Islander News Articles 10/26

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/25/2008 11:13:00 PM | | | | | | Comment Here
Newsday: Mr Logan in his game recap writes Rick DiPietro's turnover was " bone-headed " but did not go in the same direction with Freddy Meyer or other players made critical mistakes.

Head coach Scott Gordon could not talk about DiPietro's health citing the clubs injury policy only saying the goaltender was not pulled for his play. Doug Weight talked about his missed penalty shot and the terrible ice conditions while Rick DiPietro preferred not to talk about his injury until more is known and felt it's been too much of a distraction.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Hard-Headed last March, now Bone-Headed a week after returning?

Greg Logan obviously does not like DiPietro for reasons that go beyond the ice, this comes off as unprofessional combined with another statement about club policy.

If Mr Logan is going to write this about DiPietro he has to write the same thing about Meyer, Nielsen or Hillen for poor decisions, he went out of his way to point out crowd reaction when DiPietro did not return.

Scott Gordon seems to put distance between himself and club policy when he says this is what he is stuck with, not a good sign he is on board with management.

DiPietro was not carried off the ice and seemed ok on the bench, we'll see what happens from here regarding how much time he misses of if a goalie is recalled.

Newsday: Greg Logan's other article seemed pre-written with Mike Comrie's comments about the young players scoring struggles and what it takes to break out, gain confidence and win some home games. Scott Gordon talks about Tambellini and Nieslen having to be better but are getting this kind of opportunity for the first time.

NY Post: Dan Martin very limited space article has Rick DiPietro's comments on his turnover.

Daily News: Peter Botte's limited space article had more of the same from Rick DiPietro along with Doug Weight talking about his penalty shot.

Carolina News Observer: Chip Alexander's blog and game coverage here.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio has the recap of Bridgeport's 2-0 win at Worcester with comments from Peter Mannino, head coach Jack Capuano & Jeremy Colliton.

Ct Post: Mr Fornabaio's post-game blog was about how the Sound Tigers looked the exact opposite as opposed to last night as the game progressed.

Worcester Telegram and Gazette: Has the Sharks coverage.

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Carolina 4, New York 3: DiPietro injury

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/25/2008 09:43:00 PM | | Comment Here
Islanders website: Has the recap of the Islanders 4-3 loss Saturday to the Carolina Hurricanes where they took an all time franchise high sixty shots.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I could write a novel about this game, it had that much to offer again with signs this team is picking up this system in some areas while struggling with it at others. Carolina looked like a team waiting to lose for a good part of the night.

The Islanders defense is stepping in to create chances and it's forecheck again was very good and forced play.

Islanders had the shots, Carolina had the higher quality chances and they made the Islanders pay when they turned over the puck.

Apparently Rick DiPietro reinjured himself again, if I had to guess it was on the play Streit made a skate save as he dove across the crease.

Of course it has to be written DiPietro is still in training camp mode in terms of games having only started his first seven days ago. His giveaway was not good after the coach talked about letting his defense handle the puck the other day.

Cam Ward did not face many unstoppable shots or plays that created an open net chance aside from Okposo's chance in the first blocked by a defender. Unlike the Craig Anderson game last season Ward had to work for his win with a lot of scrambles in front of him.

Bill Guerin for his ten shots about five were the same low-percentage chances he took last year. Powerplay at times was erratic with a lot of outside shots or plays they were outnumbered on the puck, other times it looked solid with cross-ice passes for shots below the circle.

Freddy Meyer gave as good as got and more with a goal and assist said the other day at times this system is tough for him at times, in the second period we saw what he meant with a mistake he cannot make.

Same for Jack Hillen who did not have his man or Frans Nielsen who got beat on a faceoff and then did not get position against his man in front when DiPietro left a rebound.

Bill Guerin for his leadership cannot take the selfish penalty he took in the second period.

A lot of very good things here too, Thompson had has best game by a mile throwing a hit that led to a goal. Bergenheim again was making plays all night and dominating on his shorthanded goal and I love he drove the net and took out Ward. Park finally was put on the line with Thompson and Hilbert.

Doug Weight showed that's the kind of hit you give out to change momentum and draw a powerplay. Nielsen had a lot of chances, Hunter, Streit was bombing from everywhere and Campoli had a very nice play or two at the net.

It was far from all bad, some good signs but not enough and self-inflicted loss.

Nice play to draw a penalty shot, Weight did not do much with it.

Bottom line about as tough an October loss to absorbe as possible on a night this club badly needed points with all four clubs in divison earning at least one where they took sixty shots.

On the media end a little too much blame game from Billy Jaffe, first he questioned why Nielsen had six blocked shots against Dallas, said he has to make a play and not just shoot, but last week in Florida all I heard from him was the Islanders cannot pass up quality chances and have to shoot.

Live postgame with Gordon/DiPietro comments? Sorry, time for the Msg Saturday infomercial which no Islander fan should bother with until the coverage is equal.

No Martinek, Witt or DiPietro is too much to overcome.
Sound Reports Peter Mannino shut out Worcester 2-0 Saturday night. Tim Jackman and Sean Bentivoglio's short-handed goal was the difference.

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New York vs Carolina Msg Plus 7pm

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/25/2008 02:03:00 PM | Comment Here
Islanders website: Has the early preview for tonight's game against the Carolina Hurricanes.

Roll the dice on the injuries with Sutton vs Pock/Hillen sitting. Bill Guerin just called a players-only meeting, the team has not been producing points at home and face a struggling opponent that just gave up four goals in the third against Pittsburgh with Cam Ward hardly dominating in net so far.

Standings do not lie folks with teams piling up the points and opening a significant lead even for October. Flyers just went ahead of the Islanders who now reside in the basement, with games against the trapping Rangers on Monday and fast-skilled Montreal along with a Flyer club that seems to be finally breaking out Islanders need to get something started at this point or things could go south quickly.

Updated 5pm:
Newsday: Mr Logan has two updates in the Islanders Newsday blog. One on Hillen/Pock starting tonight because Andy Sutton is still not quite ready and the other a lengthy one on the teams system and the time and patience it will take along with a lot of other items as related to the Dallas game along with a brief evaluation of the young players and the goal-tenders stickhandling.

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The Blogging vs Professional Media issue again

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/25/2008 07:56:00 AM | Comment Here
Sporting News: Craig Custance's blog entry had a lot more on the blogging vs professional media issue with Professional Hockey writers association President Kevin Allen, NHL's vice president of media relations Frank Brown while Mr Custance writes about the many markets where professional media coverage is declining.

Mr Custance article centers around why an Edmonton Oiler amateur blogger was removed from a press box recently because of a live chat.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
First off high marks to Kevin Allen for being consistent and writing exactly what he told me by telephone and in an exclusive interview that was released here last month.

Too many days I feel like I may be the only blogger in North America who understands the boundaries between professional media vs bloggers which is why you only see links to professional writers or team affiliated website employees in the daily news entries here.

For a new concept such as blogging NYIFC is very old fashion and conservative in how information is presented here. I think our way is the correct way even though it goes against the grain of what most bloggers do as those folks go for the page view with the funny picture with as much sensationalism as they can pack into an entry to keep you coming back for more.

I did one blog with funny pictures in about fifteen hundred entries since last summer and after it was released I felt a day later it was a mistake and not what NYIFC is supposed to be about, never again.

NYIFC goes out of it's way to make sure our readers only see what we consider professional hockey writers content as I have often blogged about standards and credentials used in making these decisions.

Mr Custance unfortunately even needed the amateur blogger here to fill out his story with most of those sites I almost never have linked to NYIFC main blog content at a point I was not sure if it was professional or not. One site was even removed from our page list this week entirely because of one bloggers outright lack of professionalism.

All I will write about the Oiler blog was good for Frank Brown pointing out a site/blog with profanity in it's content/reader responses has no place anywhere. First time in well over a decade I have agreed with Frank Brown on anything since he left the Daily News.

Regarding Mr Custance comments that hockey bloggers are quick to publicly attack traditional journalists about everything from the amount of coverage to perceived biases unfortunately the New York Islanders are fighting circumstances no other team in this league is fighting on virtually every possible media level.

I did not see Chicago, Tampa, St Louis, Rangers, Los Angeles and a lot of other clubs that have not even had the Islanders marginal success take anything close to what our team has in terms of media criticism as those clubs struggled for years with countless poor decisions.

I looked in the newspapers for those clubs along with the national media and did not find the same attacks we link to about the Islanders that have done a great job tarnishing our franchise and contributing to public perception and folks who purchase tickets to games.

This places NYIFC in the very unhappy position of having to constantly ask very tough questions of the media I only wish did not have to be written about so often.

Team officials now and in the past have asked some of these same questions as Cory Witt did this summer when the Newsday-Yashin retraction was buried in the paper after the damage was done and as Mr Botta did in April 2006 when he called out Alan Hahn and Newsday's overall coverage.

Mr Botta recently wrote our fans should ignore some of the blogs in Newsday.

I disagree with this because I do not feel our fans should settle for anything but the best of coverage determined on how the club performs, nothing less and certanily not misinformation from Johnette Howard that could not even be factually correct in it's basic content.

I also do not consider it an attack on the local media to question why the only paper with an Islander blog was outworked by the beatwriter covering the other team in the same paper last season by about a five to one ratio. The sports editor at Newsday Hank Winnicki should be the first one who saw this problem and attempted to make up the coverage gap the other papers are not giving the Islanders in the city.

Unfortunately I seem to be one of the only blogs asking these questions.

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Islander News Articles 10/25

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/24/2008 09:39:00 PM | | | | | | 2 Comments
Newsday: Greg Logan's article has comments from head coach Scott Gordon and former Islander coach Peter Laviolette on their coaching philosophies and influence as they have both been part of the Providence Bruins.

Mr Logan has no update on injuries or lineup beyond speculation given club policy.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Given Mr Wang comments on Peter Laviolette a few years ago if the Canes fired him last summer I have little doubt he would have succeeded Ted Nolan unless that was a deal-breaker for Garth Snow coming back himself.

Of course we all know how that has to work. Gm has to hire his coach, not the other way around which is why the general manager's contract has to be the first story.

NY Post: Dan Martin has Trent Hunter's comments on the early success he has had in Scott Gordon's system despite the clubs overall struggles on offense.

: Chip Alexander reports Cam Ward is expected to start against New York on Saturday after the Canes gave up four goals in the third period against Pittsburgh and Peter Laviolette having a few words about his clubs uneven performances this season to date here.

New Glasgow News: Has a feature about Joey Mac Donald on being a full-time player in the NHL along with playing in New York as he also comments about playing with New Glasgow’s Jon Sim who resides about eight houses apart on the same street.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Impressive stuff from the New Glasgow News who even had Joey MacDonald comments about Martin Brodeur giving up six goals against the Flyers on Friday night. This was not some article from training camp that finally made a blurb in the sports section.

If everyone recalls Sim and MacDonald were among the players who were part of the play the pros charity event in August started by Jon Sim and Colin White of the Devils here.

In the no one can top this department:
Blues goalie Manny Legace tripped on the carpet VP pick Sarah Palin came out to drop the puck on Friday and had to leave his game after the first period with a hip injury here.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Of course if this happened to the Islanders Charles Wang, Chris Dey and Rick DiPietro would never hear the end of it while the former golden personality of broadcasting John Davidson receives another pass along with Dave Checketts after Flyers chairman Ed Snider took a lot of criticism for having the VP nominee drop an earlier puck.

Nothing like bonds, friendships to influence sports journalism double-standards.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio has the recap of Bridgeport's loss with comments from head coach Jack Capuano on his clubs puck-management/turnovers and Tim Jackman with a post-game blog here.

I am not seeing the Pirates coverage in the publication that covered them last season here.

Ct Post: Mr Fornabaio previews Saturday's game at Worcester Sharks.

WHEN -- Tonight, 7:05
WHERE -- DCU Center, Worcester, Mass.
ON THE AIR -- Webcast and Internet pay-per-view at
RECORDS THROUGH THURSDAY -- Bridgeport 4-1-0-1; Worcester 2-2-0-0

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Portland 4, Bridgeport 3

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/24/2008 09:11:00 PM | Comment Here Reports Bridgeport gave up a 3-1 lead in Portland and lost to the Pirates 4-3 Friday night.

Mike Iggulden, Andrew MacDonald and Jackman scored for Bridgeport.

Yann Danis was in goal for the Sound Tigers.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio blogged on the game with lines and updates that are different than what had with Comeau on the left or the right wing depending what you read along with a post-game blog

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Bridgeport has this trend last year of losing games that had a lead in, Portland did not turn the game with powerplay goals. If anything Bridgeport went 2-8 with the man advantage.

MacDonald has been piling up the points on the backline for Bridgeport while second rounder Dustin Kohn has not.

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Quick Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/24/2008 07:10:00 PM | | Comment Here
Newsday: Greg Logan in the Islanders Newsday blog gives his perspective on the early success of Luke Schenn and some of the players the club did not select in June. He noted it will take years before a final judgement can be made but it would be a lot easier to take if the Isles had Schenn to mold as a future cornerstone on defense if the growth process is going to be as painful as it has been through the first six games.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Am I missing something here because I have to ask has the growth process been that painful after only six games where it time to question taking Luke Schenn or anyone over what the club did?

When Bailey gets healthy I expect he will get a chance to play, Garth Snow and Ryan Jankowski apparently targeted scoring over defense and Schenn is advertised as a defensive defender.

Was that absolutely necessary today by Mr Logan or just time to take a kick at the team when it's down to stir up the fans a little more?

This beatwriter sure does not help put fans in the seats. Bell has an article on Islander prospect Justin DiBendetto along with comments from fellow prospect Mark Katic on his great start for Sarnia.

Something that does deserve some very fair criticism is Blake Comeau playing all four games in his return to Bridgeport as a right wing when last year he was most effective in the NHL as a left wing.

Ted Nolan shifted him to the right for a while and for about three weeks he immediately stopped creating chances or looked visible until he was moved back to the left wing.

Jason Pitton, Sean Bentivoglio and Jesse Joensuu were the three left wings along with Mitch Fritz.

Not looking good for a return to New York as a right wing as long as Guerin is on the roster with Okposo and Hunter locked into spots.

This seems like a mistake.

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Some folks only see the final score

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/24/2008 06:34:00 PM | 3 Comments
You read some of the stuff in the professional media and it's kind of comical that some think the Islanders played that poorly against Dallas last night.

I'm not going to write and tell everyone the Islanders played great but it was not bad as Greg Logan and a few others made it out to be.

The Buffalo game the Islanders were horrible in every area, against Dallas it was a different story. Scott Gordon had it correct when he noted the forecheck, the chances the defense created.

I watched the play closely, if you did also I think you saw some of the same things Gordon was talking about.

As for the scoreboard for those who want to write the score was closer than the play again did not tell the entire story.

Richard Park scores on his breakaway it's a two goal swing because Dallas does not go down and finish a play for the 2-0 goal where Pock lost his man. They score on those goal post during the five on three or Turco does not make an incredible save on Weight or Sim's wrap-around chance goes in it's a completely different game.

As I wrote last night, Dallas also made some very good plays knocking a clearing attempt out of mid-air by Gervais and going in to score. Dallas was due to break out after the Devils game where they had chances and did not finish. The Isles pk was a disappointment because not clearing the puck all the way down on the first goal did not allow the penalty killers to change.

The media wants no part in mentioning the loss of Martink here which is a huge factor, they only notice him when it's time to write about how under-rated he is.

Of course the DiPietro contract/personality club will not think twice to blame the goaltender for the loss, despite him having no chance on any of the five goals. At least Dan Martin got that correct when he noted no goaltender would have had a chance.

I just hope some folks watched the game and got beyond the final score.

In the long run all folks will remember is the final score and that is all that counts but if we are breaking down a game there is more too it than that.

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Islander News Articles 10/24

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/23/2008 11:55:00 PM | | | | | Comment Here
Newsday: Greg Logan's article has comments from head coach Scott Gordon, Freddy Meyer who felt there are going to be some glitches when guys 'double-think' as opposed to reacting with this system. A team meeting was held afterward which Mr Logan says Bill Guerin described as typical.

Newsday: Jim Baumbach does what baseball writers do and that's go all out on the Tampa Bay Ray angle (see Johnette Howard recently) somehow trying to compare a hockey team that made four of the last six playoffs with a baseball team that never made a playoff until now (after doing the attendance/Coliseum dance) to make his point about an Islander youth movement in the long run.

Mr Baumbach also reported Bill Guerin called a players only meeting and speculated Guerin and Doug Weight are not here for a youth movement.

Daily News: Peter Botte made sure to point out attendance first and after quoting Bill Guerin on the special teams and Scott Gordon on the team play did not even know Wade Dubielewicz is no longer on the club or that's what folks were chanting?

NY Post : Dan Martin's game recap has Bill Guerin's comments on the pressure the penalty kill was under along with Scott Gordon who defended his goaltenders play.

Dallas Morning News: Has the Stars coverage along with Star-Telegram Tracy Myers article.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's update is on defenseman Chris Lee who is ready to return after his pre-season concussion against Florida in the Islanders final preseason game.

Ct Post: Mr Fornabaio also has a preview for Friday's game.

Bridgeport Sound Tigers at Portland Pirates
WHEN -- Tonight, 7
WHERE -- Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, Maine
ON THE AIR -- Webcast and Internet pay-per-view at

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Dallas 5, New York 3

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/23/2008 11:15:00 PM | | Comment Here
Islanders website: Has the recap of tonight's game against the Dallas Stars.

Associated Press: Has the recap of tonight's 5-3 loss to the Dallas Stars.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
What can I write? You almost expect another injury to a defender going into these games now because this is what the track record of this group is. Spin the wheel with Witt.

4-6 weeks, a few months or the grand prize?

Did not look good but he went off on his own.

No team can sustain these kind of injuries to a Witt or Martinek and expect to win a lot of games in a row.

As for the game itself, this was not the Buffalo game where the Islanders simply got nothing going and Lalime could have taken a seat, first shift Islanders got some good chances and were strong on the forecheck on a lot of shifts and you could see a little bit of the system coming through in how they were forechecking and the defense jumping in. If the Islanders did not come out against a team playing it's third game in four nights that were just shutout I would be somewhat more encouraged by the chances they created but that was a club that had to be a little fragile that had some significant injuries of their own.

Dallas looked like a team due to breakout and frankly made some good plays for their goals. I cannot blame DiPietro or the defense for any of those goals against but the defense at other times let the Star forwards get behind them. Without DiPietro it could have been worse.

Campoli played about as well as you can ask for someone in his first game, Streit had a nice play for his goal.

What was the game changer for me? 1-0 Comrie makes a great play to send a forward in alone and Turco makes the save. If this were Tambellini, Nielsen, or Okposo I could accept not scoring there because the club is giving it's young players ice-time but having Richard Park in that spot expecting to give this club an offensive lift is just not something that is not going to happen enough to merit him in that spot.

Last year should have taught Garth Snow this, Park is not the right player for that role and neither is Andy Hilbert. I have no idea what Nate Thompson is here for because he looks slow or invisible and seems to hold down his line. At 3-0 that is when I want to see Thompson send a physical message.

Dallas came right down and scored and to me that set up what happened the rest of the game, have to finish that chance.

Bergenheim was outstanding all night and if this does get him off the fourth line I have no idea what will, what a nice touch pass to Guerin with a bouncing puck, the best player on that line with Guerin and Weight.

They really called Bergenheim for a rough on that last play with Avery? Islanders pk was not very good tonight but again Dallas made plays. I guess it's easy to blame Tomas Pock for Krystofer Barch's defelection goal but that's just a good play by Barch, Pock had his man and was pushing him to the angle.

The second goal was poor coverage by Pock on a play that was not an odd-man rush, the third was just a good play to knock a puck out of mid-air on a Gervais clearing attempt.

I know the Islanders did everything but score with their second period powerplay but far too many outside chances, Hunter was outnumbered 2-1 on one clear with a five on three man advantage. Tambellini and Nielsen were not as involved in this game as they needed to be.

First Dallas goal one Islander had a chance to clear all the way down the ice and with time only flipped it to center so they could not make a change.

We move on to Saturday, regulation losses in this league are killers in the long-run and other clubs are piling up the points with every other game a three point game.

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New York vs Dallas 7pm Msg+

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/23/2008 08:55:00 AM | | Comment Here
Islanders website: Has the pregame for tonight's game against the Dallas Stars.

Dallas comes in playing it's third game in four nights, New York needs a good effort here with the upcoming schedule anything but easy. Only lineup suspense should revolve around Chris Campoli.

Islanders have to start banking points in a conference most games early have been three point games with even the Flyers getting a high scoring game to overtime against San Jose last night. DiPietro gets his first home start and hopefully Avery does not go after the goaltender.

No excuses for any rust here, Islanders should come out wanting to send a message to their coach, the fans and take the play at Dallas team who came in off a brutal effort against New Jersey where Marty Turco was pulled.

This is why changes were made, I expect a sixty minute effort and a breakout game by some players.

On a media note Msg+ had five people involved in telecasting last night's Devil game
(Ken Daneyko, Steve Cangialosi, Stan Fischler, Doc Emrick and Chico Resch with a full pre and postgame with lockeroom interviews. C.J Papa has to do his interviews on the ice as Deb Placey did as if the clock was running before they had to get off the air.

Newsday: Greg Logan reports in the Islanders Newsday blog Chris Campoli will return tonight and wear a visor for the first time in his career. Andy Sutton could play as early as Saturday and Mike Sillinger is getting close to a full practice with the team.

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Islander News Articles 10/23

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/22/2008 09:08:00 PM | | | | | Comment Here
Newsday: Greg Logan has the latest on Chris Campoli who could return against Dallas with the defenders comments on his injury and adapting to head coach Scott Gordon's system as the coach talked about his play in training camp.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Does Gordon go to Campoli over Weight on his powerplay? The speculation game begins on whether Jack Hillen goes to Bridgeport or does Tomas Pock takes a seat in the stands because he does have to clear waivers.

Islanders never seem to have this problem linger very long for the wrong reasons.

Does this slightly bring into play Mark Streit seeing a shift or two at forward or at least a reduction in his minutes if the club continues to struggle in games with it's offense?

What would you do if it were up to you?

NY Post: Dan Martin is permitted a postage stamp sized preview with Chris Campoli's comments while Larry Brooks was allowed space to do a second article on the Devils game.

Dallas Morning News: Mike Heika previews tonight's game and has the Stars injuries.

The Star:Sunaya Sapurji has a feature article on Islander prospect Justin DiBenedetto with comments from Sarnia coach Dave MacQueen.

London Free Press: Steve Buffery reports former Islander Jason Blake could be taking a few shifts on the fourth line or even a seat on the stands for Ryan Hollweg as the former forty goal scorer comments.

Tampa Tribune: Reports Brian Lawton who was hired as vice president of hockey operations since June 25th for the Lightning has finally been named as the clubs general manager.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Can you imagine if Charles Wang did this? Maybe Tampa should just keep signing players so no one notices here as Damian Cristodero in the St Petersberg Times reports.

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Poll Update/Quick Hits

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/22/2008 02:56:00 PM | Comment Here
This weeks poll asks do you agree with Scott Gordon's coaching so far?

So far it's obviously early but I have read a few comments from Scott Gordon about things he has never seen before or this is how they do it here or words to that effect, this does not reflect someone who is a partner and exactly on the same page with Garth Snow.

That part of the poll is a split but these are very small things the media is upset about who are going to constantly make it a part of the daily questions for the coach as he is pressed for answers.

Scott Gordon is also dealing with a little more media than he had in Providence.

Only the coach and general manager know where they stand on Blake Comeau in Bridgeport and Nate Thompson claimed on waivers but it's obvious Scott Gordon wanted Nate Thompson.

Blake Comeau does not play Thompson's position so it's not directly related, the fighting element only came into play for Thompson in the Buffalo game so far.

Bergenheim has not been played with the right players for the best chance of him succeeding or is seeing many minutes but that will change as he is moved from line to line.

I agree for the most part this is all about the early ups and downs and not having Radek Martinek is a huge loss.

Results to date:
Too early 22 (51%)
Yes 10 (23%)
No 3 (6%)
Not seeing Comeau in Bridgeport a plan? 8 (18%)
Why is a waiver pick in Thompson here? 7 (16%)
Have to play someone who can skate/fight in Thompson 5 (11%)
With injuries he is doing great 2 (4%)
Bergenheim needs to be on a scoring line 9 (20%)
Normal ups and downs so far that go beyond coaching 8 (18%)
Working relationship with Snow will help players 4 (9%)
Snow and Gordon not on same page 4 (9%)
Other 0 (0%)

Quick Hit:
Always fun reading Newsday reporter Mark Herrmann hold the party line on hyping the latest Ranger flavor of the month but of course now that Avery he no longer wears a Ranger jersey we see him not hold back on pointing out his downside when he simply could have done an article on Aaron Voros here.

When was the last time Mr Herrmann did an article like this on the Islanders? Not a Cablevision issue, Mr Herrmann always has had the glass filled for the Rangers and empty for the Islanders.

Phil Mushnick of the Post did a nice job calling Trautwig on the double-standard here Mark Herrmann is no different.

And of course now that Ryan Hollewig is a former Ranger according to Mr Herrmann his hits from behind are now a trademark here.

NYI Fan Central Update:
Two of the new blogs added to the Islanders blog box does not have a specific writer
or Islander-centric content only so I pulled them from our blog box widget feeder.

Both those blogs were on the sidebar to link to anyway before joining the teams blog box program so for now I will leave them there.
For the record folks as long as Yahoo sports is going to give us coverage from at best a fringe blogger attempting to pass himself off as professional media and then not display professionalism, it's time to say goodbye to Yahoo's Islander feeder and that kind of worthless content.

Please spend some money Yahoo and add a professional hockey writer or just cut the coverage.

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Training Camp II: Overspeed vs Scoring

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/22/2008 02:12:00 PM | Comment Here
Somewhat interesting reading Doug Weight and Scott Gordon's comments on the Islanders system as the new Islander coach is finally getting a chance for a short training camp with most of his core forwards healthy.

Gordon feels if all five players are not on the same page it simply is not going to work and the players performance has not been consistent with regard to an aggressive fore check.

Doug Weight feels maybe there is too much talking about the system but the players have to be great at it to get results and if they are not sticking together as a five-man unit, they will get picked apart.

From where I'm watching any time this team starts taking penalties it's very tough for them to start their offense, that happened in preseason also.

Scott Gordon is also finding out the speed at this level is not the same as the speed in the AHL and against some teams the Islanders are not fast enough or skilled enough to get in a position to start and maintain an aggressive forecheck.

I wonder if after the coach changed his mind on playing a forward on the point and using Weight if that changes when Campoli returns?

Florida on Saturday played an agressive forecheck, it kept the Islanders on the defensive for too much of the game, against Buffalo they were shorthanded early and never got it's offense started.

It's going to be interesting to see what happens from here with players who have their version of an aggressive forecheck vs Gordon's way.

Good news? Islanders were a pass/play short of a few open net chances on Vokoun and did win a few pucks in the Panthers zone.

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Bridgeport Signs Mark Parrish to Tryout Contract

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/22/2008 01:31:00 PM | | | Comment Here
Newsday: Greg Logan reports in the Islanders Newsday blog Mark Parrish has been signed to a Sound Tigers tryout contract for twenty five games. Head coach Scott Gordon comments Parrish would have to be a far better than a young player for him to take a roster spot from someone.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Tryout contract means just that folks which is a long way from signing a contract to play for the Islanders in the NHL.

I suspect part of this is a former teammate who is now general manager giving another former teammate a chance to continue his career somewhere.

Dave Scatchard got a short tryout with Hartford last year, like Brandon Sugden this is a chance for Parrish to keep playing and maybe earn a contract with the Islanders or another club.

For the Bridgeport/Islanders side of things this is very curious move with a surplus of players in Bridgeport. Garth Snow signed Joel Rechlicz to a three year contract and was sent to Utah, this will take a roster spot from a right wing in Bridgeport.

For Mark Parrish a major reality check as to how far his stock has fallen in NHL circles after he was released by Minnesota and turned down a tryout with his former coach in Peter Laviolette in Carolina less than a month ago here.

If it did come to Parrish resigning here we know what the right side looks like in Guerin, Okposo, Hunter, and whoever is on right wing between Nate Thompson, Richard Park or Andy Hilbert.

I suspect for Parrish to earn an Islander contract he has to beat out a veteran, not a young player unless management is talking about an Okposo demotion which seems unlikely.

Parrish's tryout contract runs until 12/21-12/26 games for Bridgeport depending on when it officially begins.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio has comments from Mark Parrish on why he decided to sign a tryout contract with the Sound Tigers who plans to arrive Sunday in Bridgeport and practice Monday as Jack Capuano talks about his experience with Parrish on the 2005-06 Islanders when he was an assistant coach.

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Islander Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/19/2008 07:48:00 PM | | | | 3 Comments
Newsday: Greg Logan has an update in the Islanders Newsday blog on how Rick DiPietro played along with comments from the goaltender and head coach Scott Gordon as the beatwriter also looked back to his first start since last March.

Mr Logan also reported Mitch Fritz was returned to Bridgeport with a preview of his Monday article about the teams scoring struggles which will feature comments from Doug Weight and Mark Streit.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Very old and tired for me to keep writing this but if Mr Logan is going to make a point statistically speaking that DiPietro lost seven of his final eight games giving up at least three goals he also has to include that 1-0 game was the tail end of a six game winning streak.

He also has to tell the readers many of those games afterward he held the Islanders in almost single-handed starting with the very next game in New Jersey where he faced more than forty shots and had the game tied in the third before the Islanders defense made some fatal mistakes in front of him.

Often there are more than statistics that indicates what happened in a game. Many times a goalie can allow a lot of goals and play great which is a point Mr Logan never made regarding DiPietro's performance in the second half last year.

Of course Mr Logan is correct yesterday was encourging however not for the goals against but how he reacted as the game wore on.

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Bridgeport 5, Philadelphia 1

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/19/2008 06:05:00 PM | Comment Here Reports the Bridgeport Sound Tigers defeated the Philadelphia Phantoms at Harbor Yard Sunday afternoon 5-1 in a game they led 3-1 with only nine shots on goal entering the third period against J.S Aubin.

Sound Recaps Sunday's game.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Sorry folks, Ct Post listed this as a 7 game, thought that meant 7pm?

Jesse Joensuu had a goal and an assist.
Sean Bentivoglio also had a goal and an assist.
Trevor Smith had a goal and an assist.
Brent Skinner again had a two assist game.
Andrew MacDonald had an assist with another taken away.
Blake Comeau's goal opened the third period scoring.
Kurtis McLean scored a PP goal in the third.

Peter Mannino started in goal for Bridgeport with thirty saves.

Monday coverage: Ct Post & Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News combined pages.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio has several blogs on this game with the lines/notes.

Bridgeport sweeps the weekend 3-0.

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NYIFC has to do Neil Best job for him

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/19/2008 02:56:00 PM | | Comment Here
Newsday: Media reporter and life-long Ranger fan Neil Best continued to make his point in a blog entry the Islanders are not as popular as the other local teams.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It is getting old reading the rhetoric from Mr Best on this so let's do what NYIFC does for it's readers and that's write the truth with as much documentation as we can provide.

First of all Mr Best outright lied to the public.

Newsday, Greg Logan are no longer independent sources of news about the New York Islanders both are now the paid employees of another NHL team whether he wants to tell you that or not.

We all know the background and history of Cablevision's tactics regarding New York Islander Hockey which Richard Sandomir wrote about in the Times back in 1998 here which speak for themselves.

This is where hockey was in New York back in 2002 according to Mr Sandomir's ratings information in the NY Times here at a time Islander hockey was hidden on Metro proving how much damage Cablevision has done to this hockey market in the time it gained a monopoly.

As for Mr Best claims of the Islanders limited fan base what were all those Islander fans doing at Msg chanting " You can't beat us " the last few years here along with several teams fans having access to Msg for years here.

A little Islanders-Sound Tigers Mailing List Action:
The 3/6/2001 NY Post game article from Larry Brooks who goes out of his way now to run down the Isles as a team as he claims no one in New York follows read as follows:

" No, in this 75th anniversary season the Rangers had to go even a step
farther and turn the Garden into Nassau Coliseum Mainland, as the
substantial number of Islander fans, who invaded Manhattan last night,
filled the arena with chants of "Let's Go Islanders!" as their team
whipped the heroic home boys by 5-2".

There have been countless games at Msg before the lockout at after the Garden sounded like the Islanders were the home team when they scored, it was this way
when Pierre Turgeon scored his 50th goal in overtime back in 93 and even back to the eighties which the Ranger fans in the media could never accept.

Rob Davison played his first Islander game at Msg in March and was quoted in Newsday as saying:

"When we scored it seemed half the Garden was rooting for the Islanders."

What was it Howie Rose said on television during the final game at Meadowlands when the Islanders scored?

"Welcome to Long Island South " Seems there are still plenty of New York Islander fans all over the New York metro area.

Of course that's something Newsday or life-long Ranger fan Neil Best simply would never write about.

Lets cut through Mr Best spin on ratings and popularity because his act has gotten old about things he should know better than anyone because one of his jobs is supposed to be reporting ratings.

I guess we have to do it for him.

As of February 2007 Ranger hockey on Msg was being watched in 36,834 homes on average in New York here with playoff ratings thirty eight percent below NASCAR and golf in NYC also according to Mr Sandomir in the Times here.

And this is with some fans of all three teams watching all the games which no one ever reports.

Daily News : Bob Raissman in April 2007 called Msg for it's spin on local hockey ratings as well and tells the politics of the story better than everyone along with noting where hockey ratings in this town stood at the beginning of the 2008 playoffs here and how the Avery sideshow was all they had.

A few other outlets picked on the NASCAR-Hockey New York angle as well a little later which was reported by none other than you guessed it, Neil Best here.

Sports Business Daily here also reports the 2007 New York playoff numbers on Msg were a twelve percent increase from the Ranger-Devil playoff series in 2005-06 for their return to the playoffs.

Rangers final game of last year's playoff on television drew a rating in NYC 1/3 of Boston-Atlanta game seven in basketball. Mike Francesa on WFAN the next day completely dismissed the Rangers and hockey as a major market sport in New York.

Bottom Line New York under Cablevision controlled Msg has produced some of the worst
national ratings for final games/all star games among so-called big hockey markets most of the papers did not even send a reporter to these events here which even Newsday sports editor Hank Winnicki discussed in the Globe & Mail here even though he does not touch the fact Ranger hockey should not even be covered in his sports section.

Even the Nets have draw far more ink in NYC and better ratings than the Rangers for several years along with backpages hockey never received since the lockout ended.

We get it Mr Best, your new employer pays a lot of money to regulate perception, keep teams off television and control ratings because it's scared to death of any competition. They have done a great job doing all they can to limit the Islander exposure that already pulled it's television coverage a decade ago at a time John Spano's Islanders had a higher television rating than the 2003-04 Rangers.

During the 2002 playoffs an Islander playoff game on Fsn drew a local rating equal to 200,000 homes. Mr Best new boss immediately put the next game on Metro which even Chris Russo called him on the next time Mr Dolan went on WFAN as he sat on YES Network and refused to answer with a big smile on his face.

Mr Best can do a blog and regulate the story, but what he is claiming simply is not true.

As usual, it seems up to NYIFC to set things straight.

Excuse me while I go watch game four of the 1981 semi-finals now that Cablevision ran the local hockey market for everyone into the ground.

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