Islander News Articles 2/11

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Newsday: Greg Logan's game recap has comments from Andy Hilbert, who credited Yann Danis goaltending and how competitive the team is playing now but feels it's still it's not enough if you lose, Bill Guerin discusses his pass back to Doug Weight while Yann Danis shares a story about the referee placing the net back on it's moorings in overtime.

Newsday: Michael Frazier has more on the Daily News article earlier Tuesday on a potential Islander move to Flushing but nothing really that we have not read to this point with Islanders lease preventing a move.

Newsday: Mark Herrmann speculates whether Kyle Okposo could play for team USA at the next Olympics with his comments along with defenseman Jack Johnson.

NY Post: Dan Martin's recap has head coach Scott Gordon on why he went with Nielsen, Okposo and Bailey in the shootout with Okposo and goaltender Yann Danis comments on the game.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

For those who actually follow the team Nielsen shot against Luongo and scored earlier, Okposo and Bailey both have been included in some Islander shootouts. I would not chalk it up to going with kids in shootouts when it's happened already.

Dan Martin covers home games and should know Nielsen scored against Luongo in a shootout at home. Josh Bailey I'm very sure took his first shootout attempt at home also earlier this season.

NY Daily News: Peter Botte's article gives us a few quick paragraphs on the game with quotes from Kyle Okposo and head coach Scott Gordon but most of the article is a repeat of the Daily News article on Islanders moving to Queens.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

You think Mr Botte simply could have linked to the article instead of 1/4 of it being about re-written material instead of a game summary.

Where did they get this headline writer? Islanders take a royal beating losing a shootout. If you did not watch you would think they lost 10-2.

Newsday: Mark Herrmann's article that was deleted early Tuesday on Avery was finally released for the paper now where Mr Herrmann now feels the Islanders are more interesting than the Rangers.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I that wrote article may have been pulled because it was not pro-Ranger. I guess not, but of course Mr Herrmann had a little dig at the Islanders.

Los Angeles Daily News: Has Rich Hammond's game recap with Jack Johnson's comments with print coverage here.

Newark Star Ledger: Rich Chere reports Devils defenseman Johnny Oduya expects to play against the Islanders tonight.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's article features defenseman Chris Lee along with Sound Tigers weekly here.

San Antonio visits Bridgeport tonight at 7pm for a rare weeknight home game against the Western Conference.

In a few weeks weeknight games will become the norm for Bridgeport with one six game stretch in eight days.

Los Angeles 4, New York 3, Shootout

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Sports Network: Recaps New York's 4-3 shootout loss to the Kings Tuesday night.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
That was a fun game to watch from the drop of the puck, both teams skated well and created turnovers. Islanders offense faded for a while in the third.

Did not feel like a game where Los Angeles had a big shot disparity that was 32-18 at one point.

Kings were impressive with their speed and skill on offense, the Islanders did get on them in their own end at times.

Forgot Jack Johnson in the pregame here, excellent skill team.

Drew Doughty made a fantastic play to break up a two on one with Bergenheim and Comeau in the first period.

Whatever mistakes the Kings made was about the pressure the Islander put on who skated very well themselves, they had Jonathan Quick scrambling a few times.

Kings are a very fast club and in the opening few minutes they really forced the action creating a turnover from Martinek before Simmonds scored off a play where the puck hit the referee and came back to him at the faceoff dot.

Simmonds is a big player who can skate and looked good beyond his goal, Islanders could use three players with that kind of overall ability.

After that Islanders forced some pressure of their own with Nielsen almost finishing alone in front before Comrie found Guerin who made a heck of an unconventional play finding Weight to tie the game.

Hunter, Nielsen nice give and go, Hunter was hitting. Comeau took the body well, had an early third period chance at the net before drawing a penalty.

Seemed like Campoli got just enough of the puck off the two on one that Kopitar scored their second goal into an empty net, Gervais pinched on that play.

Scott Gordon and Nielsen were talking a long time at the end of the second period as the Isles came off the ice. He was also diagramming the play for him after the timeout in ot.

Bergenheim drew a penalty, made a Zednik-like move on his off wing in the second and then took a third period offensive zone penalty in a game the officials were letting both teams play that led to the 3-3 goal. Okposo took a penalty like that in the second.

Bergenehim after he got out of the box, found Park who re-directed the pass wide, after that he drew the Islanders a powerplay.

Jackman made a nice play and a great shot for his goal, he had no chance on Frolov's goal. Hilbert drove the net well off a good read by Witt who put the puck on goal, Quick gave up the rebound and Hilbert finished.

Hillen in the second came in off the point and got a good chance, like what I saw from Callahan against some fast forwards on defense who got penalty kill time in a tie game in the final ten minutes and then blocked shot Kopitar on a rush.

Those two third period Islander powerplays did not produce much. Park shooting from the corner is not what I would call a quality chance. Nielsen skated into a one against four after that.

Finally Okposo generated a late chance, Gervais stepped into one and hit a crossbar just missing his first goal in 150 games.

Islanders pressed well the last few minutes, Hilbert/Comrie also hooked up off a Doughty turnover. Nielsen another good chance off rush.

Overtime was entertaining, Guerin's penalty. Danis came up huge on Brown to force a shootout and was solid in goal.

Nice move by Okposo in the shootout. Jack Johnson made a heck of a move for a defenseman to win it for the Kings.

Josh Bailey? Not on this night, a bit too quiet in regulation also. I think he took one shot from the outside.

Los Angeles went into New Jersey and beat the Devils 3-1 and have been playing very well, Islanders did a nice job here against a skilled team that is obviously improved.

We'll see what they can do tomorrow in Newark against the bigger Devils.

Los Angeles at New York 7pm Msg+

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LA Daily News: Has full stats, lineups and preview of the Kings.

Updated Player Pos Injury Expected Return
02/03/09 Marc-Andre Cliche RW Shoulder IR. Out until at least late February
02/02/09 Denis Gauthier D Suspension. Eligible to return Feb. 14
02/08/09 Oscar Moller RW Clavicle IR. Expected to return at N.Y.
02/05/09 Tom Preissing D Dizziness Out indefinitely

Los Angeles Daily News: Rich Hammon's blog coverage from Monday indicates head coach Terry Murray is still on the fence about whether to put Oscar Moller back in the lineup for the reason that came up here the other day. Murray is happy with the way things are going and doesn't want to disrupt the rhythm. He said he will make a decision Monday night after discussing it with his coaches.

-- Jonathan Quick will again start in goal. Murray said he hasn't seen anything to indicate that Quick is tired or wearing down.

-- There's a bit of a flu bug running through some of the Kings. Murray said Drew Doughty was quite ill before Saturday's game but still played, and a few other guys have symptoms. It's one of the reasons Murray did not have the team practice Sunday.

-- Murray said he talked to the team, and will do so again todayy about not having a letdown in the final game of the trip, against a team that (at least in the standings) looks much less formidable than some of the teams the Kings have already defeated.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Looks like LA Times is going AP only so LA Daily News is the paper of record for the team on the trip.

The Kings are 3-1 on this road trip -- 6-1 in their last seven and, with a 23-21-7 record, they're two games over .500 for the first time this season with a hot goaltender who just won player of the week honors and some young talent that can produce.

For the Islanders I guess the question of the day is MacDonald or Danis and if Mark Streit returns or they give him more time.

Losing 1-0 and 3-2 is not about poor defense so far.

Between the flu for the Kings and a possible letdown with them heading straight home afterward it may be hard Los Angeles to avoid a letdown.

Anze Kopitar, Dustin Brown, Alexander Frolov, Patrick O'Sullivan, Stoll make up a nice core with Qunicey and Doughty.

Newsday: Mr Logan reports Nate Thompson will be out four-six weeks with a shoulder injury while head coach Scott Gordon discusses his faceoff ability. Kings franchise prospect Drew Doughty has a few words on Jonathan Tavares vs Swedish defenseman Victor Hedman.

Yann Danis is expected to start in goal for New York.

Point Blank: Mr Botta speculates why
Jon Sim would play over Jeff Tambellini and reports Mark Streit is out which Mr Logan did not report.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Sim did not play with Thompson out in Florida, not sure what changes besides the club lost and it's time to get Tambellini/Sim minutes but not at Bergenheim's expense on left wing.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio reports in his Sound Tigers blog forward Jason Pitton will miss the rest of the season with shoulder surgery after having his season end last year with a similar injury to his other shoulder.

Daily News Reports Queens Reaches out to Isles

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Daily News: Nicholas Hirshon reports the The Queens Chamber of Commerce is making a long-shot bid to lure the Islanders from Nassau County as part of redevelopment plans for Willets Point, a maze of auto body shops near Citi Field with the Islanders declining comment.

A spokesman for the Town of Hempstead board, which must approve Wang's plans, said its members are "anxious to do everything we can to keep" the Islanders in Uniondale.

Queens Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President Jack Friedman is quoted as saying the following:

"Queens makes sense [for the Islanders] from so many levels because of the airports and its central location," Friedman said, also noting the area's proximity to highways and subways.

Queens Borough President Helen Marshall said she would be "very receptive" while the city announced it's "open" to letting the team play in a Queens park.

City Councilman John Liu (D-Flushing) is quoted with the following:
"A hockey team like the Islanders enjoys a strong fan base," Liu said of the local following the team has built over four decades. "Their enterprise is not like a warehouse you could plunk in the middle of anywhere."

Even Mets third baseman David Wright was willing to share the borough's sports scene.

"I'd recommend it," Wright said of an Isles move. "I would endorse playing in Queens."

NYI Fan Central Comments:
My speculation is Charles Wang is using his Queens college connections here to apply a little more pressure on Lighthouse approval. This comes on the heels of SBJ report recently that National Tennis Center could put a hundred million dollar dome and bring in Islanders and Nets which is far more likely than Iron Triangle.

Love the outreach for the New York Islanders in Queens but this does not get Lighthouse approved. It should be noted this could also be a shot across the Mets owners bow for bidding on the HUB a few years ago or setting up a potential sale of the club to the Mets which would also seem unlikely.

A rumor like this also brings into the mix does Mr Wang want to own the team regardless? The Islanders paid their territorial fee back when they they joined the NHL, they can build an arena at 33rd street and sixth avenue in Manhattan if they so choose.

In short all of New York is Islanders territory right now.

State of the New York Islanders Media

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I do not want to give the impression NYIFC is some kind of place where we look only for the negative in our media coverage wherever it comes from on a given day.

I know the regular readers understand this and from the e-mail responses most others do also.

What is done here (beyond the countless other things) is to put the professional media coverage under the spotlight (sometimes Mr Botta) and ask fair but tough questions as to whether our team is getting a fair shake from not only the folks assigned to cover them but other media outlets.

My preference is always to praise the work but these days what comes out of the media is border line over the top and negative to the extreme which I would even accept if that standard was the same with all the teams being covered.

Clearly it's not. I wish the standards were the same for every team as it should be.

I don't like to use the Rangers as an example but they are the other hockey team covered in Newsday, if the Devils were covered there we would be talking about New Jersey and differences in coverage.

Earlier this season I read the same Newspaper staff that made a huge issue over DiPietro sitting on the bench against Buffalo and even doubted his ability to play turn a blind eye to Stephen Valiquette left in net to allow ten goals while Henrik Lundqvist took the game day skate and sat on the bench.

If this were Rick DiPietro there is no way that would not pass without a big issue being made about it.

Where was the emergency goalie, a circus was made out of Mike Dunham getting ready a few weeks ago?

Earlier last week Joey MacDonald was on the bench when earlier if this were DiPietro
it would have been asked why is he not starting several times a day?

It begs the question why is the reporting and the questions not the same for all the teams/players being covered?

Saturday-Sunday I looked at some the same Newsday staff that ran Sean Avery out of town just months ago, air his dirty laundry do a one hundred eighty degree turn and now talk about how much team Cablevision needs him?

Neil Best is out there doing articles selling the stage at Msg for the Knicks and he is supposed to be the media person?

Come on down Barbara Barker the price is wrong but that does not stop her from telling us Saturday the Knicks are more fun to watch than they have been in years.

Funny but the Islanders and all the one goal losses with the kids seemed to be fun also, it's just not packaged that way by Newsday.

Mark Herrmann who questions every Islander celebration for a homegrown dynasty and the motivation goes over the top with the praise for a player on his Rangers getting his jersey retired and tells Islander fans it's not our business?

For those scoring at home the NHL insider blog Mark Herrmann was given nine of the last ten entries are Ranger centric with Islander content two small paragraphs based on Thrashers loss to the Devils, Atlants should finish 30th in an entry called goodbye Tavares here.

This was after about one entry in the first month.

Mike Casey (who does most of the other entries) tells of how Graves signed his jersey when he was a kid. Anthony Rieber brags that Newsday did not go overboard with Graves coverage and took a shot at Al Arbour playing Nystrom his 900th game or Arbour night itself and then asks how is Newsday doing?

Frankly terrible.

We have a beatwriter in Greg Logan who is not even honest enough with his readers to list that he covered the Rangers for Newsday in his profile. He can write and does some quality features at times but most but more often than not shows no passion and would rather be somewhere else doing only what's required.

To be fair Mr Logan went back and made sure he did more on Doug Weight and Mark Streit earlier after he questioned himself but other players should be hyped up a lot more, we should see a lot more chats from him and blog entries.

Was his latest entry Sunday on making sure quotes that don't make the print edition will be repeated in a blog filler to substitute for fresh updates? Seems that second print article is now a blog entry as filler.

Greg Logan above all should understand his paper is the only one that covers all the New York Islander games, he should be trying to do even more but he cannot even keep up with Steve Zipay which is old news here but has to be written again when the coverage disparity is this dramatic.

Worst of all you see the difference in how the Newsday staff treats the Garden's teams vs the others. The Mets, Jets, Giants and Yankees take some big beatings in this paper with a lot of shockjock coverage. Cablevision owned Newsday goes very easy on the Knicks who have been the benchmark of a laughingstock for close to a decade and the Rangers who have not been much better since 1997.

Those teams will not be getting A-Rod coverage.

The Knicks lost to three teams with the fans of the opposing star player getting more cheers than the Garden's team. The Rangers have scored a whopping seven more goals than the Islanders (Isles have higher gpg avg) this season who have games in hand and about three hundred more man games lost to injury.

You would never know this reading Newsday which John Jeasonne today writing the 336 games lost is according to team calculations.

Arthur Staple is another former Ranger beatwriter who does a lot of hockey articles now speculation on what he calls both " local " teams?

That does not seem to be the case in NYC papers.

The editor of Newsday walked off the job a few weeks ago (during a Presidential Inaugural) over supposed problems with something written about the Knicks. No doubt the pressure is on some of these people to sell the Garden's teams in the sports department which they had been doing long before the paper changed hands last summer.

But does that mean the New York Islanders have to take a hit as part of this package? I have written several times many criticisms are fair about our team, but others are not.

The National and Canadian media read this and are influenced by it.

Mark Herrmann and staff tracked down Bob Nystrom and Scott Rechler, how come the same staff did not get comment from Cablevision who were on the Bernard Madoff list?

This is hardly confined to Newsday, the Post and Daily News have been brutal with bland coverage that is limited which reads more like captain obvious material with rarely any insight. Dan Martin gave us something from Rick DiPietro earlier that was his only true solid work this season.

For a man with Peter Botte's long-time background covering the Islanders he has done little with his limited space at the Daily News and been a disappointment when he has covered games. He should be leading the charge to give us something different.

The prospect work in the Daily News has been by far the best hockey coverage for all three teams.

Only the Times editor knows when or if the next Islander article is, we don't have Islander-Ranger coverage for two Msg games but we have the latest from the KHL?

They cannot even get the feeder right at the Times for the Islanders, I put it on the sidebar here and three week AP articles would surface.

The singular exception as usual is if you are reading the Ct Post and Michael Fornabaio's exceptional coverage in Bridgeport. First class work as usual from someone who has been on the beat since day one of the franchise but it seems his space is being cut more and more which he makes up for in his blog.

I would love to tell my readers to enjoy the articles and that these writers are doing a good job for us. I know there are many out there that will believe anything they read in a Newspaper that influences team perception.

I cannot do that in good conscience.

One other point.

Just because someone is a hockey writer one day does not make them a hockey expert.

Mark Herrmann/Jay Greenberg move from sport to sport and despite hockey being part of the sports they covers at times does not make them Bob McKenzie or what the full time year round hockey writers do.

Former Islander beatwriter John Valenti did the weather report New Years Eve, it does not make him a weather expert.

Mr Greenberg pops in for hockey on rare occasion now despite his long-time background in St Louis and Philadelphia before starting off covering hockey here, the Daily News eliminated the position when Sherry Ross rejoined the Devils.

At this time my advice is to read the local NHL reporters and their work but look past their viewpoint or opinion and put your focus on the quotes from the players and management.

That's where the value is and what matters.

Unfortunately that seems the best we can hope for at this time.

I wish it were not so.

Islander News Articles 2/10

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NY Post: Dan Martin has comments from Mark Streit who could return tonight that the club is still losing because they cannot score but is more competitive and making progress.

Jack Hillen talks about the opportunity he and Joe Callahan have here.

Newsday: John Jeansonne covers practice and reports both Streit and Pock are unavailable for tonight's game with comments from Jack Hillen and Joe Callahan.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
No blog entries or practice reports, the game is not even listed at the end of the article.

One paper says he could play, the other rules him out.

Point Blank: Mr Botta breaks the tie and says in a blog entry (mostly about the trade history between Snow-Paul Holmgren) that Streit is expected to miss his third game in a row.

Was an article titled Avery won't cure Ranger ills by Mark Herrmann killed by Cablevision owned Newsday for the paper today here?

Moose Jaw Times Herald: Matthew Gourlie reports Islander prospect Travis Hamonic out since 1/17 with a strained MCL is close to returning with his comments.

Norwalk Has an article where the team announces the first annual MS Skate-a-thon Saturday, March 7 with Sound Tiger President Howard Saffan's comments. Skaters throughout the region are asked to recruit family and friends as sponsors and then join Sound Tigers on-ice March 7.

The MS Skate-a-thon will be followed that evening with a home game against the Philadelphia Phantoms. For more information on the Sound Tigers MS Skate-a-thon and to secure sponsor sheets, please contact the Bridgeport Sound Tigers at 203-334-4625. To learn more about multiple sclerosis and the many ways the National MS Society, Connecticut Chapter helps, please visit

Islander/NHL Notables

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Los Angeles Daily News: Rich Hammon's blog coverage for those wanting to know what's up with the LA Kings.

Tomorrow's pregame blog is set for release at 1pm.

St Louis Post Dispatch: Jeremy Rutherford reports Andy McDonald has been signed to a four year extension for 18.8m by the Blues.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
This was the player traded for Doug Weight last year from Anaheim.

McDonald has been on IR since November with six goals and a minus twelve for the John Davidson run franchise who currently sit at 15th in the Western Conference.

It may give a little bit of a read on the market for what Comrie/others may want to sign long-term.

USA Today/several media: Report Dallas winger Sean Avery cleared NHL waivers Monday with the next move an NHL team extending him an offer to play for their AHL affiliate because Dallas does not currently have one.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Our new poll is up, I had my say and will add remember Nielsen getting throw into Florida's bench Saturday or Avery hitting Okposo last year?

Vinnie LeCavalier was not exactly scared of Tim Jackman and those one shift games from Mitch Fritz were not getting it done. I wish Bill Guerin had someone here to fight for him and Nate Thompson when he's been healthy does not exactly drop the gloves often.

It's in Garth Snow's hands first if/when Dallas puts him on recall waivers unless they pass Atlanta in the standings.

SI: Reports Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick won NHL player honors stopping 95 of 100 shots in three consecutive road victories, lifting the Kings (23-21-7, 53 points) within three points of the eighth and final playoff spot in the Western Conference as they head to New York for Tuesday's game.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
This is on the back end of being shutout by Mike McKenna Saturday.

SI: Michael Farber says Dallas management forgives the co-gm with no experience of the Dallas Stars for signing Sean Avery because he won a Stanley Cup with Dallas but publications like SI cheap-shot the Islanders for hiring a gm with no experience?

NYI Fan Central Comments:
All I can write is if Garth Snow gave Avery that money his inexperience would be a major issue and folks like Michael Farber or Jim Kelley would be unloading on Charles Wang and Garth Snow, not talking about Hull's playing career and that management is simply writing this off.

In other words Mr Farber copped out here big time not being critical of Hull as he would have been of Snow.

BTW-MacDonald and Danis are looking very good right now if you read the other part of this article about goaltenders. Does Snow dare trade one of them at the deadline if the return is good or he signs one of them for next season?

Pittsburgh Tribune Review: Rob Rossi reports former Islander Miroslav Satan is apparently in the dog house as his ice-time has been limited.

Post Gazette: Beatwriter Dave Molinary had the following (not all) answering a question about Satan:

Obviously, he has not come close to living up to their expectations, and his inability to contribute in other situations when he's not scoring has rendered him pretty much of no value to this team. There's always a chance he'll start producing goals on a regular basis, but there's also a chance the Penguins' game against San Jose tomorrow will be postponed because an asteroid will land on Mellon Arena in late afternoon. Don't bet big money on either, however.

Note-That's the same reaction Mr Molinary had on Avery working out in Pittsburgh if claimed.

Shelly Anderson: In a chat for the paper feels Satan is just not a good fit for the Pens with two goals in twenty four games after a good start.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Funny, all I read last summer was the Islanders were Satan's problem and playing it Pittsburgh he would produce big numbers. Satan as usual has virtually nothing to say. Ruslan Fedotenko is still out with an injury.

Imagine where the Islanders would be if Snow gave them longer term deals?

30th which is where they are with three hundred man games lost to injury anyway.

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My Plan for Defense at the deadline

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/09/2009 12:00:00 PM | 2 Comments
Frankly speaking folks, I think all bets are off regarding this defense beyond Mark Streit entering the trade deadline. This is why you have draft picks and develop players to make the jump to the next level.

It's why Dustin Kohn got a three year contract long ago and why you sign a Jack Hillen or groom an Andy MacDonald.

The expression you get what you pay for comes to mind, the track record of almost all of these defenders indicate they will miss significant portions of seasons with injury, it was obvious going in.

Sure it can happen to anyone, this group has it happen every season.

Meyer, Witt, Sutton, Martinek fair or not keep getting injured as does Campoli or Gervais. We will likely not see one game with the top six healthy.

Everyone is signed for at least the next year.

It's time for some changes if they cannot stay collectively healthy for even one game.

If I'm gm it's Sutton (one year left on contract) or Brendan Witt, another team will not want an injured Sutton for a playoff drive and with Witt's new contract Garth Snow may decide to keep a veteran. For me it depends on the return but it's something I'm absolutely looking at.

Of course in my plan Weight and Guerin could stay so by that you have to keep Witt.

For me it's Campoli or Gervais, not both. I think Campoli has the most value because of his offensive game but both have at least a year left on their contracts.

All I do know is I'm listening to offers if I'm general manager.

Freddy Meyer's defense was spotty at times under Scott Gordon's system but we all saw the best version of his game last year, if he is not the right fit for this coach the question has to be asked does he have the value he did to only Garth Snow a few years ago?

Other teams will absolutely want Radek Martinek, this is where I take a timeout and listen to offers but they better improve my club bigtime or no dice. Because of Newsday Radek Martinek is one of the NHL's best kept secrets on defense.

On the trade market for me he has the same value as Kenny Jonsson.

Not much of a plan but I do see changes and I would be looking to change the mix.

Putting myself on the spot I would move Gervais for sure with a big return for Witt and only to the Western Conference.

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Philadelphia 2, Bridgeport 1

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Note-The Sound Tigers feed was added to the media sidebar on the left side of this blog. It is in the prospect blog also. Reports Bridgeport lost in Philadelphia 2-1
on Sunday.

2. PHI Syvret, (7) (Maroon, Matsumoto), 3:38
2. BRI Fraser, (4) (Kohn, Walter), 19:00
3. PHI Laliberte, (14) (Matsumoto, Guenin), 16:38

Nate Lawson had 27 saves in goal for Bridgeport.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's game recap has head coach Jack Capuano's comments that his team had chances and credited Phantom's goaltender Scott Munroe while defenseman Andrew MacDonald felt the Bridgeport powerplay/offense has to get back to basics.

Ct Post: Mr Fornabaio had one blog entry but had wireless problems in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Inq/Daily News: Has Phantoms coverage.

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If Avery goes on re-entry waivers at two million

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/08/2009 10:00:00 AM | 4 Comments
Sorry folks but this blog entry is going to ruffle a few feathers.

You put in a claim if you are Garth Snow and help improve your team on the ice.

I know that goes against the grain for this blog but sometimes you have to take chances, this is not Jason Blake for nineteen million.

" Sean's a good player and he can help anybody he plays with. There's no question about that, This is a guy who is a great teammate and was always there for his teammates. He laid it on the line every single night."

-Rangers head coach Tom Renney.

"I don't know Sean Avery personally, I played against him quite a bit when he was with the Rangers. But I tell ya, when he was in the lineup, and when he wasn't in the lineup with that team, there was a difference," said winger Jason Blake, who played for six season with the New York Islanders. "He's a great hockey player. I think he brings a lot to the table."

On re-entry waivers and another team claiming him.

"That's a possibility that could exist, Some team could have lost five games in a row or doesn't have their building filled and need some pizzazz added to their team. But you better like the player and you better know the player because you've just added 50 cents on the dollar for this year and $6 million to your budget over the next three years for a player you're not certain of. That's where the difficulty rises. You better mean it.

-Avery agent Pat Morris.

The New York Islanders in 30th place, last in attendance should put in a claim on re-entry waivers at only two million a year if it comes to this, it's that simple.

I don't care that Mr Botta wrote he almost fought with Garth Snow after the
DiPietro-Montoya preseason game. I'm well aware he has problems behind the scenes and this could be a potential disaster.

Garth Snow is not running courtesy class here, as a player Snow was a guy who used to take on players/executives in print. His job as general manager is to produce a winning hockey team and add elements his team lacks.

This is not a job about hiring friends.

His team lacks scoring, size and he needs a agitator. Nate Thompson is never going to be that player, neither is Tim Jackman.

Two million is not a lot of money for someone who could score fifteen goals and provide a physical element in games badly lacking here. Sure he will miss his games with injury so he would fit right in.

Off the ice this team needs exposure badly, this forces coverage that Chris Dey would not get if he spent fifty million dollars on advertising. It will get even more people talking Lighthouse.

You want people to stop questioning the Islanders relevance, this is how it starts.

That's the sad reality of things for hockey in NYC, he was obviously the most talked about Ranger.

I doubt the Islander gm will take a chance because for this franchise they can announce preseason games in KC to get reaction/send a message but on the ice will do nothing to alter a mix that is in 30th place or generate similar reaction.

What's Avery going to do besides generate a ton of publicity (a lot negative) for the Islanders besides Cablevision media dumping all over the move because the Rangers did not get the chance to claim him first?

Too bad.

Are they going to put more games on Msg+2 or cut print space in the paper?

Let him annoy other teams in New York as an Islander. The first time he knocks down Lundqvist or Brodeur and scores Islander fans will start cheering him while Mark Herrmann will start ripping him and the Islanders viability.

Larry Brooks sounds like a man who would elope with him if he could right now to get him back on team Cablevision.

If Brendan Witt does not like it he does not have to stay on a club in 30th place as tough as that reads here. I love Witt's game but the team is not winning which is beyond his control, if the Islanders cannot get it done in free agency as Garth Snow has helped create that perception himself he better have another answer.

This team needs physical players who can annoy the other team to turn games around by drawing powerplays and it's frankly sad watching Bill Guerin have to fight while Tim Jackman is no enforcer as hard as he tries to be.

Not like Jon Sim or Jeff Tambellini are going to get a chance.

Three years, six million later Avery's likely gone anyway if not sooner with the Islanders always having a buyout option to cut the salary even more. I loved Asham on this team but for the three games his scoring won with his fights it was not enough nor did it turn out to be enough for New Jersey.

I know likely this could become a very tough deal in the lockeroom for Scott Gordon and these kids if his conduct becomes a problem but that's where the Islanders are, they brought back Chris Simon and took the hits for his on-ice conduct even if he was reportedly good in the room.

No one fights Okposo's battles or stands up for these young players. Avery would be the first in there to stand up for his teammates regardless of whatever is reported in the room.

Granted Avery this time will not have Ranger media to help fight his perception battles with other media, those same outlets that protected him as a Ranger (like Jagr) will dump all over him as an Islander because he no longer wears Ranger laundry.

What's the worst that can happen, a few outlets in Canada stop talking about Robert Luongo, Mike Milbury and the late 90's when they rarely write about the Islanders and start talking about the current team?

Espn even starts talking Islanders on television while Versus decides it wants to show more games?

I understand it's a little frightening talking about Avery hanging around Okposo and Bailey and maybe a top pick this summer, I get it. I could speculate the reaction from Weight and Guerin also who woulld have to take on the Shanahan role in protecting him or dealing with him daily.

I also read a lot about the Islanders needing to generate publicity (even if negative) and get people talking. It sure will draw plenty of media to the Coliseum from Manhattan and Canada.

I'm afraid to say more than Ryan Smyth did when he debuted against St Louis.

For two million it's money well spent on a team that may only have one twenty goal scorer and has no one talking about them. If he helps the Islanders land an outdoor game the revenue from that alone pays his salary.

I would be shocked if another team does not take the same chance, he entered a league program for behavorial issues, is he not entitled to benefit of the doubt like any other player?

Either that or Garth Snow better have someone else who can do the same thing, that three year deal to Joel Rechlicz is not looking good right now and I'm tired of reading no one will sign here in July. Garth Snow either fills his holes with prospects or does things in the market, other teams have players like this, the Islanders do not.

Folks, I understand as a fan of Bill Torrey and Al Arbour and the dynasty Islanders this is a very unconventional move and does not put the Islanders in the best light for what their classy brand represents. That is where the Islanders are at this time with their brand taking a beating on all fronts or worse being ignored.

Eventually Garth Snow if Avery goes on re-entry waivers will have the first call here unless Cablevision (or someone else) claims him outright now and has to start moving salary.

I would not touch Avery on waivers at his full salary. If the Rangers or another team want him that bad, good luck to them.

For two million Snow has to take a chance and claim Avery, his job is to improve his team.

I'm not sure I like it, but it's what I would do.

Flame away. Avery mentioned the Islanders when he signed with Dallas, he wanted to stay in this market.

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Poll Update on Jeff Tambellini

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/08/2009 09:00:00 AM | Comment Here
Here are the poll numbers on Sunday regarding Jeff Tambellini.

The overall response indicates time could be up leading the voting but when you combine he was doing well, he should be playing over Park/Hilbert with he will have to wait his turn it tends to balance out somewhat.

Bergenheim came off IR during the poll.
Do you think Jeff Tambellini's latest benching is fair?

4 (11%)

He should be playing over Park-Hilbert given standings

5 (14%)

Here comes another conditioning stint

1 (2%)

The latest benching means his time is almost up

14 (41%)

No problem, he just will have to wait his turn

7 (20%)

With Bergenheim out he should always be in the lineup

3 (8%)


1 (2%)

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Islander News Articles 2/8

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/08/2009 06:00:00 AM | | | | | | Comment Here
Newsday: Greg Logan's game recap of the Islanders loss to Tampa has comments from Bruno Gervais on the game winning goal Gary Roberts got position against him and Yann Danis on the loss.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I cannot remember the last time a Bruno Gervais quote made it into Newsday.

Newsday: Mr Logan's other article is mostly a repeat of his pregame blog on Bergenheim where apparently he was skating for two weeks but could not get in the lineup because of Nate Thompson with the head coach adding " I think if his focus is on scoring goals, then it's not in the right place, He's got to make sure he's skating and finishing his checks, and the rest will take care of itself."

NYI Fan Central Comments:

You mean like it has for Thompson, Hilbert, Jackman and Park recently? All due respect to these players but they simply cannot carry any kind of offense load for long if at all.

I understand where the coach is going with Bergenheim and wants players thinking defense but to phase out Bergenheim who was getting pushed to the fourth line before his injury (after three goals) for other players without his skills simply does not make a lot of sense in a team that supposedly is going with prospects but leaves first round picks like Bergenheim-Tambellini in the stands while they reside in 30th place?

I have no idea what Scott Gordon sees in Nate Thompson who is virtually invisible when he plays.

St Petersburg Times: Damian Cristodero & Tampa Tribune:Erik Erlendsson has the recap of the Islanders 1-0 loss at Tampa with a very good write-up by both local papers on Mike McKenna for his first career shutout.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Very nice job by both Tampa publications on McKenna. Reports Bridgeport finally won a game in Norfolk 3-2 on Saturday. Dallas prospect Tobias Stephan had thirty saves in goal for Bridgeport.

2. NOR Lundin, (3) (Bochenski, Konopka), 4:46 (PP)
2. NOR Keller, (8) (Bochenski, Jackson), 6:18
2. BRI Iggulden, (19) (Walter, Smith), 16:25
3. BRI Colliton, (4) (MacDonald), 11:43
3. BRI Joensuu, (14) (Smith, Kohn), 19:03

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio recaps Bridgeport's game (phone interview with Jack Capuano) in Norfolk against the Admirals Saturday with blog entries here.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
For some reason the Ct Post has not been sending Mr Fornabaio to Norfolk the last few double-headers or for maybe the later game.

Ct Post: Bridgeport plays Sunday at 5pm in Philadelphia to wrap the weekend.

Norfolk Virginian Pilot: Paul White's Admiral coverage of Norfolk vs Bridgeport and Jesse Joensuu's goal in the final minute.

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Tampa Bay 3, New York 1

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/08/2009 03:08:00 AM | Comment Here
Associated Press & Sports Network: Recaps New York's 1-0 loss against Tampa Bay on Saturday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Memo to Scott Gordon, that's how you go after someone at the start of a game when he hits your player and especially injures him in the case of Mottau-Nielsen.

No law that says the same cannot be done in Newark this week.

Shutout by Mike McKenna in his third NHL start, not a good sign for this offense which could have had a similar result at home if not for poor play by Ramo.

This was Tampa's defense: Steve Eminger, Paul Ranger, Cory Murphy, Matt Smaby
Lukas Krajicek, David Koci.

Tampa hyped this up like this was their playoffs/last stand, the Islanders statistically kept up in the hitting/fighting department but that was the game Tampa wanted to play to start things Saturday.

Islanders for their part despite one good powerplay early were dominated for a big part of the first period, that one penalty with Park in the box Danis was under attack and played a great game.

Could have been 3-0 at the end of the first.

Hunter's shot could have gone in, still not enough quality chances generated.

Finally Tampa got a rebound back to the same player who took the shots and Gary Roberts of all people at age 43 tipped in game winning goal.

Very weak call on Okposo, Park a penalty, Islanders almost score with Okposo coming out of the box but they could not get anything going with no time.

McKenna faced a good chance from Guerin early on one powerplay, Islanders did not generate enough here.

Could have been a lot worse without Danis strong play.

Not like the Islanders are getting blown out by teams in virtually any of these games.

I'm confused why Billy Jaffe was talking about the last stand for Bergenheim? He had all those goals before his injury and Jaffe was praising him, now Nate Thompson who's done virtually nothing beat him out for his spot which seemed like the reason given by Jaffe for him not playing?

I know lines got mixed a bit tonight, but Bergenheim should be with Nielsen and Hunter. Tampa was looking for Bergenheim early and tried to force him to take a penalty.

Tampa did a good scouting job for this game.

Anyone notice Scott Gordon's Hilbert-Park-Jackman-Thompson plan simply has not produced a lot of goals lately.

Someone's going to have to explain to me how Jeremy Colliton at this point and Ben Walter are not on this team and Nate Thompspon is because it simply does not make a lot of sense.

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New York at Tampa Bay 7:30pm Msg+

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/07/2009 01:00:00 PM | | | Comment Here
Islanders website: Doing a very classy blog on the Dad's week trip with entries.

St Petersburg Times: Damian Cristodero reports Mike McKenna will start against the Islanders even if starter Mike Smith dresses as backup. Andrej Meszaros, his upper left arm injury likely will keep him out of Saturday's game.

For New York looks like Bergenheim slides into Park's spot on left wing with Nielsen and Hunter while Park takes Thompson's spot on fourth line.

Yann Danis is expected to be in goal based on Scott Gordon's comments before Florida game.

No word on Mark Streit but I guess based on coaches comments Callahan could be the one to replace Pock for the duration of his injury. I guess we will see where that goes vs Jack Hillen.

Islanders give up the chances and let McKenna settle in like he did after going in for Ramo they are not going to win here.

Newsday: Mr Logan in the Islanders Newsday blog reports Sean Bergenheim will return to the lineup, Mark Streit will miss tonight's game.

Head coach Scott Gordon is quoted on Bergenheim along with the left winger who will skate with Richard Park and Tim Jackman. Andy Hilbert moves up to the line with Nielsen and Yann Danis starts in goal.

Sportsnet/several sources: Report Jussi Jokinen was traded to Carolina for two players and a fourth round pick.

Sporting News: Ray Slover insists the Islanders must trade Mike Comrie, Doug Weight and Bill Guerin if possible.

It should be noted Mr Slover did not note Weight's production.

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Islander News Articles 2/7

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/07/2009 04:12:00 AM | | | | Comment Here
Newsday: Greg Logan's article is on Chris Campoli taking Mark Streit's role for a game with head coach Scott Gordon's comments.

Nate Thompson was placed on IR, Sean Bergenheim was taken off IR.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Hate to think Bergenheim sat for Thompson, let's hope that's coincidence.

Yes, took Friday Newsday Insider off here, that's why there is a feeder. Only notable was Scott Gordon's comments on Danis looking more like a number one goaltender than MacDonald earlier in terms of numbers which was kind of a curious comment.

Bottom line nothing has been decided for next year with either goaltender.

NY Post: Dan Martin had an article on Yann Danis for Saturday paper despite not being with the club in Florida.

NY Post: Jonathan Lehman has a few quick words on the goaltender as a mini-preview was written for tonight's game.

St Petersburg Times: Damian Cristodero previews tonight's game and updates Tampa's injuries:

D Jamie Heward (concussion), F Paul Szczechura (lower body), G Olie Kolzig (arm), D Marek Malik (ankle) are out; G Mike Smith (upper body) and D Andrej Meszaros (arm) are day to day.

UPI: Reports Wade Dubielewicz lost 4-1 in his Columbus debut against Pittsburgh.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Hard to believe how long it's been since he signed here, he would have played a good five games by now here.

Of course he (or anyone) would have been hard pressed to match Danis play in goal.

One thing for sure is the 2008-09 New York Islanders have had playoff caliber goaltending this season.

Windsor Star: Jim Parker compares Cody Hodgson with Josh Bailey and wonders if Bailey would have been better served to play this season in Juniors? Reports Norfolk shutout Bridgeport 3-0 on Friday.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio reports head coach Jack Capuano was not happy with his top end forwards despite getting forty shots against Norfolk because they did not get in front of Riku Helenius, making his first AHL start in goal. The Sound Tiger coach feels they have to pick up their game but did not single anyone out.

Jordan Hart played for Bridgeport.

Peter Mannino was sent down to Utah on Thursday, Bridgeport received goalie Tobias Stephan from Dallas on a conditioning assignment Friday because Dallas does not have an AHL affiliate.

Nate Lawson faced forty three shots in goal for the Sound Tigers.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
At least he does not have to coach Avery yet. These double-headers in Norfolk have not been kind to Bridgeport this season, round two Saturday.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio did a live blog on Bridgeport's 3-0 loss to Norfolk.

Norfolk Virginian Pilot: Paul White has Admirals coverage.

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Islander News Articles 2/6

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/05/2009 11:17:00 PM | | | | | | 2 Comments
Newsday: Greg Logan recaps the Islanders loss to Florida with head coach Scott Gordon's comments as to why he went with Joey MacDonald.

Newsday: Mr Logan's other article notes Bill Guerin and Richard Park as the only players not injured this season while head coach Scott Gordon's comments from Joe Callahan's earlier recall are repeated.

The head coach has nothing to add about on Freddy Meyer skating on his own.

Sun SentinelwithMiami Herald & Palm Beach Post: Has the recap of Florida's win against the Islanders.

Chronicle Herald: Has Bryan Trottier's comments on fighting in the NHL.

Newsday: Wallace Matthews has Bob Nystrom's comments on making Bernard Madoff list.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Anyone notice Wallace Matthews/Mark Herrmann tracked down Scott Rechler and Nystrom but did not go near Cablevision which also made the list?

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's article is on goaltender Nate Lawson. Jordan Hart was among the players called up to Bridgeport with head coach Jack Capuano's comments.

Bridgeport has a double-header in Norfolk Friday and Saturday.

Note-The Islanders 2/5 prospect watch was added to NYIFC prospect blog.

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Florida 3, New York 2

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/05/2009 11:03:00 PM | Comment Here
Sports Network: Recaps Florida's 3-2 win against New York on Thursday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Readers Digest recap here tonight.

Another game where win or lose a second guess has to be made on Scott Gordon as to why pull a goaltender on a four game winning streak with that save percentage?

This is how MacDonald kept playing earlier and no knock on him for his play tonight but the rule is you play the hot goalie.

Overall the game was lost in the first period, Florida for most of the game had the better of play but set the tone earlier, forcing turnovers and creating chances. MacDonald robbed David Booth early but too much pressure on him and not nearly enough on Vokoun.

Nice efforts by the Islanders to hang in and get back in the game on Bailey-Hunter goals but that goal in-between by Zednik was a great effort and the difference.

Bailey needs to use that shot a lot more.

Vokoun needed more shots and pressure against him, especially with powerplay chances Islanders were creating.

Despite the loss one of the better Islander efforts in Florida that last couple of years which is not saying much.

We'll see what the story is with Nate Thompson.

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New York at Florida 7:30pm Msg+

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/05/2009 12:00:00 PM | Comment Here
NYI Fan Central Comments:
Florida comes into this game off an overtime win in Toronto. David Booth may return against the Islanders but still has the flu that put him in the hospital. Tomas Vokoun also missed the Leaf game with the flu.

Islanders website: Reports on "Dad's Week " and who is going on the trip with the players which includes Head Coach Scott Gordon's father making the trip.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Great idea by the Islanders (I think Garth Snow was credited) and a nice tradition that should be a yearly staple. I'm hoping Rick DiPietro and father made the trip and remember how last year Steve Tambellini left the Oilers to make the trip to see his son play.

As for the game, the Panthers come in with a little momentum with the Islanders having their number in New York but in Florida it's been a far different story.

Rick DiPietro started both Florida (preseason) games this year but the Islanders were outclassed on the ice.

To take Mark Streit with his shot and minutes on defense out of this lineup and Pock is a big adjustment against a fast team, even if they have been without David Booth.

In goal Vokoun has regained his number one spot but Anderson has had the Islanders number, if the flu keeps Vokoun on the bench it does not make a difference because both goaltenders can play.

For Scott Gordon does he change goaltenders or ride the hot hand of Yann Danis who has done nothing to merit sitting?

One thing for sure the Islanders most likely will have to create better offensive chances than they did against Tampa.

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Islander News Articles 2/5

Time to roll out the dynasty header to celebrate Dad's Week for a few days.

Islanders website: Reports Tomas Pock will miss about a month with a hand injury, Mark Streit is day to day.

Joe Callahan and Jack Hillen were recalled.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Fun never ends with these injuries.

Newsday: John Jeansonne has head coach Scott Gordon's comments he never felt he was losing his players during the losing streaks in December/January and that the recent play has helped the team building process. The coach also praised his veterans as the coach has given more opportunities to younger players because of the clubs record.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Are we missing something here?

Granted Mr Jeansonne is going to have a negative theme to his questions but where has Guerin or Weight's opportunities been cut with them on every first powerplay unit and seeing a regular shift along with Richard Park a powerplay regular?

Doug Weight made it clear recently if he was contributing he expected to be on the ice.

NY Post: Dan Martin's only real difference from Mr Jeansonne's article was a few words from Mike Comrie about gaining experience and the big picture.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

The big picture is other than Guerin-Comrie-Weight being put together as a line the youth movement has taken a hit with Jeff Tambellini being benched without a reporter getting a single word from the head coach on the subject.

NY Times: Brian Heyman has a feature on Islanders captain Bill Guerin who was praised by Scott Gordon for his leadership in tough times as the captain talks about his season, the no trade clause while Kyle Okposo, Josh Bailey and Doug Weight credited Guerin for what he has done for them.

General manager Garth Snow discussed Guerin's NTC after saying he's a New York Islander and praised his value with the younger players.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
As Guerin said, never say never if the Islanders come to him with the right trade or circumstances but I think a trade is unlikely.

AP: Ronald Blum reports Bob Nystrom was among the clients who invested with Bernard Madoff, according to a court filing released Wednesday night.

The family of Lighthouse co-developer Scott Rechler also had a limited exposure here with Cablevision on the list of 14,000 who were caught up in this according to Newsday

St Pete Times: Damian Cristodero reports once again forward Jussi Jokinen was placed on waivers. GM Brian Lawton said he has had contact with another team that expressed interest in Jokinen. We will find out at noon Thursday whether he was claimed. If not, Lawton said Jokinen and his $1.875-million salary will be shipped to AHL Norfolk.

Newsday: Former Ranger beatwriter Arthur Staple tells us the Rangers are in trouble. not Islanders trouble, but our two local teams aren't playing for the same thing right now.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Since when is a team covered by Newsday that plays in Manhattan " our local team " given the city papers do not extend the same courtesy to the Islanders with Larry Brooks pushing our team out of NYC market every chance he can and the other papers editors providing token coverage at best.

Nothing like the paper being owned by the other team telling us we have two teams which is why Arthur Staple was shifted to hockey.

Plenty of pressure on the Islanders win or lose, btw.

Newsday: Greg Logan reports in the Islanders Newsday blog that Mark Streit did not practice but could play.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's article is on Bridgeport's pk with comments from head coach Jack Capuano and team captain Mark Wotton.

A defender will be recalled from the ECHL to replace Jack Hillen/Joe Callahan.

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Scott Gordon's Swagger gone

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/04/2009 10:45:00 AM | Comment Here
Scott Gordon had his press conference and talked about winning the Stanley Cup, he took some media aback with his comments at the time.

He had so much confidence and swagger to how he carried himself, it seemed like the coaching change would solve all problems.

Shortly afterward we read and learned about overspeed.

He then went into camp and was reportedly showing everyone how it's done on ice, including his new/holdover assistants.

He told us anyone can play this system at any age and that it helps slower players get to the puck faster, it was impressive.

He spoke about camp (groin) injuries only happening to players who were here last season, then first round pick Josh Bailey got hurt.

DiPietro sat on the bench in games and never played, the coach gave his reasons and talked about his philosophy that goalies finish what they started, then we looked at his record in Providence and saw otherwise.

We also saw some obvious blunders like Fritz not allowed to defend Nielsen and a lot of big leads blown in games, this was after reading about how good his teams played on defense in Providence and that goaltenders would like his system.

We saw the numbers of shots allowed/players injured rise dramatically and finally the bubble broke a period short of five hundred against Pittsburgh.

The freefall began and it was about as dramatic as it can be.

Brendan Witt spoke up against his system and talked about Scott Gordon having to make adjustments sooner or later. Gordon responded to Brendan Witt but the swagger had faded.

Scott Gordon adjusted his system at some point which he spoke about the other day.

Now I watch games and he looks like a far different coach then what I saw earlier, no swagger, no reaction far too often. He did hit back at the media according to Greg Logan but still we have no idea what specific reporter or publication.

One or two times after games the coach would give long answers to where he simply drifted from the question, on occasion we saw a sense of humor from the coach also.

I wonder if this has been a good learning experience for him or if it will be an asset for him as a coach moving forward or something that hurt his abilities?

Players like Weight-Guerin have praised him in print for how he has handled things, it seemed more like frustration with regard to Yann Danis earlier like this was someone he could freely speak up about.

The media and fans picked right up on it also and wondered how come the coach was hard on this player. We finally saw a mild tweak on Campoli the other day by the coach.

Bottom line Scott Gordon's the head coach of the New York Islanders, I'm a fan writing a blog.

I see Okposo on left point and wonder along with why Park, Jackman, Hilbert and Thompson are on the ice at critical moments. I have been wondering all year why Comeau was sent down because I see exactly the same player I saw a year ago.

I could be wrong, the career records are on my side and this coach has had a lot of injuries to work around.

I'm not sure I like Scott Gordon as an NHL coach, part of that is I felt the man he replaced was part of the long-term answer for a lot of reasons that were about perception of his ability.

I go back to ITV and listen to Ted Nolan's press conferences all the time, I want to see the differences.

I'm hoping Scott Gordon can win me over to what he is trying to do. It does seem the swagger he had when he took the job is now a memory along with some adjustments to his system.

How many adjustments does a coach make before the reasons you hired him are no longer an asset?

I also have looked at how many times John Anderson, a winner in Chicago has handled a tough season with Atlanta where he has been critical of his players on several occasions.

As I wrote last week this has to be the longest season of Scott Gordon's life behind that bench with all these injuries and losing.

I only hope Scott Gordon remembers what made him a successful coach, combine that with his experiences this year and be a better coach for it in the long run.

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Islanders need to follow Bridgeport plan

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/04/2009 09:17:00 AM | | Comment Here
I know a lot of folks do not follow the Sound Tigers but Jack Capuano simply keeps moving players in and out of his lineup depending on how many extra bodies he has regardless of the record.

That's been a big reason for Bridgeport's success vs past seasons, they have had injuries but a lot of extra players which means depth. They will need it soon with the upcoming schedule which sees about six games in eight days.

Mark Wotton has been a healthy scratch a few times and he is the team captain.

Jeff Tambellini and Jon Sim should not be sitting this many games in a row.

What's the worst that can happen, the club keeps everyone fresh and maybe we see a few less injuries the rest of the way?

When Bergenheim, Meyer return this club is as healthy as it will get if Streit is ok.

I'm well aware Scott Gordon will keep the exact same lineup until he losses, that's what most coaches do.

All I'm saying is Tambellini and Sim need to play some hockey games.

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Islander News Articles 2/4

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/03/2009 11:12:00 PM | | | | | | | | Comment Here
Newsday: Greg Logan's game recap (without quotes at this time) notes the smaller crowd that turned out in the snow and that things are going well when Radek Martinek scores his first in 101 games.

Newsday: Mr Logan's other article was mostly a repeat of his pregame blog on Josh Bailey vs Steven Stamkos where the Lightning's top pick credits the Islanders for selecting a player he had a big rivalry with when Sarnia played Windsor.

NY Post: Dan Martin after doing his attendance estimate asks head coach Scott Gordon if the winning mean anything changes with regard to his young players while Bill Guerin and Brendan Witt comment.

Looks like Peter Botte was given the game off for sports-ticker coverage while the Devils game had a writer assigned for their game and of course Filip Bondy (big Ranger homer) was an extra covering the Graves/Garden cash grab.

St Pete Times: Has Damien Cristodero's coverage on how McKenna played in goal & Tampa Tribune: Erik Erlendsson has Martin St Louis on his cross-check that negated a goal.

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Mike Knobler has comments from Thrashers rookie head coach John Anderson about his job status with general manager Don Waddell.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Posted this just to get some ground work about a team that just hired a coach with some of Scott Gordon's background may be going through in a losing season as the Islanders have. No doubt Don Waddell has Anderson's back because I cannot see him getting another coach and staying employed himself.

Of course Anderson has Kovalchuk and some firepower, not the Islanders three hundred man games lost to injury and no dynamic scorer/first line talent.

Two of the nine coaches hired last summer are gone with Barry Melrose and Ottawa’s Craig Hartsburg.

AP/CP: Report former Maple Leaf Bryan McCabe was booed every time he touched the puck in his return to Toronto, then he scored the game winning goal in overtime and was named first star.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Good for McCabe.

Never had an issue with McCabe playing for the Islanders, just that his contract combined with his defensive play was a non-starter for any kind of return and the media rumors assuming Snow would hand over any compensation for a bad contract made no sense. He got bullied out of Toronto by the media who were not classy at all with him and created a lot of negative perception.

Now the Islanders have a team to play with some momentum off that game on Thursday.

Sporting News via Sports Busness Journal/several articles: Liz Mullen reports NHLPA ombudsman Eric Lindros resigned Tuesday over differences with director Paul Kelly and is quoted as saying it should be noted that this is not the result of conflict of personalities but a fundamental problem between the Current Executive Director and the office of the Ombudsman and the effort to create transparency.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I can guess what an Ombudsman does but knowing Lindros past negotiating this is hardly surprising, maybe he was right here? People like Lindros and Healy have the ego to drive the NHLPA to another lockout.

Newsday: Mark Herrmann tells us if you are an Islander or Devils fan it's not our business that the Rangers overdo their celebrations and that retiring Graves number is a family matter.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Reads all well and good but when the Islanders honor a homegrown dynasty or coach Mark Herrmann is one of the first to question the motivation behind the Islanders family matter and a franchise who cannot honor a true homegrown dynasty enough.

Mr Herrmann should follow his own advice next time he questions Islander family business.

He's no New York Islander Fan.

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New York 3, Tampa Bay 1

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/03/2009 09:58:00 PM | Comment Here

Associated Press & Sports Network: Has the recap of New York's 3-1 win against Tampa Bay.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I know when a team wins a game 3-1 and it's their fourth straight for a season high streak there is supposed a lot of positives.

The Islanders won this game, I did not like how they played.

Hunter's post before he scored was as good as his goal. Okposo's touch pass for a three on one was the Islanders best chance of the night.

Nielsen had some chances (as did Park) with that nice shot off the post in the third but for the most part the Islanders were off and did not have a very effective powerplay again.

Choppy game by the Islanders, choppy game by Tampa. Danis was a big difference even though he did not hold some rebounds and some shots hit the post against him.

Were Tampa's goaltenders even tested after Ramo basically beat himself on the last two goals with his defense getting in the way?

High marks to Yann Danis and a team defense that played the third without Streit but they were scrambling far too much against a struggling team all night. They got some calls and a break on Martin StLouis's crosscheck which would have made it 3-2.

Tampa had the better chances and simply did not finish, all night long they seemed one pass or play short and the missed the net a few times. Even on Tampa's goal they kept making mistakes before LeCavalier finally got it in his wheelhouse but that's not a great shot to take with a five on three.

Witt touching that puck early on a hand pass immediately led to a great chance where Danis robbed a Tampa player and Hunter had to take a penalty.

Credit to the Islanders for doing enough in the trenches to earn two points and especially Yann Danis.

Take the two points and move on, Islanders have lost games they generated better chances. Do not want to be tough on our team when they win but I'm looking for chemistry and the kind of offense built to last.

Did not see nearly enough of it tonight.

No one wrote a word why Joey MacDonald was healthy enough to be on the bench but not able to start? Seems like the same plan that we saw earlier with DiPietro.

We'll see what the story is with Mark Streit, he scored after the hit but that shoulder took a good hit.

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Tampa Bay at New York 7pm Msg+

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/03/2009 12:20:00 PM | Comment Here
NYI Fan Central Comments:
I would expect aside from maybe Joey MacDonald dressing few changes to the Islander lineup because they have been winning.

Do not be fooled by Tampa's goaltending problems, other teams have put in backups or minor league goaltenders who could have sat down on the ice and won handily against this Islander offense. That game the Islanders were doing well John Curry came in for Pittsburgh and was barely tested in relief.

It's all about the quality chances the Islander offense can create. The record says Tampa Bay give up chances and have a spotty defense with players who are working their way back from injury. Like Atlanta do not be fooled because they can score in bunches.

The recent games do not lie. Five against Montreal, five against Buffalo.

How many five goal games have the Islander had?

01/30/2009 PHI 6 @ TBL 1
01/29/2009 TBL 2 @ CAR 3
01/27/2009 MTL 3 @ TBL 5
01/21/2009 BUF 3 @ TBL 5
01/19/2009 DAL 2 @ TBL 4

Flyers 6, Lightning 1: Two Tampa Bay goals were disallowed on Friday, the Lightning also missed a penalty shot and failed to convert on two-man advantage for 1:47 early in the second period when the game was still tied. Fifty-three seconds after an apparent Steven Stamkos goal was waived off for a high stick, Philadelphia took a 4-1 lead before tacking on two more goals.

Seems that early game in Tampa where Nielsen found Hunter in overtime was in another season but like Atlanta this team can score in bunches. Barry Melrose has finally quieted down after being fired (at least for now) so we get our first look at Rick Tocchet beind the bench.

Paul Ranger, who has had an undisclosed upper body injury and missed a handful of games this month, and Matt Smaby return to the lineup, giving the team six NHL defensemen after a patchwork defense for a while skated for Tampa with —Andrej Meszaros, Lukas Krajicek and Steve Eminge playing between 25 and 30 minutes a night for good stretches in January.

Tampa leads Islanders by nine points entering this game, they will play again Saturday in Tampa.

Blog Notable:
My schedule may mean no post-game or articles after this game. I will watch recording at some point. Not completely sure at this time but feeders will be working here.

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