John Dellapina, Steve Zipay are keeping their teams fans informed along with newspapers all over US for their clubs. You have to do likewise and obviously the space is available in Newsday.

If not get someone in there who will do it. I also expect to see Mr Logan at Islander camp if the Newsday budget allows for Mr Zipay to be in camp and blog this week.

In previous years Michael Fornabaio had to do all the heavy lifting.

Toronto Star: Bobby Orr has filed a grievance with the NHLPA against Islanders goalie Rick DiPietro for his agent fee because he alleges his player agency handled negotiations with the Islanders in 2006 , but was fired shortly before he signed a 15-year, $67.5 million contract extension. The article claims a source says DiPietro will argue that when he signed it was not a standard players contract.

Mini hits:
So why would the Isles want a forward like Kyle Wellwood when a club like the Leafs who are not exactly packed with prospects put him on waivers?

Why not just give Walter, Nielsen or Colliton a spot, this is why you make trades and develop players for years?

Could Snow be looking offer sheet?

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Call this some speculation on my part but why in a draft where many second rounders were considered first round talents did Garth Snow decline his option to take Toronto's pick at sixty on Saturday?

He traded up for Chicago's pick later to go with his other third round selections so obviously he wanted depth from this draft class.

Sure the Islander general manager may have decided to put another second rounder in the prospect bank for the 2009 draft which also includes his own pick and the one he will likely have from Boston when Nokelainen hits his games played incentive next season.

That's at least three and a great start looking ahead.

And of course Toronto could be a lottery team next year and that second rounder instead of being a pick at the end of the second round Saturday could be a pick at the beginning of the second round next summer.

The Isles gm also did have more picks than any other club in this draft.

Having written all that with the talent pool that deep Saturday why not use the pick this year when next summer that pick may be worth a lot less?

Only thing that makes sense beyond what I have written is he's getting ready to drop an offer sheet and will use that second rounder as part of the compensation depending on the contract.

Makes sense to me based on some of the pending restricted free agents without huge contracts and would require a second as part of the draft pick compensation.

I guess we will see but something to consider.

Early Evening Monday Isles Update

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Islanders website: Website/Publications Coordinator Jason Lockhart looks at the Sarnia connection with Isles OHL area scout Tim MacLean, 2008 picks Justin DiBenedetto, Matt Martin along with comments from 2007Islander selection Mark Katic. Adam Muir in the NHL draft winners and losers article has the Islanders in the honorable mention department for making hay with potential first-rounders Corey Trivino, Aaron Ness, Jyri Niemi and Kirill Petrov on Saturday.

Toronto was hit was a loser tag because they gave up draft picks in a skill draft for a defensive-defenseman in the top five? Brian Costello of THN also was very critical of Cliff Fletcher for giving up prospect depth.

Montreal Gazette: Has Mark Renaud, father of former Spitfires captain Mickey Renaud comments regarding the Islanders selecting Josh Bailey along with the Spitfires' centre statement he dedicated his selection in Renaud's honour.

Colmbus Dispatch: Michael Arace reports Jacket fans are not too happy with the overall draft, that Filatov was another third-liner and another mercurial Russian dangler combined with asking who's drafting Russians. For the sake of balance he includes Filatov looks a lot like Zherdev -- but without the baggage, and with an apparently clear path to North America.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I guess we shall see. Means nothing until they hit the ice at this level and then we get a good idea as time passes.

Quick hit:
Espn/several outlets report Barry Melrose will be officially announced as new coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning on Tuesday.

Ray Emery of the Senators has been bought out after clearing waivers. Washington Capitals Ben Clymer, Carolina Hurricanes, Jeff Hamilton (former Islander) and David Tanabe have been placed on waivers.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Carolina seemingly has the former Islander-Sound Tiger on waivers every other week.

NYI Fan Central Blog Notables:
New York Islander Fan Central does not acknowledge amateur/guest fan writers as acredited professional writers regardless of their content in the main news section of this blog which is why something written on the club in Newsday late monday was not included here.

For what the Isles pay Newsday for advertising they deserve a professional writer at the very least.

A little surprised on the poll for the Islanders draft given the reaction on Friday. I gave the Isles overall a C.

Moved Draft center just above prospect center, will be adding in profiles of the
2008 draft class to prospect section as made available.

I think I did all I could do to get my message out here on the Islanders playing in the outdoor game and have now removed the links to contact Mayor Bloomberg, anyone
wants the link again please contract me privately.

I'm considering another live interactive blog for July 1st given the big success of the draft chats both days last weekend. I need to decide on a time where its possible but it's possible nothing could happen regarding our team.

Of course suggestions regarding that would be helpful.

Sunday Islander/NHL notables

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Islanders website: Report New York drafted five of the International Scouting Services' top 30 prospects which have analysis of Josh Bailey, Kirill Petrov, Corey Trivino, David Towes & Aaron Ness.

Moose Jaw Time Herald:
Reports Travis Hamonic is the first Moose Jaw Warrio to be picked by the four-time Stanley Cup champion Islanders since Masi Marijmaki.

Pioneer Press: John Shipley has Garth Snow, Don Lucia's comments about the situation regarding Kyle Okposo from December with Aaron Ness's comments as it applies to his future if he should decide to leave the Gophers sooner than later.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Not to come off like an Islander homer here but Don Lucia took a shot at the Islanders the day Okposo announced he would not be returning to school after the WJC. Snow defended Okposo as is he supposed to and now we hope things work out better with Aaron Ness for both sides. Obviously if the Isles did have a major problem with the Gophers program they would not be selecting from their prospect pool which speaks to what Garth Snow thinks of Mr Lucia's program.

Lets just hope Don Lucia uses Aaron Ness where he should be playing but by this prospects own words in the article he is already looking ahead to the NHL and if the Islanders want to sign him he has the right to leave according to the rules.

Edmonton Journal: Jim Matheson has a few words about the reaction from Tyler Ennis who was drafted by Buffalo in round one about his friend Jared Spurgeon being drafted by New York in the sixth round and how they have been playing hockey together since childhood. Tyler Spurgeon plays on the Oilers farm team.

Point Blank: Mr Botta gave his take on the draft picks, the clubs strategy along with telling the fans he spoke to Garth Snow Saturday as he had some advice for the Isles on how the media should have been done surrounding the picks.

In a quick recap of the weekends trades involving players:
Florida traded C Olli Jokinen to Phoenix for D Keith Ballard, D Nick Boynton and Ottawa’s second-round pick in the 2008 Entry Draft (49th overall, previously acquired).

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Olli would have been here forever at 2m per year with five cup rings by now if we kept him. Second team he unofficially had to be traded from or requested out of as he now plays for his fourth club and when his contract ends will be moving on to a fifth when he refuses to sign in Phoenix. What did Florida win again in that Islander trade besides a rebuild that never ends? I guess all those defenseman could mean Redden is not signing with Jacques Martin?

Columbus traded Colorado’s first-round pick in the 2008 Entry Draft (19th overall, previously acquired) and the Blue Jackets’ third-round pick in 2008 (67th overall) to Philadelphia for C R.J. Umberger and the Flyers’ fourth-round pick in 2008 (118th overall).

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Flyers free up cash for Jeff Carter and Eminger, Ken Hitchcock gets a former player for a pick that another club gave them. Not a bad deal for Howson to get R.J Hamburglar.

Calgary traded LW Alex Tanguay and its fifth-round pick in the 2008 Entry Draft (138th overall) to Montreal for the Canadiens’ first-round pick in 2008 (25th overall) and second-round pick in 2009.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Alex Tanguay, moves to a new conference with a lot of mileage on him. I would rather have had the picks in this quality draft if I were Montreal.

From the I'm too lazy to post the link department, the comedy club at the
NY Post that forgot day two of the NHL draft:

Larry Brooks did his usual Cablevision Rangers are the league's American Flagship Franchise dance (after John Dellapina) and that Cablevision out of Msg control would leave New York without a hockey team as he did the impossible and actually took James Dolan's side over Gary Bettman.

Mr Brooks also claimed the Rangers lead American teams in revenue generated but of course fails to mention the same overhead it cost to generate that revenue had his favorite team 25m in the red according to his own New York Post before the lockout as it keeps raising ticket prices.

This was the low-end number folks with reports claiming they a league high forty million at the time.
Old link no longer works:
Courtesy of Islanders-SoundTigers mailing list:

September 17, 2004 -- The owners of the perennially money-losing
Rangers hockey team are going to plug up a big red-ink hole with the
National Hockey League shutdown of the season.

The Rangers haven't made the playoffs in seven years or any profits
in years.

In fact, industry sources say the team loses between $25 million and
$30 million a year with its highly paid players and steep overhead in
Madison Square Garden arena.

With the team now on ice, owner Cablevision, controlled by media
mogul Chuck Dolan, won't have to write that many big checks for
hockey players.

It'll lose revenue, of course, from the 41 home games at the Garden,
but analysts say the typical $45 per seat for Ranger games is hardly
a drop in the bucket in Cablevision's fortunes.
For those who will respond and correctly point out this is not 2004 and we have a new cba according to this article a month ago Msg's sports teams lost 19m for the first quarter of 2008:

Newsday no longer has this link available:,0,7646249.column

Money continues to burn hole in Garden's pockets

Ken Berger
9:13 PM EDT, May 10, 2008

So James Dolan must be thrilled with the early returns on his investment in Walsh. Attaboy, Donnie, you got your guy. The Knicks always get their guy. The problem has been that they keep getting the wrong ones.

When you add up the money given to these coaches and GMs -- not to mention the $11.5-million settlement to Anucha Browne Sanders and the hundreds of millions in bad player contracts doled out by Thomas and his predecessors -- it is not hard to fathom why MSG Sports (aka Cablevision's toy department) is bleeding red ink. According to the quarterly earnings statement furnished this week by the Garden's parent company, MSG and its sports teams lost a staggering $19.7 million in the first quarter.
NYI Fan Central Comments:

Wonder if the Ranger lawsuits are included in that number between the one they settled on and the one they already lost to Gary Bettman?

Flagship American franchises for leagues are not completely ignored in their own town come playoff time nor do they go without any back pages during the regular season/playoffs or lose out by a three to one ratio for out of town basketball
games in their own market when they play head to head against another sport.

Flagship American franchise for a sport do not finish 24th and 36th for a Stanley Cup Final involving real American hockey marquee markets that consistently draw impressive ratings along with Buffalo and Minnesota.

Cablevision on ice had their stage without Knicks, Nets, Islanders or Tiger Woods after they eliminated New Jersey and had problems even competing with poker repeats in New York and did marginal at best nationally even with nothing but Crosby as the opposition. The media barely gave it any additional coverage.

Even the Islanders got Newsday back pages last season. Rangers did not see a full back page all winter again for an actual game, even Brian Leetch retirement night did not generate a full backpage over big market baseball rumors and the Giants super bowl.

As for Mr Brooks, wake me when Gary Bettman pulls the same stunts James Dolan has on New York City, Jets, Giants, Yankees, Mets, Islanders, and Devils and the general public with how many clubs he pulled off the air over the years?

You could sell a lot more actual tickets for James Dolan's expulsion hearing than the attendance Cablevison for Ranger home games when that day arrives.

Cheer up Mr Brooks, New York will still have a hockey team for you to cover if Dolan is removed and refuses to let the Rangers play in his basketball arena, keeping the naming rights, uniform and territorial rights.

That would be America's Flagship Hockey Dynasty and arguably hockey's greatest
all-time dynasty.

The New York Islanders.

Winners & Losers? Ask me in 3-5 years

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I guess it's all part of the experience and natural to start declaring winners and losers of a draft the next day or a few days after and no doubt we will start seeing articles along those lines with the few released already and sure I will post them for you.

Islanders website is posting XM radio highlights and that did not even list the person commenting while at Hockey News via TSN they listed the Isles as losers for their first round which I posted Saturday.

Most of it is a little silly at this time and means absolulutely nothing until a few years pass (in most cases) and then we really discover who won or lost.

I would be less than honest not to admit the draw of not selecting a Filatov was
disappointing Friday but can mean absolutely nothing as soon as everyone starts playing hockey games this fall.

You can also make a great argument the Islanders passed on players who have greater franchise player potential than the one they selected ninth overall.

You can also make a great argument it was not worth a few extra second rounders in a great draft to take themselves out of a mix for players with franchise potential.

Having written all that you can also go the other way and write if you want management to finally stick to a plan and build with prospects what did you expect them to do with the youth movement they have in place with left wing Bergenheim, left wing Comeau, left wing Tambellini and left wing Joensuu among others?

I know Howie Rose and even Billy Jaffe keep repeating the Islanders finally have to have a youth movement and pick a direction. I'm not trying to awake anyone from their slmuber here but it's been happening for a while now if you have not noticed between Campoli, Gervais and many of the forwards I just listed.

What left wing did you want to kick off the team from our youth movement for Filatov to play left wing here next season or the year after? Tambellini because of his games played now must clear waivers to go back to the AHL.

I asked this a few times over the weekend and the reaction most gave was get rid of Tambellini or silence which makes those folks just as guilt as Mike Milbury for dumping youth too soon and not sticking to a plan. They already have three right wings if Okposo is here with Figren expected to play in Europe.

Does anyone want to dump Tambellini before we find out after three years of time and money invested in him? If he goes to another club and puts up fifty points and can score what would everyone write then?

Meanwhile there is a spot for Bailey at a center who takes Vasicek's spot next to Okposo this fall if he can earn it at the moment. That could change by July 1st and may not happen regardless.

As as a counterpoint about pick from above in a draft like this last one you cannot have enough quality picks in the first two rounds.

Regarding Garth Snow and Ryan Jankowski I do not think they should care one bit what Mike Milbury, Neil Smith or Bill Torrey did at the draft table. At this point if you do that you should compare Snow with Bill Torrey drafting Dave Chykowski and Scott Sissons because that's how old some of this has become.

It's completely worthless in 2008.

I know that's how fans measure this. I suggest folks get past it because anyone who drafts with that philosophy does not belong in the gm chair or a scouting department for any professional sports team. In that case Isles should just do an on-line poll, and let the fans make the picks from the articles we read so virtually no one complains.

Regarding this draft I do not know how this draft class will work out for the Islanders. Some of these players have some great potential, a few were not listed in central scouting and we all know Petrov's contract vs potential which sounds nice but until he plays here is just words.

Winners or losers? On paper they lost day one, on paper they had a very good day two.

On paper means nothing, if that were the case teams would not play games.

On paper coming out of the lockout Carolina was picked fourteenth and won the cup. On paper Boston was picked dead last in the conference and made the playoffs.

Winners or losers for real? Ask me in three-five years unless someone jumps into the NHL and dominates next season. Were still figuring out if Blake Comeau and Sean Bergenheim can be impact players and they were drafted in 2002 and 2003, so were Jeremy Colliton and Frans Nielsen.

Late Saturday Islanders Update

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Updated 11:15pm:
Newsday: Mr Logan's article has Garth Snow's comments along with Ryan Jankowski as to why they targeted Joshua Bailey as opposed to Nikita Filatov along with how the prospect pool was built up with the thirteen selections.

Newsday: Mr Logan's profiles of the tweleve selections the Islanders took on Saturday.

Newsday : Mr Logan's late blog on the draft centers around Kirill Petrov with the 73rd overall pick, what reaction was when Snow selected him along with reviews and comments on the other Islander selections as well as more insight into the trades including Toronto gm Cliff Fletcher's take.

Mr Logan writes he will be posting another blog in a few days explaining what the club saw in top pick Josh Bailey and on Sunday he will write his analysis of Snow’s trade-down strategy along with thumbnail sketches of Saturday's selections.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Part of that could be above article as it's edited to include draft picks, excellent work top to bottom and more than fair to point out consequences if Bailey does not exceed Filatov or the other selctions Isles passed on.

Islanders no doubt will keep updating along with ITV updates. Larry Brooks of the Post went to Ottawa and did an Islander centric article but seemingly knows little on prospects based on his reporting so expect the usual Sunday bash the Isles-fest if any content at all.

The Oklahoman:Robert Przybylo reports Islanders draft pick Matt Donovan was just sitting on the couch and watching everything and that the Islanders are a good fit for him, but the truth is any team is. He would have been excited no matter where he ended up as he will be attending the clubs July minicamp.

Gophers website: Has a profile on Minnesota defender Aaron Ness, last season’s Minnesota state high school Player of the Year and an incoming recruit at the University of Minnesota.

National Post: Reports New York had a league high thirteen selections Saturday. Ryan Kennedy reports Kirill Petrov seems a lock to stay in Russia for several years and New York also provided the first big surprise of the afternoon by tabbing Matt Donovan out of Cedar Rapids in the USHL in the fourth round because he was not listed at all by central scouting. Scott Burnside had Garth Snow's comments on drafting based upon lineage that he does not read much into it, with regard to David Toews, the younger brother of Chicago star Jonathan Toews because he is a professional athlete and his brothers weren't very good athletes. Mr Burnside adds David Toews is expected to play at his older brother's alma mater, the University of North Dakota, this season and although he put up big numbers at Shattuck (181 points in two years) he isn't expected to be the offensive force his brother was and is. Gare Joyce writes on the Islanders selecting Josuha Bailey that the Islanders always zig when everyone else is zagging, that Bailey is more in the 12-20 range than top 10, heads were scratched after Isles traded down twice to get him.

St Louis Post Dispatch: Jeff Gordon reports from central scouting that Cory Trivino has the ability to see the ice well and to move the puck, needs to get stronger , but isn’t always winning the puck. He’s got a goal-scoring touch and he’s good on face-offs with good skating ability, not necessarily high-end skating, but good.

Islanders website: Linked to Mike G. Morreale's pre draft article with Kirill Petrov's comments that he really wants to play in the NHL and only in the NHL, with his agents comments he is prepared to do whatever it takes to make his client's wishes come true despite a three year agreement remaining with his Russian club.

Saskatoon Phoenix: Cory Wolfe has a pre-draft update on Jyri Niemi (pronounced nee-EM-ee) with his agents updating us on his minor surgery on his left hip when he returned to Finland in April, that he resumed skating this month and is currently helping out at a hockey school and is expected to be in top form by July.

Edmonton Journal: Reported back on June 1st that Jared Spurgeon who the club selected at 156th might be a late round draft pick in June because he's diminutive but there's a good chance the defenceman will be one of the 44 players invited to Canada's world junior summer camp in Ottawa on July 25. Al Murray, Hockey Canada chief scout said Spurgeon partnered with Jared Cowen, a likely top-six pick in the 2009 draft, on the Spokane blue line and did a lot of covering up for Cowen.

Elite Profiles Islanders fourth round prospect David Ullström.

Windsor Star: Jim Parker has Islander selection Matt Martin's comments going into Friday's draft that his agent felt there was a good chance he would be selected, he spoke to ten-twelve clubs and hopefully it would work out as he hoped for the best.

Usa Kyle Woodlief in his pre-draft review of goaltenders felt that Islander selection Kevin Poulin at 148th started the season as a sure-fire first-rounder based on his great physical gifts and performance last year but he was a perplexing mystery to scouts all season alternating between the occasional utterly dominant vs many nights when it appeared he couldn't stop a beach ball. He has great size (6-2/208) and superb athleticism with flexibility. His movements are fast and crisp and he's big enough to cover the top corners in the butterfly. But he's shown a propensity to lose his angles, has a very shaky catching hand and his mental toughness has become a real question mark. Adam Kimelman had a full profile of Islanders selection Jyri Niemi back on June 18th with his comments. Mike Morreale has a full feature of Islander draft selection Travis Hamonic back on June 16th with NHL's Director of Central Scouting, E.J. McGuire's comments along with B.J. MacDonald.

Updated Sunday 10am:
Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio in his Sound Tigers blog has his analysis of the Islanders 2008 draft and how long it could take some of these players to even make it to Bridgeport.

Still working on something for Justin DiBenedetto from the Sarnia Sting, some
hat-trick games and a lot of past updates.

Quick notes:
Change on sidebar

Tony from link here was changed to a feeder so everyone can get the latest from his outstanding blog which had some great updates on the draft. Mr Stabile updates will appear next to his latest radio show here at NYI Fan Central where they did a live show from the Coliseum yesterday which is archived on the sidebar here.

Another excellent show on Hockey Night on LI here Saturday as Alex, Steve recapped the draft with Tom Mascioli of here.

All the blog box members worked as hard as possible this weekend with Mike Schuerlein from & Tom Liodice from Tiger Tracks here who did a fantastic job for everyone this weekend up in Ottawa and also appeared on Hockey Night on LI which is archived for everyone.

My personal thanks to the New York Islanders ownership & media relations staff on their outstanding efforts this weekend to keep us all updated on the draft who went above and beyond with too many names to list but start with Mr Witt, Bernstein, Lockhart, Hill and of course thanks as always to Mr Botta for his first class efforts over the years.

Sorry if I missed anyone in writing this about the media relations staff.

Once again my thanks to everyone for the amazing turnouts at NYI Fan Central for the live interactive chats both days and the quality contributions from everyone.

Both live blogs and the links to information/Tsn reviews posted by everyone are available to everyone for review in the chat.

Day Two Recap and profiles

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/21/2008 02:06:00 PM | 2 Comments

 Dan Rosen had an early article on how the Isles settled on Joshau Bailey.

Islanders TV: Has video interviews and press conferences with most of the selections along with Ted Nolan and Sound Tigers coach Jack Capuano as more video is complied so keep checking.

Islanders draft blog: Recaps the Islander selections as they were made with comments from the various scouts. The Islanders acquired an extra fourth–round pick after trading the 68th overall pick to Chicago for the 72nd overall and 102nd overall picks.

Among the highlights:

Pro Scout Tim MacLean, comments on the selection of center Corey Trivino with the first second-round pick (36th overall). With Stouffville of the OPJRA, Trivino finished first on the team in assists with 50 and second in points with 69. Trivino was second on Team Canada at the World Under-18 Tournament with four goals, helping them lead to a Gold Medal.
Eric Cairns, Pro Scout comments on the 40th overall selection, Aaron Ness. A Minnesota native, Ness helped lead Roseau to a perfect 25-0 regular season. His 72 points (28-44-72) in 31 games led all defensemen and placed him 10th overall for Minnesota high school hockey scoring.
Mr Cairns also comments on the selection of defensive defenseman Travis Hamonic with the 53rd overall pick in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft. A member of the WHL's Moose Jaw, Hamonic won gold with Team Canada at the Under-18 IIHF World Championships in 2008 and helped lead Team Manitoba to a silver medal at the 2007 Canada Winter Games. In 2007-08. Hamonic was 5-17-22, along with 101 PIM in 61 games.
Denny Scanlon, Pro Scout comments on the selection of scoring center David Toews in the third round with the sixty sixth pick. Brother of Blackhawks forward Jonathan Toews, David was 44-56-100 in 51 games with highly-regarded Shattuck-St. Mary's.
Vellu-Pekka Kautonen, Chief European Scout comments on third round selections Jyri Niemi and Kirill Petrov with 72nd and 73rd selections. Niemi, a native of Finland finished first among WHL rookie defensemen with 14 goals and third with 34 points.

Petrov, the second ranked European skater at the Draft, played in 41 games
with Kazan of the Russian Super League and was 4-6-10. *********************************************************
Pro Scout, Toby O'Brien comments on USHL defenseman Matt Donovan selected with 96th overall pick. Donovan was first among defensemen on Cedar Rapids with 12 goals, 19 assists and 31 points.
Pro Scout Anders Kallur, comments on David Ullstrom who the Islanders selected with with the 102nd overall pick. In 40 games with HV 71 of the Swedish Junior league, Ullstrom was 27-27-54.
Goaltending coach Sudarshan Maharaj comments on goaltender Kevin Poulin with 126th overall pick. A netminder for the QMJHL's Victoriaville, Poulin finished the 2007-08 season with a 3.69 GAA and .887 SV%.
Pro Scout Tim MacLean, comments on forward selected Matthew Martin with the 148th overall pick. As a right wing for the Sarnia Sting of the OHL in 2007-08, Martin compiled 155 penalty minutes in 66 games. He also picked up 25 goals and 13 assists.
Ryan Jankowski, Assistant GM/Director of Amateur Scouting comments on WHL defenseman Jared Spurgeon 156th overall who finished the 2007-08 season first among Spokane defensemen in goals (12), assists (31) and points (43).
Tim MacLean, Pro Scout comments on on OHL left wing Justin DiBenedetto with the 175th overall pick. DiBenedetto finished second on Sarnia in scoring with 93 points, behind only Steven Stamkos.
Updated 2:52pm
Newsday: No updates as of yet from Mr Logan, blog or otherwise.

Georgia Advocate: Jim Mason reports New York beat out Montreal who were rumored to be taking Corey Trivino in the second round of the 2008 NHL draft.

Minnesota Star-Tribune: Michael Russo has Garth Snow comments as to why he blasted Minnesota, Don Lucia reaction to Aaron Ness's selection and the young defenders comments.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Islanders staff had an outstanding second day with the exception of going well off the board for Travis Hamonic. Towes, Petrov (if signed) Ness and Trivino were all outstanding picks. Too much to digest all at once on day two.

I will do some features on some of the next playersr when possible/available and update prospect center to include new players at some point next week.

More later or early tomorrow, Isles website should have more updates which are on ticker here.

Thanks again to everyone for another great day of live blogging after last nights amazing turout. Anyone can review both live chats which had lots of links to profiles/scouting reports/information as everyone did a great job contributing.

Updated 4pm: Brian Compton recaps the Islanders complete draft with comments from management and prospects.

Updated 5pm:
Islanders website: Recaps the draft with Ryan Jankowski's comments and links to features on several of the draft picks.

6/21: Day two NHL draft live Interactive blog

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/21/2008 07:28:00 AM | | Comment Here

A few things:
Islanders website has been added as a crawler to top of this blog next to NYI Fan Central blog updates page so everyone can access updates on draft picks almost as quickly as Isles post them.

I have NHL TV here but I'm not sure if they will be on air live for day two. If they are I will add the picks as announced on the floor in the blog.

Several live trackers are on sidebar for anyone who wants to follow draft as picks are posted.

Crawl at very top of blog has updated draft picks, not sure what Isles will do with optional pick at 60th but I will fill in that crawl manually with picks as quickly as possible as I live blog.

Were going to need all the folks possible who do a lot of research who can give us the steals still remaining, Ryan Jankowski talked about many second rounders who in other drafts will be first rounders. Isles have at least three second rounders and perhaps four.

Blog will go live at 9:55 this morning, need a few extra minutes.

My thanks again last night for an amazing turnout here, everyone made it a great chat, far beyond anything I expected with over four full hours.

Islander News Articles 6/21

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/21/2008 12:25:00 AM | | | | | | Comment Here

Islanders TV: Have several interviews starting with Garth Snow and Ryan Jankowski as to why they decided to trade down and select Bailey. Tim MacLean Islanders Ontario Scout, Domenic Peca who is color analyst for Windsor Spitfires also give their thoughts.

Joshua Bailey's two ITV interviews are also included.

At this time I'm going to pull all ITV content from the sidebar so the page loads quickly for everyone. The links to all ITV updates are included.

Newsday: Greg Logan reports Garth Snow's trades were greeted with boos by fans attending the Isles' draft party at Nassau Coliseum when Bailey's name was announced, there was an air of befuddlement followed by a quick exodus for not selecting a franchise talent like Nikita Fliatov or Luke Schenn.

Garth Snow's statement is repeated along with a recap of major NHL trades, which included Olli Jokinen to Phoenix.

Joshua Bailey wondered how come a club picking fifth had an incentive for bringing him in for an interview and was told they didn't know what they were going to do and said they might trade down which gave him a bit of hope, that when he got home he told his family he thought New York would be a great place to play, he did not know what to think of the rude reaction Snow's moves brought but he hopes he can impress and become a fan favorite.

NY Post: Larry Brooks comments that the Islanders knew better than everyone else with their decision, beyond that a lot of repeat quotes from Bailey and Garth Snow. Bob Mc Kenzie gives his comments on the Islanders drafting Joshua Bailey that it's a good all-around pick, he will be a good player in but ultimately, we will look back and note that the Islanders could have had Luke Schenn, they could have had Nikita Filatov.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I could do a huge long blog but at the end of that day that's what this boils down to for now until these players make the NHL and we find out who is better. On this day Filatov, Schenn, Wilson and Bodeker are considered better than Bailey by most of the experts who do this for a living and few if anyone felt Bailey is a franchise superstar with the potential of the players the Islanders did not select. In this kind of draft where even a prospect poor club like Toronto gave up picks it's fair game to question Garth Snow and Ryan Jankowski's strategy.

That may mean absolutely nothing down the road, I think it's fair to write all New York Islander fans are hoping Snow is correct and public opinion is not but Garth Snow is fighting Mike Milbury's legacy of passing on franchise talents at drafts for players who were shorter term immediate fixes or other players who were eventually traded.

Fair or not that is what he also will be judged against at this time and fair or not Mr Wang will likely pay at the box office this summer for this decision. Along with that Joshua Bailey unfortunately will have this on him as well, fair or not.

Nashville Tennessean: Predators general manager David Poile explains why he was willing to give the Islanders the 40th pick to move up.

Daily News: The Daily News sports editor cannot spring for a blog for the Islanders or send Peter Botte to Ottawa for Islander centic draft coverage but for some reason the entertaimment writer at the News blogged about Islanders Illustrated.

Isles trade down twice select Joshua Bailey

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/20/2008 08:56:00 PM | | | | | | | | 2 Comments

Islanders website: Islander drafted Windsor Spitfires center Joshua Baily with the 9th overall pick after trading down twice with Garth Snow, Josh Bernstein, Ryan Jankowski and Jason Lockhart's comments along with NHL Central Scouting's Chris Edwards & Windsor Spitfires head coach Bob Boughner.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Deep breaths folks.

Obviously Garth Snow and Ryan Jankowski targeted Bailey and when their turn came with Schenn, Filatov, Boedker, Wilson decided to go in this direction.

For tonight it will not be what the fans wanted, it will not be considered a franchise player in a draft class of franchise players and it will not bring a buzz to the Coliseum (or sell tickets) and likely anger a majority of the fans claiming this gm decided to be somewhat unconventional and gamble.

I do not know enough about Jousha Bailey at this time beyond what I saw on television and what was said about him and the pick. It's not fair for me to run him down or project he could be a franchise star for New York. It's possible Filatov could be in Juniors and Bailey centering Okposo, he has the numbers for what that is worth and only projected behind Stamkos in some areas.

Bottom line, Isles traded down in a draft several teams wanted to trade up. They got a good return in a strong draft, we'll have to see what tomorrow and years ahead bring.

For the moment it will not go over well whether that's fair or not.

Newsday: Mr Logan had five blog updates on the selection of Bailey, trading down, the draft itself and comments from Bill Guerin.

Islanders website: John Hill reported on what happened at the Coliseum with Robin Figren's comments.

Islanders website: Jason Lockhart/John Hill has Joshua Bailey's comments upon joining the Islanders at the draft party via hookup.

Note-Here are the details on the draft picks which I updated in the crawl
at top of blog.

Via two trades, the Islanders earned three extra draft pick. Earlier, the Islanders acquired the ninth overall pick and the 40th overall pick in 2008 from Nashville in exchange for the seventh overall pick. Prior to that, the Islanders acquired the seventh overall pick and the 60th overall pick in 2008 and a 2009 third-round pick or the 68th overall pick from 2008 and a 2009 second-round selection from Toronto in exchange for the 2008 fifth overall pick.

The Islanders will have until tomorrow to make their decision.

Daily News: John Dellapina's Ranger centric article had Joshua Bailey's comments he's ecstatic to be drafted by the Islansders and felt when the club started trading down he thought I might have a shot to be picked by New York. Garth Snow felt he would be able to select Bailey at No.9 and had first hand knowledge because he played on the same OHL team as coach Ted Nolan's son Jordan and this was the player we targeted from the beginning, a center who makes other players around him better - the type of center we need in our system.

Windsor Star: Jim Parker has Joshua Bailey's comments he did not expected to be selected this hight as he talked about a crazy media presence where his comments were broadcast live back to fans at the Nassau Colliseum, then on to the Madison Square Garden network, the NHL Network, New York Islander TV and several papers, that he had met Ted Nolan a couple of times, but don't really know him, but he's going to go to camp with the full intention of making the hockey team.

Durham Region: Has Joshua Bailey's comments to go the NHL is an honour in itself and to go that high to such a great organization, it just meant everything.

More in Saturday's news articles in a new thread. Isles TV had several interviews and pre draft blogs. I selected Bailey's press conference.

Saturday's live draft chat begins at 9:45am. Isles have a ton of picks.

Thanks again to everyone for an incredible turnout Friday at the live blog and hope to see you Saturday.

2008 NYI Live Interactive Draft Blog 6/20

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/20/2008 05:00:00 PM | | Comment Here

Feel free to join in and chat as the picks are announced as we talk Islanders, NHL draft, no registration required.

Live blogging will be activated at 6:45pm for Day One, 9:45am for round two on Saturday.

Check afternoon notables blog (below) for any pre-draft update barring major Islander trade.

Islander/NHL Afternoon Pre-Draft Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/20/2008 01:41:00 PM | | | | Comment Here
Islanders website: Vellu-Pekka Kautonen, Islanders Chief European Scout had an update in the teams draft blog Friday around 12:30pm.

Ryan Jankowski's update from ITV earlier was added to the sidebar of the blog. Reports Goaltenders Ray Emery and Dan Cloutier have been put on waivers, the first step that must be taken to buy them out.

Winnipeg Sun: Bruce Garrioch had a few words in an article on Steven Stamkos about his Sarnia teammate, Islander draft pick from 2007 Mark Katic.

I will add all updates to this one blog unless major Islander-centric trade happens during the afternoon before the live draft blog goes up.

Updated: Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly had an interview about the transfer agreement.

Updated 3:30pm:
Islander Pro Scouts Chris O'Sullivan and Toby O'Brien provide blog updates which will only be up for a few hours on the sidebar here (slow page loading) but available on ITV.

Updated 4pm:

Newsday: Greg Logan reports in Newsday's Islander blog as of 3pm Garth Snow was too busy to put down his phone to take a reporter’s call. Director of amateur scouting Ryan Jankowski interviewed and confirmed the gm is fielding calls, but it’s not quite as active as we thought it would be, that it will heat up later when we get to the arena and that the clubs answer all along has been Yes to all those proposing to move up or down. More speculation about picks and positioning by the Isles staff are discussed by Mr Janowski and Mr Logan.

Mr Logan reports he could have a new update about the time the draft is set to begin if there is anything to report.
For those who follow all the blog box member updates here I changed the feeder to allow for the last twenty updates (max permitted) because between all thirteen blogs my guess is that will never even cover half a days updates for the next few days when everyone starts writing.

To go further back past the last twenty blog updates just click to blog box icon to visit one of the blogs directly, all the the blogs have had some great content for Islander fans which go in all directions depending on which one you visit that no doubt you will enjoy reading.
Updated 6pm:
Islanders had another brief update from Ryan Jankowski.

Newsday blog posted some video of Nikita Filatov.

How our live chat will work tonight and Saturday

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/20/2008 09:22:00 AM | | | Comment Here
First off it's been a while but my thanks to everyone for the incredible turnout of people e-mailing and visiting this blog on a daily basis. There are so many folks that visit daily I feel obligated to do my absolute best for everyone.

It's like hockey season for the Islanders never ended here.

I hope many of you decide to visit Friday night and join the chat or just say hello so I can thank you personally for your support here, if not there is always Saturday morning and everyone is welcome. All I ask is we keep things focused on the Islanders and the hockey.

Friday night at around 6:30 I will start a new blog that will include a live chat box without registration. At 6:45pm the box will go live where anyone can add discussion as I put in the picks as we start talking Islanders/NHL draft. I will also add the feed to the Islanders website to the scrolling tickers we have now and add in as much as I can on the picks as they come in.

With one pick only for night one it could get slow for Islander centric content but we'll see.

I have a lot of sites that have draft trackers but no one came up with a crawl for blogs and never have in the past. The one I hand made at the top of the page will be updated manually.

In between live blogs I will do the early Saturday morning news articles recapping the first round.

Saturday morning after the articles I'm going to repeat this again starting at 9:30am with a brand new blog that will go live at 9:45am until the draft is done. Again I will put in links to all the prospect updates on the new players I can find.

I'm going to need some help with round two and on because I really have not done much research.

When everything is finally done around Sunday (likely Monday) I will update the Islanders prospect center on the blog with the new draft picks and then early next week slowly remove the draft center as things move to free agency.

Thanks again, hope to speak with you tonight. I threw in a quick poll for your final first round pick which is a repeat from a while back which closes at 7pm Friday.

NYI Fan Central has full access to the NHL Network on television so if they are live for the second round tomorrow I should be able to get out the selections quickly along with versus tonight for the first round.

The feedburner widget has been taken down for now so folks can access the live draft trackers quickly. All the NYI Fan Central blog update feeds are still in the crawler and all over the blog.

More feeds from major news outlets have been added to media section of the blog toward bottom. I think every major hockey outlet and more has things covered. has not put up a live draft tracker yet, when they do I will add it in with the links above.

Islander News Articles 6/20:

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/19/2008 10:48:00 PM | | | | | | | Comment Here
Newsday: Greg Logan's article has Nikita Filatov's comments he likes the Islanders a lot and refused a new contract in Russia. Colin Wilson said New York is definitely a place he would like to go as he talked about being a teammate with former BU player Rick DiPietro and that Kyle Okposo his teammate from the World Juniors has told him nothing but good things.

Luke Schenn talked about his interview process with the Islanders as Alex Pietrangelo said the group got a tour of New York City and was pretty happy with how the meetings went and would like to be part of the Islanders rebuild. Zach Bogosian visited separately and had dinner with former Isles defenseman Eric Cairns and Ryan Jankowski and said he would try to do everything in his power to help the organization and that team win.

At the end Mr Logan had to throw in a quick dig that it looks like the Islanders cannot go wrong but we know better.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Why ruin a great update with that at the end? If Snow screws up knock yourself out but for now spare us please.

Newsday: Katie Strang has an update on potential draft pick Jordan Nolan with his commets along with Islander coach Ted Nolan.

Los Angeles Times : Lisa Dillman reports the Los Angeles King intend to keep their second overall pick with Dean Lombardi's confirmation Thursday night that he has had offers from three teams in the last two weeks for the No. 2 pick (widely expected to be Doughty, a defenseman with the Guelph Storm). The most recent proposal came Tuesday, essentially a three-for-one deal -- a current player, a prospect and a draft choice for the pick but went to Kings ownership as he had with the other two, recommended they reject the offer and that everyone wanted to keep the selection.

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Mike Knobler has Thrasher's gm Don Waddell comments that he thinks we're going to get a defenseman we could have for years to come who's a special player with the writer speculating between
Zach Bogosian or Drew Doughty.

St Louis Post-Dispatch: All of Blues writer Jeremy Rutherford's Thursday articles were about defense including his speculation in a q & a with fans that he got the impression that the Blues don't think Filatov is ready.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Nothing directly quoted from Blues management on this.

Globe & Mail: Tim Wharnsby speculates in an article about Steven Stamkos that the Kings are expected to select Guelph Storm defenceman Drew Doughty and the Atlanta Thrashers would settle for Peterborough Petes blueliner Zach Bogosian. The St. Louis Blues are believed to have their eye on Kelowna Rockets defenceman Luke Schenn, leaving Russian forward Nikita Filatov for New York in the fifth slot.

In the I'm too lazy to give a link department but check feeders: reported Toronto traded a third rounder to St Louis for Jamal Mayers.

Sportsnet claims but not confirmed Flyers could resign Jeff Carter for theee year at fifteen million.

Tsn confirms Atlanta has hired John Anderson from the Chicago Wolves as it's new head coach.

Updated Friday 10:00am
Thrasher's gm Don Waddell has denied Anderson has been hired yet as of late Thursday night in the AJC.

Michael Fornabaio reported in his Ct Post blog Steve Stirling will be coaching the
Iserlohn Roosters, a European club among several items.

The Predators reached an agreement in principle with Dan Ellis on a multi-year deal and then traded goaltender Chris Mason to the St. Louis Blues in exchange for a fourth round pick in this year’s draft.

Updated 10:00 am
Eric Times: Victor Fernandez has a few words from draft eligible prospect Cullen Eddy from Mercyhurst College about the Isles who last year contacted his coach and told was told by club officials that Eddy would be chosen after they conducted a psychological test during the season and an interview a week before the draft but was not selected.

Greenwich Time: David Fierro reports Cam Atkinson of Boston College is projected to be a middle-to-late-round pick in the 2008 National Hockey League Entry Draft tomorrow after not being selected a year ago, the Islanders are one of several teams that have expressed interest but Washington has been the most aggressive.

Montreal Gazette: Pat Hickey has an interview with Nikita Filatov where writer speculation is he will be available to the Islanders or Columbus.

Late Thursday update

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/19/2008 06:22:00 PM | | | | | | | | Comment Here
I had to get some work done so I could be free for Friday and Saturday.

A little scary how most of those names I wrote about are all over the Islander rumors, even in blurbs.

Newsday: Greg Logan blogged with a lot of his own speculation on the draft with the primary focus on Pieterangelo, Filatov or Schenn depending on who's left. Mr Logan also addressed Jokinen, McCabe, Patrick Marleau rumors with Garth Snow's comments it would be highly unlikely that we would move that pick for an older player that may only have one more year on his contract but having the two seconds and thirds enables us to make a pitch to try to get that pick if there’s a player who’s high on our chart.

Mr Logan was honest enough to admit he did not know more than he has read about the skills of the top juniors entering the NHL draft and that the only one he has seen was Drew Doughty one time. He also issued another retraction on the Yashin headline.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Excellent update and a solid job with the speculation combined with the general mangers comments. I respect the fact he did not try and tell us something he did not know about players he did not see and was upfront on that. Almost scary everyone is talking about the same players in the media I talked about earlier but I got a lot wrong last season so even I'm due to get it right eventually.

Lets keep those updates coming and leave Mike Milbury in the past. Seems like many want the Isles to address the offense now with Filatov if possible.

Assistant GM/Director of Amateur Scouting Ryan Jankowski had a quick update and provides a pluse of what's happening so far here.

Toronto Sun: Mike Zeisberger claims one theory making the rounds is of course McCabe to the Islanders for an exchange of first rounders.

NYI Fan Central:
Toronto media is working McCabe out of town with everything they got. Just keep the money in the bank Mr Wang or sign Bergenheim, Comeau to extensions with it. Has Bryan McCabe's agent Ian Pulverdeny denied any rumors he would waive his no trade clause.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
This rumor is like night of the living dead, someone please shoot it in the head once and for all.

Ottawa Citizen: Wayne Scanlan in an interview with Bryan Murray has the writes comments how when Ottawa joined the NHL they tried to copy the Islanders model for success.

Media Blog: Cory Witt has a good update on how the club decides on the name plates and jersey's are done in advance for so many potential players a club could draft.

Daily News/AP: Reports the NHL is threatening to kick the owners of the New York Rangers out of the league or force them to sell the team as punishment for accusing league officials of violating antitrust laws among several violations.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Come on Gary Bettman, give New York the Islanders at the outdoor game and leave the Rangers home. Too into the draft to be bothered today for any depth on this but it is kind of funny.

If seventy five percent of owners have to approve a change that sound you hear is Dolan threatening Wang, Vanderbeer and Golisano with pulling televised games with a ton of negative publicity for the Lighthouse in the Dolan's new toy at Newsday if votes for removal.

No way will Dolan allow the Ranger to play in bis building under another owner, they would have to relocate of outright fold.

Ottawa Sun: Bruce Garrioch speculates the Isles could be one of several teams interested in Jokinen.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I'm not sure what scares me more, that Mr Garrioch included the Isles with Jokinen or he wrote the Islanders were not interested in Yashin?

SI.Com: Alan Muir in his mock draft had the Islanders selecting Luke Schenn over Alex Pieterangelo.

Updated 9pm:
Newsday: Greg Logan had a second blog update which was centered around Filatov and Colin Wilson with comments from both players as well as E.J McGuire from central scouting who talked about Bogosian and Pietrangelo. Bob McKenzie has a 9pm update on some trade rumors, New York was not mentioned in the speculation.

The do not list for Garth Snow at the draft

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/19/2008 10:02:00 AM | | | Comment Here
Anything reasonable this weekend with the Islanders I will have no problem with and blog accordingly.

Very few things will be on my do not list for Garth Snow that would bring a strong negative reaction, but not all of them.

1. Do not trade down with the Toronto Maple Leafs and take Bryan McCabe or Jason Blake contracts in exchange so they have more money to spend on free agents. If
the Leafs want these players off the roster that badly they can give our team it's number one pick (the Isles keep the fifth pick) and take Bates/Hilbert contracts otherwise thanks but no thanks. Otherwise just contact John-Michael Liles or Wade Redden on July 1st while the Leafs sit in cap hell taking the pr hit on Sundin.

2. No looking back at Olli Jokinen, he wanted out in 1999, let the Panthers trade him elsewhere unless it's for low rated picks and prospects. Mr Gandler is talking up a storm this week.

3. Trading the pick for someone who can sign elsewhere within a year (Patrick Marleau)is just a shortsighted poor move for a gm under pressure not to stick to his advertised youth movement. You do not move your first rounder for that, a second round pick is another matter. Enough was moved for Ryan Smyth and the shot was taken, time to play conservative on that front unless the name of Malkin or Ilya Kovalchuk comes up with an Islander contract agreement in advance.

4. Keep these kids (Tambellini, Gervais) unless the return is equal on the prospect front. In other words I want to see the name Jeff Carter from Philadelphia before one of them is included in a deal.

5. Keep these kids unless II (Nielsen, Colliton, Walter) unless you know your addressing a need and there is not a spot for some of them here long-term, even there something that helps and is a young player has to be part of the package.

6. No Blake Wheeler moves taking a player rated far lower with the fifth pick.

7. Don't overpay to trade up for a player you could get at five anyway which is easy for me to write but is much harder to see on the draft floor as things happen quickly. Stick to your depth chart in that case and move on.

8. Keep the first rounder for next year's draft unless a signed Malkin, Kovalchuk is coming back. Nilsson, O'Marra, Nokelainen and last year's first round are gone, a steady influx of first rounder need to be added to the prospect pool in years ahead.

Islander News Articles 6/19

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/19/2008 12:49:00 AM | | | | | Comment Here
Newsday: Greg Logan has Garth Snow's comments as he left the Board of Governors meetings in New York for Ottawa and talked about possible trades but to this point has received no offers. He also said he could move up or down, stay with his fifth pick but he would start meeting with other managers, make phone calls and that he would select what he considers the best player available.

The general manager also talked about Fliatov coming over to North America but would have to play in juniors or with New York being he was too young to play for Bridgeport according to Mr Logan. The writer also speculated about the possibility of Alex Pieterangelo being selected by the time the Islanders pick and that speculation has him moving up to No. 2 to grab Bogosian, but Toronto, Chicago and Anaheim are among the teams seeking to move up and what they would have to give the Islanders for the pick.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
No big deal but it would have been nice if Mr Logan did not throw Mike Milbury in the mix for the first paragraph given even the former gm was not a riverboat gambler on draft day after 2001 which is a long time ago. The move up for the second rounder was in the hockey news, the Filatov information was in the Columbus Dispatch. Mr Logan is among the first who speculates Pieterangelo may not be there when the Isles select which is entirely possible.

One thing for sure, if the Isles select Filatov and they decide he will play in New York next season something has to give with left wingers Bergenheim, Tambellini and Comeau or one of them change position. Mark Seidel who is the chief scout for North American Central Scouting did his mock draft and projects if Filatov falls to the Isles at No. 5 it would be a dream come true for GM Garth Snow, but don’t be surprised if someone jumps ahead of the them in a trade.

The Surburban: Remo Zaccagna reports Derek Famulare a
six-foot-two, 195-pound 18-year-old left-wing power forward for the Val D’Or Foreurs,
ranked as the 14th best skater from the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League received a letter from the New York Islanders, who sent him a battery of tests and questionnaires among several interested clubs as the prospect thinks he could be selected in the sixth or seventh round.

Point Blank: Mr Botta talks about his draft day experiences, his recent Hockey News article among several subjects and that he will miss Friday's event.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
This fan will absolutely miss Mr Botta's hard work this weekend.

A little early fun:
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...........

Former Islander Josh Green has surfaced in Anaheim and is returning from Europe.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water Pt II.......

I recently had a Pat Foley tribute that I had to cancel but now that the Hawks
long-time broadcaster is officially back of course I'm going to stop and do my own tribute that will be far different than what the Hawks put on their website. Here's to former Islander Alexander Karpovtsev signing with Chicago on July 1st.

The New York Post does an update !!!

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/18/2008 07:45:00 PM | | | | Comment Here
NY Post: Dan Martin does a full interview with general manger Garth Snow before leaving for Ottawa where he talks about his draft pick, what he may do or not do with it and even had a comment about Alexei Yashin where he said he wished him his best with a few words about Bill Guerin and that's he'll be back.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
In the words of Suzyn Waldman, oh my goodness gracious. The Post editor allowed an actual update on our team with full paragraphs and more than thirty words? Sorry for not having it up this morning on the main blog but the feeder got it and frankly I kind of gave up on them.

That could be the biggest upset of the draft weekend before were done.

Garth Snow seemed to have no problem speaking to Dan Martin about Yashin and that sure did not sound like he was coming back or even considering it. He also had a full update on Bill Guerin and reported he will be back.

Let's keep these updates coming.

Islander-Sound Tiger Notables/Quick Hits

St Catherine's Standard: Jim Wallace has a full interview with prospect Alex Pietrangelo who comments he visited Long Island (among several clubs) during the process leading up to the draft.

Columbus Dispatch: Aaron Portzline reports Nikita Fliatov wants to play in North American next season with the young Russians comments while the writer speculates he could be available for the Islanders at number five who pick ahead of Columbus.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Why do I keep thinking of Alexandre Volchkov who Mike Milbury did not take in his first Islander draft and got abuse about who was one of the all-time draft busts for Washington. I will not bring that name up again before the draft.

Islanders website: Profiled the New Islanders Illustrated television show which will debut tonight at 6:30pm with it's host.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
No complaints with the Islanders here, they have to do the production from what I can gather and this can get very expensive/time consuming and they deserve a lot of credit for putting something together for the fans. It's a start but until Cablevision gives our fans the time and space on their networks (along with the classic games/player profiles) they do for the Garden's team on Msg this cannot be considered a fair partnership.

My suggestion is Jiggs McDonald would be perfect at doing half hour programs with supporting highlights and writers comments profiling each player with a few comments from the players themselves. Not only the legendary Islanders but the current ones.

This was done a long time ago with a program for Mike Bossy and Denis Potvin called Crowning Glory which was a one hour special on Sportschannel.

A lot of money to be made, DVD's for each season, the championships years. These highlights sitting somewhere are not helping the Islanders, Msg or the league.

Ottawa Citizen: Don Campbell has a full feature on prospect Zach Bogosian with his comments.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Outstanding article, a lot of information that goes beyond what I have read to this point.

Intelligencer Journal
: Greg Caldwell has a full feature on Sound Tigers Pascal Morcency with his comments about being named man of the year for charity work and his recovery from damage behind his patella with two meniscus tears that he is rehabbing from along with expectations that he can make the NHL with the Islanders or another club.

Note-Sound had this before I researched it and posted it on the website.

Sound Tigers website via hockey News: Posted a preview of the 2008 draft.

Miami Herald: George Richard has more from Marc Gandler on Olli Jokinen and that Tampa traded a seventh round pick to regain the rights to winger Vinny Prospal for negotiating purposes until 7/1 when he can become UFA again.

Quick Hits:
Not much to say about former Islander Glenn Healy leaving television to work for the NHLPA beyond what my impression that he seems like another person who would take the league into another lockout if he did not get what he wanted but that impression could be dead wrong. Where I live I do not get to see Healy's shock jock coverage often but it seems to have recieved mixed review.

Glenn Anderson in the Hall of Fame? I guess we can finally stop reading all the criticism Clark Gillies got now from the writers for his induction now that both are in and I can start asking how is Butch Goring not in the Hall of Fame?

Finally congratulations and best of luck to blog boxers Michael Schuerlein & Tom Liodice Tiger Tracks who were given credentials from the Islanders to cover the draft in Ottawa and will be in attendance live and will do a great job providing updates.

Projecting out Islanders pick Friday

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/17/2008 02:08:00 PM | | Comment Here
Hard to say what will happen, it's up to what Garth Snow, Ryan Jankowski and what his staff has targeted as the clubs biggest need.

They could move up or down and have picks to offer along with a few players.

Things could change quickly and there are clubs with more than one first round pick that could move up.

From the fan viewpoint scoring sells and they need a front line franchise scoring talent to go with Okposo but this is a club without a first round franchise defensive prospect so there is urgency to address both.

Isles do have more NHL depth on defense in terms of capable players at this time for what that is worth, but as good as Bruno Gervais, Chris Campoli, Jack Hillen, Dustin Kohn can be along with the other drafted defensive prospects, none of them at this time project out as franchise players. Eric Brewer was the last drafted Islander prospect taken by the club at that franchise player level.

So what will happen?
For one thing there sure is a lack of right wingers in terms of top ten picks or arguably top twenty picks, that's kind of unusual given the history of the draft.

You look at the draft reviews and see Filatov dropping, you see some with him going second to the Kings. This draft class is in a far different league from a year ago and I do not see the transfer agreement being a factor for any European player as it was with Russia last year because now all the countries are in the same boat.

Tampa Bay:
I think it's fair to write Tampa Bay is selecting Stamkos short of him turning into Eric Lindros/Quebec in the next few days. I cannot see the Isles offering their pick and DiPietro to select Stamkos which is what it could take.

Los Angeles:
The Kings have a lot of good young talented forwards, they could go with Filatov and just add to their stock of outstanding players with another left wing but my guess is they will add a franchise prospect on the backline to Jack Johnson in Drew Doughty/Zach Bogosian because they have Mike Cammalleri and Alexander Frolov on left wing already.

Will Rob Blake even be back after several tough seasons in Los Angeles?

Dean Lombardi has a nice problem but he may want to take more scoring and get some buzz going about his team.

Atlanta at number three is also a very tough call because what folks may not understand is Ilya Kovalchuk is a left winger and so is Filatov. Both cannot play together unless they change positions or Atlanta is already concerned about losing Kovalchuk to free agency. Atlanta (like the Islanders) for a long time has had nothing in terms of a franchise defender which Tobias Enstrom is not (solid player) and have had to hear about moving 1st rounder Braydon Coburn for close to a year now. They are still paying Alexei Zhitnik's contract and their franchise goaltender has not exactly broken through to a point Hedberg just got an extension.

For me I think Mr Waddell will take whoever is left between Drew Doughty and Zach Bogosian. Could be wrong but it seems to make the most sense.

St Louis:
The Blues selected Erik Johnson first overall in 2006, they have two former first rounders on the backline in Barret Jackman and Eric Brewer for what that is worth, they have Patrik Berglund, T.J. Oshie and Lars Eller in terms of a first round talents on their current roster at forward.

St Louis on June 15th hired Doug Armstrong as director of player personnel who will hold that title for two years before replacing current Blues GM Larry Pleau.

Anything can happen and the Blues could take another defenseman in Luke Schenn or
Alex Pietrangelo for the same reasons Dean Lombardi could draft Filatov and add to his forwards but to me I cannot see the Blues not selecting Filatov if he's available here.

New York:
Based on all this (which could be dead wrong if something changes or a club goes off the board) Stamkos, Doughty, Bogosian and Fliatov are gone.

Right or wrong, that's what I project things will look like when the Isles pick.

That leaves New York with a choice of Alex Pietrangelo or Luke Schenn if they want to go defense or taking players many project slightly lower in Mikkel Boedker, Cody Hodgson, Kyle Beach, Zac Boychuk, Colin Wilson if they feel they must add scoring.

You go best player available here I do not see a senario where the club does not select Pietrangelo or Schenn if they keep the pick. You go best forward available to pair with right wing Okposo moving forward that would be Mikkel Boedker but he's a left winger in an organization with a lot of young left wingers here already and in the prospect base so I'm highly doubtful Boddker is that player based on the depth chart unless they are ready to move a Tambellini, Bergenheim or Comeau within two years.

Tomas Marcinko is also a left wing signed by the club.

We'll know by Friday, feel free to let me know how wrong I am in the chat.

All those left wingers here already, I wonder how many fans will be calling for Snow's head if he passes on Fliatov because he has Bergenheim, Comeau, Tambellini on his depth chart?

Cheer up gang, THN projects in their mock draft the Islanders will trade up with Los Angeles and select Bogosian here while the Kings take Filatov at five.

Islander Notables, Guerin surgery

Newsday: Greg Logan reports Islanders captain Bill Guerin had major shoulder surgery in May with new media relations VP Josh Bernstein's comments it was performed to remove loose bodies and to repair the labrum with timetable for recovery four months. Garth Snow released a statement that the club is looking forward to having him at training camp in perfect health.

Mr Logan also questioned the club's media policy with regard to injuries claiming the organization announced the surgery only in response to an inquiry from Newsday but less than two weeks ago, the club was forced to admit that goaltender Rick DiPietro was having knee surgery after he inadvertently announced it himself on a radio program. Mr Logan also claimed club policy was cited as the reason for the Islanders' failure to inform the media and fans that two prominent stars were added to the list of key players but that back in March the team immediately announced in Rick DiPietro needed hip surgery for the second straight season.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
The important thing here is Bill Guerin should be ready for camp and that he is able to produce. If not it may force management to sign a veteran.

Greg Logan playing the fan card, is he for real with that after being on vacation for Al Arbour night and being AWOL when DiPietro got hurt in the skills competition?

Seems to me Mr Logan is a bit upset the club (and perhaps Mr Botta) had a few choice words about Newsday's headline coverage so he decided today to take issue of the club's policies with regard to releasing injuries and claim they are not consistent with how they release updates and did a little firing back of his own instead of simply reporting the surgery.

Would I be playing the homer card here if I suggested Mr Logan is almost never around to give our fans updates (unless it's to stir things up) so why would they bother to call Newsday for Guerin's surgery in May and would not have commented if DiPietro did not mention it on a radio program?

I do not think so.

If Mr Logan were around all the time or this team was getting covered like Mr Zipay covers his beat, maybe the Isles would be at fault not keeping Mr Logan in the loop on the injuries but given how coverage has been with virtually everything getting a negative, controversial slant or no coverage at all beyond token updates from Katie Strang why should the Isles go out of their way to tell Newsday/Mr Logan anything?

Let's call a spade a spade here. Greg Logan did not blog during the all-star break
(1/25-1/28) for our fans, even when Rick DiPietro got injured in the skills competition and every Islander fan around the world was holding their collective breath waiting an outside update about his health so spare us the failure to inform the fans angle today after you did not do one blog that weekend on it for us.

Greg Logan all-star weekend pre-wrote an article that was released in the paper about DiPietro in the all-star game and was gone until the Ottawa game.

Botttom line here is Mr Logan had to know what releasing an update from Gandler about Yashin returning would mean for this franchise perception even without comment from the general manager. It almost seemed like he wanted to get Gandler on the record to fire up the fans/outside media because he was not consulted on the injury policy but could not be bothered about Bergenheim?

Talk about failure to inform our fans, grab a mirror and take a good look in it Mr Logan. The communication between you and your head line writers is far worse than anything you have claimed between of Garth Snow and Ted Nolan. Has an interview with IIHF president René Fasel about the transfer agreement expiring and what it means.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
The big question now is does this force general managers to draft more North American prospects and rely even more heavily on college players (because you keep rights until the graduate or leave school) or does this expiration open the floodgates where teams maintain the rights to anyone they draft from Europe and will stock up with those prospects as we saw in the past?

The Islanders and all teams changed drafting strategy the last few years because of this. When they could keep a European prospect forever or into their thirties it was like getting a prospect for free almost indefinitely where North American prospects had to be signed within two years.

As soon as European prospects had to be signed within two years teams went heavy on North America prospects.

USA Today: Kyle Woodlief of Red Line Report holds his mock draft and speculates the Islanders will select Mikkel Boedker because even though it's hard to imagine they could pass on the premium huge rearguards available they're also desperate for an infusion of speed and skill up front, and Boedker's marvelous Memorial Cup run won them over.

USA Today: Mr Woodlief will be chatting at 1pm on the site and invites your questions.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
After the great job Alex and Steve from Hockey Night on LI did Saturday with Mr Ebbs of International Scouting Services answering my questions I'm out of fresh material but Mr Woodlief does a great job and usually has a lot of fire in these chats as he comes off as very passionate.

Makes for a great chat. Profiles their top ten picks with Nikita Filatov at number five.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
We'll see but the profiles are very well done and go well past the top ten picks, good reading for those interested.

Point Blank: Mr Botta in his blog had a few words about Mark Gandler and how Alexei Yashin's agent showed his lack of tact in lobbing for his returning. Mr Botta also had a few choice words for the Newsday staff headline writers for creating a headline that did not match the article.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Mr Botta, all due respect but when Greg Logan writes Ted Nolan takes issue with Snow's comments about Dubielewicz and the first quoted words written was he agreed with Garth Snow it's fair to say this kind of reporting is not limited to the headline writers for Newsday.

What's interesting here is Mr Botta blamed the headline writer (not the first time this season a headline writer got it wrong if you remember the Nolan threatens players with trades correction which Logan blogged himself about and explained the miscommunication) but gave Mr Logan a total pass on not getting our fans an update on Sean Bergenheim who is also a Gandler client and a very important signing that bears close watching.

Media Blog: Cory Witt in his blog wonders how come Newsday's retraction on their incorrect headline regarding Yashin was basically buried in the sports section but when a mistake was made it made big headlines?

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I did not know Mr Witt had it in him.

Here is the correction that's so small I needed Newsday's search engine to locate here.

Too bad the headlines have already reached Tsn plus other outlets with fans who cannot read past a headline before ripping the franchise. Even when the Isles issue a no-comment they are already getting insulted up and down which is just another example of why Newsday's perception of this club should not be the only one providing regular reports because when they make a mistake the club's perception suffers from it.

I looked at Greg Logan's phone in chat tonight with Katie Strang handling the computer part of things. How nice of him to spare the fans a half hour early this afternoon and basically not tell anyone much of anything. When you are on vacation this much and seemingly only surface to stir things up what can he tell the
die-hards that they do not already know?

Of course Mr Zipay is following everything he can for the fans on his beat at Newsday as many writers are doing their best for their teams all over North America.

Don't think for a minute players and their agents do not forum the same opinion fans do when reading something in a newspaper.

Sorry gang, just calling it as I see it. I wish it were different and that tomorrow Greg Logan or whoever writes an informative article for our fans because we sure deserve it.

You have my promise if Mr Logan does this I will be just as quick to praise the work as I have been to bury it.

Point Blank: Mr Botta also had a very good update comparing former Islander coach Terry Simpson vs new Sharks coach Todd McLellan who played briefly for Simpson when he was here as an Islander draft pick and looked at the parallels between Simpson and new Panthers coach Peter DeBoer.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Terry Simpson was a coaching legend in Prince Albert, when he was fired the word (correct or incorrect) was that NHL players did not fear him like kids did in juniors which reminds me a little more of Brent Sutter in Red Deer than Mr Botta's comparisons.

Mike Bossy in his book talked about how Simpson was furious with them for losing game seven to Philadelphia in 1987 and could never warm up to him but that was the year his back forced him into early retirement.

Of course for better or worse folks, Terry Simpson was the last Islander coach to take a team to a first place finish, even if only a few points separated the pack and the Isles lost to the Devils in 1988.

Vancouver Straight: Jeff Paterson reports the Canucks have hired Ryan Walter as an assistant coach and notes the Canucks now have two Islander player/prospects fathers on their staff in Ryan Walter and Steve Tambellini.

The Sault Star:
Peter Ruicci has Ted Nolan's comments about his son being traded to the Soo Greyhounds.

Newsday: Wallace Matthews at Newsday mentions Charles Wang among the worst owners in New York sports as the shock jock circus begins with the firing of Willie Randolph today.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
To be fair I think every owner was listed except the Giants and Devils.

Wallace Matthews would have impressed me here if he mentioned Jeff Vanderbeek but when was the last time he wrote a hockey article? Funny how he was almost defending Cablevision ownership as the article went on, guess it's good for the resume considering they now own his column.