Islander News Articles 3/25

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Newsday: John Jeansonne has comments from Islanders head coach Scott Gordon where he compares coaching in Providence his first year to this level, how he feels the club has improved from the first half despite a second half with no playoff expectations and credited them for playing competitive hockey with adversity as he also discussed the veterans.

Newsday: Eden Laikin recaps Tuesday's meetings where Charles Wang says he has yet to secure funding for the ten year project because zoning has not been approved as different opinions are given from commercial real estate experts as to whether Mr Wang-Rechler could ever raise that kind of revenue for something of this size.

Newsday: Eden Laikin has more from Charles Wang where he talks about his " out " clause at the end of the process if Nassau County does not approve the project, makes clear enough the exhibition game in KC was not a subtle move and even though he wants the team to stay where it is and is not negotiating with anyone, he has to keep his options open.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Sure seems like Newsday staff is keeping the KC angle in play going to the group of people in that market for reaction. This could save Cablevision hundreds of millions in television rights fees and eliminate the Ranger competition so they can expand their market, it is absolutely in Cablevision-Msg's best financial interest the New York Islanders relocate.

As for Mr Wang he said about what I expected which were comments made before the meeting (important to remember) and Tuesday's approval but bottom line if this is approved by TOH there is a good chance it will be approved again by Nassau. If not Mr Wang has his out on the lease (120 days after TOH approval if Nassau does not negotiate a new lease) but that is a long shot and makes clear enough the team belongs here and is not looking to sell or move.

Seems like Newsday overplayed relocation angle here a lot. Mr Wang's shot across the bow was at Nassau County, not TOH.

If TOH turns down project the lease remains in effect until 2015 with no out.

I want to see how he is going to get this kind of long-term financing, that's the miracle of this project yet to be seen.

Newday: Mr Logan in the Islanders Newsday blog defends his publications coverage of the hearings despite the articles posting late (8:40pm-10:00pm) for a morning meeting that ended 1pm (after a second full day of virtually non-stop blanket Ranger coverage) and for a second straight day the beatwriter also makes clear powerful interests in Canada also see the Isles as a potential target despite no such reports at this time as he questions the potential problems of financing.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
This is the second time Mr Logan has made clear there are interest in Canada for this team but does not tell us who or where? I have read this nowhere. If he has the scoop is he saving it because once again he sure ignored reminding us Queens was absolutely interested which Newsday did not break the story on?

I don't want to hit Newsday too hard on this but that meeting was in the morning and wrapped by 1pm, the LIBN has the recap within a few hours, Newsday took seven hours plus to have articles posted, the headline was a bit misleading and did not tell the entire story.

I was not at the meeting so it's not my place to comment as to whether the writer
was fair or not with the percentage of Islander fan influence in the hearing.

Oh yes, print edition at this time:
Rangers 3, Islanders 0 (apparently Mr Jeansonne's article for now is not included)
Mr Zipay, Herrmann, Staple and Katie Strang updates.
Three blog updates from Mr Zipay.

Greg Logan zero.

Islanders website: Had a few words from owner Charles Wang on Tuesday's meeting.

Islanders website: Has some very interesting quotes from head coach Scott Gordon at the IBC meeting.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
As a rule I would never post this but second time in a week Scott Gordon went to the board to explain his coaching, first he did it with Mr Botta, now the IBC members.

I like it a lot and hope he does it more so fans can understand his coaching and what he's trying to do. I'm hoping he can win me over and that does not come with wins and losses but his concepts. I want to discover why so many felt he would make an excellent head coach long before the Islanders hired him.
Mike Comrie has scored a first period goal in his return to Ottawa, Chris Campoli a third period assist in a Senators victory.

Fox Peter Schrager has an interesting feature on Denis Potvin hitting Ulf Nilsson and the genesis of " Potvin's Cups chant " with a lot of media reaction on the rivalry from one Gregory Logan of Newsday, Len Berman, Phil Mushnick, Scott Ferrall. George Vecsey's article is referenced from the Times the other day, Denis Potvin is again quoted with fan reaction on both sides.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I think what caught my attention here was how many of the media folks commenting are so out of touch with today's rivalry and hockey in general. The Potvin chants at Msg are lukewarm these days at best.

Ranger fans say it's tradition, Islander fans say it's jealously. Put my on the side of jealously but I'm obviously biased here but I remember when and how it gained momentum which was with New York winning the Stanley Cup in 1980, 81, 82, 83 and Islander chants about 1940 which humiliated the Rangers across North America.

Article would have been better without fan reaction but I guess not much hockey media left to talk about it from that era.

Mr Logan had the following:
"The games between these two teams always are still the most intense of the season, And yes, the fans still hate each other. Just check the back-and-forth arguments on the blogs that are infuriating because they have no end."

Boston Herald/New Bedford Standard Times: Mick Colageo has Denis Potvin's comments on the trade of Butch Goring to the Islanders and what he told them that meant a lot to the players at the time.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio has comments from head coach Jack Capuano, Andrew MacDonald and Joel Rechlicz as well as the Albany River Rats who make their first trip along with Sound Tigers weekly here and game preview here.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
The XML feeds from the Ct Post work with Mr Fornabaio's newspaper articles now on our sidebar.

Anyone with a blog/website and wants the Ct Post feed drop me an-email and I'll be glad to give it to you.


Islanders related “DGEIS” Lighthouse Summary

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/24/2009 04:47:00 PM | Comment Here
This is kind of an Islanders only-overview of the Lighthouse project with a lot of numbers Forbes and other publications estimate or outright guess at.

I listed things in no specific order as I jumped around a lot in a summary that is well over a hundred pages with a lot of repeats.

It should be must reading for Islander fans who want details.

Existing Levels of Development and Activity:
Nassau Coliseum

Purpose, Needs and Benefits of the Proposed Action
The purpose of the proposed project is primarily to transform the Nassau Coliseum so
that both the New York Islanders and New York Dragons can remain, and can function in
a state-of-the-art venue that serves as a benefit to the Town, County and the region. In addition, this redeveloped facility will provide a quality venue for concerts and other events. The transformation of the Nassau Coliseum, including the Sport Complex and associated parking, is essential if the New York Islanders are to remain. This is demonstrated in the NorthMarq Study, which was commissioned by the applicant in order to determine what is needed to successfully transform the Coliseum to (a) help to ensure that the Islanders and Dragons will remain, and (b) potentially attract a professional basketball team. As demonstrated in the NorthMarq Study, arenas with characteristic similar to the existing Coliseum that do not have primary tenants are not viable.

According to the NorthMarq Study, development trends in the NHL indicate that 26 of 30 NHL franchises are tenants in new or re-developed arenas. Of the four remaining
franchises, the Pittsburgh Penguins and Rangers propose to have their
facilities renovated or reconstructed and the Edmonton Oilers were recently sold with the understanding that a new arena would be built. This will leave the Islanders as the only NHL franchise playing in an older venue.

Research by NorthMarq has demonstrated that older facilities, which lack modern
amenities such as multiple concourses and varied retail and food options, are often a
primary reason that major league sports franchises relocate to newer facilities. As a
result, the older facilities realize a steady decline in the revenue stream and are grossly underutilized. Without a primary tenant (i.e., an NHL or National Basketball Association [“NBA”] franchise), these facilities tend to deteriorate and are often demolished, resulting in eliminating a venue that has housed other important events to the community, such as concerts, ice shows, the circus, family shows and college fairs. Ultimately, the properties on which they are situated may be redeveloped for uses that may not offer the community the same opportunities for entertainment, education, cultural experiences, etc.

The continued relationship among the Islanders, the NHL and the Nassau Coliseum is
contingent upon the development of a state-of-the-art facility that can accommodate and address the needs of the team and its fans. The transformation of the Nassau Coliseum is essential if the Islanders are to remain, as the Coliseum will be facing increased competition for discretionary dollars within the region. Both Madison Square Garden and the proposed Barclays Center in Brooklyn are situated within 30 miles of the Nassau Coliseum. Madison Square Garden is scheduled for additional improvements and enhancements, and the proposed Barclays Center in Brooklyn would have a total square footage of 850,000 and a seating capacity of 18,000. For the Coliseum to maintain a successful partnership with the Islanders, and to be attractive to additional sports franchises and events in general, it must offer the overall square footage and amenities that patrons and franchises demand.

The Nassau Coliseum (located in the western portion of this parcel) is situated on 77± acres of County-owned land. It opened in 1972 and was renovated in the early-to-mid 1980s. It is home to the New York Islanders of the National Hockey League and the New York Dragons of the Arena Football League. Nassau Coliseum is also a major
concert venue and is the Long Island home to the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey
Circus, as well as various other events. It also houses various exhibitions. The building contains concession stands, a pub, a lounge, and a room that can be used for private parties.

The Nassau Coliseum building is approximately 416,000 SF in size. The building rises
approximately 57 feet – 11 inches above grade level (“agl”) (to the top of the precast panels), according to the original construction drawings. The ice surface is located approximately 24 feet below the concourse level, making the total inside height approximately 82 feet (equivalent to an approximately eight-story building). The property contains approximately 6,800 surface parking spaces.

Under the existing conditions, direct spending by the New York Islanders for the year ended June 30, 2007 was $91.5± million. In addition, the direct spending by visiting hockey teams and the New York Dragons adds another $6.7± million, annually, for total direct spending of $98.2 million.

However, when the multiplier effect is factored in (when secondary economic impacts are considered), the total gross output increase and total earning increase for the Islanders, Dragons and visiting teams are $205.2 million and $74.9 million, respectively.

The viability of Nassau Coliseum is of great significance to the region. Under the existing conditions, direct spending by the New York Islanders alone for the year ended June 30, 2007 was approximately $91.5 million. In addition, the Islanders and Dragons generate approximately $2.6 million in entertainment and sales taxes (excluding concessions and other events sales taxes). However, when the multiplier effect is factored in (when secondary economic impacts are considered), the net gross output increase is almost $205.5 million and the earnings increase is almost $75 million, annually.

Based upon the socioeconomic analysis conducted, upon completion, the transformed
Coliseum could have 172 events in its first year of operation, including 44 Islander
games, eight Dragons games, 58 family shows and 23 concerts. The projections suggest
that first year ticket revenue will be approximately $81 million. In addition, concession and novelty sales could total almost $14.9 million. Thus, the transformed Coliseum is expected to generate over $95.9 million in ticket, concession and novelty revenue during its first year of operation.

Given projected first-year paid attendance for the Islanders and Dragons of 570,065, the estimated entertainment tax on Islanders and Dragons tickets alone would be $855,098. Furthermore, given the total projected first-year paid attendance of 1,295,765, estimated entertainment taxes in the first year of operation of the transformed Coliseum are estimated at over $1.9 million.

Based on projected Islanders and Dragons ticket sales of over $44 million in the first year of operation of the transformed Coliseum, there would be total sales tax revenues of over $3.8 million, of which approximately $1.77 million would go to New York State, approximately $1.88 million would go to Nassau County and $165,663 would go to the MTA. Total sales taxes generated by Islanders and Dragons ticket sales in the year ended June 30, 2007 were $1,892,478, of which $877,671 went to New York State and $932,526 went to Nassau County. Therefore, total sales taxes attributable to Islander and Dragons games would more than double in the first year of operation of the transformed Coliseum.

Further sales tax increases would follow as attendance increases in the
following years. There will also be sales tax revenues totaling approximately $1.29
million on projected concession and novelty revenue. This brings total projected sales tax revenue for the first year of operation of the transformed Coliseum to almost $5.1 million, of which approximately $2.5 million would go to Nassau County.

The generation of additional sales and entertainment tax revenues is only part of the
benefit that increased attendance at the transformed Coliseum will bring. Those who
attend events at the Coliseum also patronize local restaurants and other business
establishments either before or after the event. For purposes of analysis, it was assumed that patrons spend another 20 percent over and above the actual ticket price on goods and services in the immediate community. Total ticket revenues for the first year of operation are estimated at $81 million. Twenty percent of this figure is approximately $16.2 million. It is assumed that this money would be injected into the local economy and would undergo several rounds of re-spending, thereby creating a ripple or multiplier effect.

Transformed Coliseum/Sports Complex
The Coliseum is proposed to be transformed into a 20,000±-seat state-of-the-art arena, with luxury suites, restaurants, fan-experience amenities, and the most up-to-date technology designed to serve as a premier destination for sports and entertainment events.

The transformed arena would be part of a larger complex consisting of a world class
sports complex. The arena would continue to be the home of the New York Islanders and
New York Dragons, and will be able to accommodate a professional basketball team,
should one be secured, as previously noted. The transformed Coliseum would also
continue to host concerts, the circus, family shows, fairs, etc. The Sports Complex
comprises approximately 371,500 SF of the total 1,203,000-square-foot Coliseum Sports Complex.

The Sports Complex (including basketball courts, a fitness and recreation
center and ice rinks) within the building will provide the latest in sports and fitness technology. Four NHL-size rinks are expected to assist in making this complex the Northeast hockey capital -- attracting local, regional and NCAA tournaments. These rinks would not only be the home practice facility for the New York Islanders, but will also be available to the community for learn-to-skate programs, school and community groups. The facility would also include fitness center, party/meeting rooms, as well as viewing areas for the various rinks and courts. The Sports Complex is proposed to also house ground-level retail entertainment and restaurant facilities, situated along the north side of the Village Park.

Overall, it is expected that:
• Upon completion of the transformation of the Coliseum, the economic benefits
associated with the Islanders and Dragons would significantly increase;
• According to correspondence from the NHL, dated March 4, 2008, “a state-ofthe-
art arena on Long Island would be an attractive venue for high-profile League
events such as the NHL All-Star Game and the NHL Entry Draft…” Such events
would generate additional economic benefits for the surrounding community,
Town and County;
• Event attendance for other sports

It is also noteworthy that the need for a transformed facility is echoed by NHL
Commissioner Gary Bettman, who has indicated in correspondence dated May 5, 2008
“…the Islanders are not viable in the long-term without a major change in the arena
situation.” In addition, Commissioner Bettman further indicated that “the loss of the
New York Islanders to Long Island would be devastating from an emotional and financial perspective…once gone I could see no prospect of an NHL franchise returning.”

Given the above, the impacts associated with implementation of the no-action alternative would be virtually the same as the existing conditions presented in Sections 3.1 through 3.13 of this DGEIS, with the exception that, due to the loss of the premier sports franchise from the Coliseum, there would be fewer associated environmental impacts (e.g., less water use, less traffic generation, less sanitary flow). The most significant difference between the no-action alternative and the existing conditions relates to economics, as all of the economic benefits associated with the current operations of the Islanders and Dragons would be lost, and any increased economic benefit associated with implementation of the proposed action would be foregone.

Specifically, if Long Island were to lose the New York Islanders and (probably) the New York Dragons, its output of goods and services (gross metropolitan product) would
decline by more than $205 million, the earnings generated on Long Island would decline by almost $75 million and almost 2,200 jobs would be lost.

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Lighthouse Update: Mr Wang-Rechler comments

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/24/2009 02:44:00 PM | | | Comment Here
Mr Wang has about fifty seconds on Newsday with his comments today which was all presentation on the Lighthouse.

Long Island Business News: David Winzelberg reports the Town of Hempstead on Tuesday approved the environmental scoping for redeveloping 150 acres around the Nassau Coliseum with Islander owner Charles Wang's and Scott Rechler's comments.

The town will now review the Lighthouse’s draft statement before asking for a final version, which will be one of the last hurdles developers face before applying for site plan approval.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
In short the TOH approved the environmental scoping gave it back to the developers for them to submit a response which apparently Mr Wang and Mr Rechler already had prepared for them so it's right back in the TOH's hands.

Newsday: Eden Laiken had a update this morning before the meeting but has a few extra details on what's ahead.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

If Newsday has a post-meeting update I will add it in when I can later.


The Lighthouse website released the Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (“DGEIS”) here which is over hundred pages but pictures and details of the project.

Town of Has Supervisor Kate Murray's comments on Tuesday's meeting and the PDF of the Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement which was approved Tuesday here.

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Tuesday Notables/Lighthouse/NYIFC

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/24/2009 12:46:00 PM | | | | | | | Comment Here
National Post/several outlets: Report Sidney Crosby left practice Tuesday with a sore groin but is still listed as
probable against the Islanders. Adam Schwartz has a feature on the line of Blake Comeau, Josh Bailey & Kyle Okposo with comments from Islander head coach Scott Gordon.

Mr Botta has been live blogging from this mornings Lighthouse meetings over at Point Blank which has wrapped up, as always visit Mr Botta's blog for specifics.

If Mr Wang-Rechler does speak to the business/sports media we will have those comments.

Only Newsday knows who is covering practice and if Mr Logan or someone else is traveling to Pittsburgh today or tomorrow.
What I can tell everyone is our trade deadline section is coming together with key live radio/trade tracker links. I will be adding more to this section in the coming days but these sites are usually the most reliable with correct information.

The two radio links in Canada usually go hockey all day at the deadline and both last year seemed to report all trades quickly and accurately.

I will add in a few more crawls to the page for updated trades.

If a live blog is done here on 3/4 it will be announced a day before on the fly because I'm just not sure I will be around, everyone is welcome to join in if we do have one.

If we do a live blog here it will be from 1pm-4pm. Last year I had a great time doing all the shows and this blog but between the shows, the blog and the game afterward it was too much.

There is no game this time.

NYIFC does not do the trade rumor/gossip game from amateur sites/blogs, we only go with professional media sources for the few rumors on potential trades that are posted here. As always dead last and a hundred percent correct is my unwritten rule with reported trades.
The Ct Post apparently is adding mega-sports content or at least took questions on media at the paper. Two gentlemen named Ted Tompkins and Jeff Busrtraan were kind enough to get together, answer my question and create what I have wanted for several years.

A Bridgeport Sound Tiger news article feed listed here which will take time to fill in because it's brand new.

I have already added the new feed on the left side of this blog where all media updates go (including Mr Fornabaio's blog) and to the Sound Tiger section of the prospects blog on the other page.

At time time I'm not sure If I will continue to add Sound Tiger articles now to the daily articles being that we now have a feed that does the work. I'm not sure how many read the out of town coverage links.

I likely will.

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Islander News Articles 3/24

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Newsday: Greg Logan's article is on the newest Islander Dean McAmmond who apparently grew up an Islanders fan and recalls the dynasty days as he also discussed being a teammate with Bill Guerin and Doug Weight when he played for Edmonton.

McAmmond also says he did not request a trade from Ottawa contrary to a report where Senators gm Bryan Murray is quoted he did and that coming here he has an opportunity to play a lot more hockey given the injury situation and help this team grow and learn.

Head coach Scott Gordon was excused from practice but is expected back Tuesday according to Mr Logan.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
His stats are not bad with a lot of years in the ten-twenty range, we'll see where it goes after the deadline and into the summer.

Newsday: Mr Logan in the Islanders Newsday blog has an entry on tomorrow's Lighthouse meeting and reports Charles Wang will be there and is expected to speak with reporters.

The beatwriter also speculates on the Islanders moving to Canada in the future after the lease expires if the project is not approved (apparently as they stay here in the interim) but also reports one way out of the lease now is if the Lighthouse is approved by the Town of Hempstead but Nassau County fails to negotiate a new lease with 120 days which is part of the memorandum of agreement reached when Nassau County awarded development rights to Wang and Rechler.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

I think that's the part I have missed on this with regard to an out in the Memorandum of Understanding I have blogged about constantly while Newsday reported the current lease is iron-clad. If TOH approves project the Isles lease is voided if Nassau does not negotiate a new lease within four months.

That's the out that was written about years ago which is in Nassau County's hands at the very end of the process when it goes back to them. It's the last hurdle with some pols at the time who approved the MOU saying they would never agree to a ninety nine year lease if it ever does comes back to them for final approval.

As for Greg Logan he pushed the Islanders to Canada angle (with no information from anywhere about a potential move there) considering they could also relocate in New York, have been contacted about Queens and could stay for five years as an arena is constructed here. Anthony Wiener also had no problem with them in Brooklyn as late as last week.

Been quite a while since we have had comments from Charles Wang which date back to last April on the Lighthouse and last March on his hockey team.

Call me skeptical but I do not see Mr Wang (or Mr Rechler) saying much to reporters, it's served them better to say less and let the project's merits speak for itself.

As long as Kate Murray does not talk like they are letting Mr Wang-Rechler do the TOH a favor renovating Nassau County's arena on their own dime (as Smg keeps Islander revenue from parking, concessions and portion of gate) and talking about a concrete parking lot like it's suburbia I have no problem with her role in this because it's not just about the hockey team.

That report tomorrow could be an outright rejection, even if it's a great report this is step #45 in a process that goes about 100 steps before that shovel goes anywhere.

NY Times: The same George Vecsey has a feature on the 30th anniversary of Ulf Nilsson's broken ankle at the hands of Msg's ice and a Denis Potvin hit.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Amazing article and some classy stuff from Nilsson on Denis Potvin. Article says 3/23
but I did not see it earlier, feeders for Times post three week old game articles so I could not use it here.

Pittsburgh Tribune Review: Rob Rossi reports LWs Matt Cooke and Ruslan Fedotenko did not practice Monday, and their status to play at home against the Islanders is uncertain with Dan Bylsma not naming a starter at this time with Mathieu Garon's playing status according to Shelly Anderson

Will likely let feeders do the walking tomorrow on any more morning articles. The Ct Post a few days ago redid it's Sound Tiger page here but still no rss.

After what we went through here recently I can understand why the paper has one sports feed.

Goaltender Peter Mannino has been recalled with Tobias Stephan sent back to Dallas system who does not have an AHL affiliate. Joe Callahan's paper trail put him back with the Islanders at this time.

Prospects blog has links to all Sound Tiger page updates.

NYIFC Update:
I may have to miss a few days or a week at any point in the near future, some things are coming up even if it happens at the trade deadline.

I just do not know for sure yet.

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Comrie " likely " to resign with Ottawa

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/23/2009 07:37:00 PM | | | Comment Here
CP: In an interview on the trade deadline today regarding the Ottawa Senators it's reported general manager Bryan Murray and Mike Comrie both said Monday he's likely to sign beyond this year with the gm quoted as saying " if we brought him here, he would be very interested in staying."

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Mike Comrie played hurt for at least a good part of the second half of last season and part of this season after a surgery that should have kept him sidelined. He signed here to be the go-to player and despite the final result cannot be blamed for the lack of first line talent around him. Many nights he had to fight his own battles.

Cannot write anything negative about him, he had fifty points on a terrible offensive club last season, his best moments were his initial two games against Buffalo. Only he knows whether it was the coach, system, talent around him or injuries.

The question is will Bryan Murray be the general manager if his signing does go beyond this season?

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Islander-NHL Notables/Quick Hits/Poll Results

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/23/2009 04:08:00 PM | | | | | Comment Here
Final results are in on the poll regarding the Islanders trade Friday, thanks for voting.

I do agree with the vote even if I selected let's see what the next trade is.

Good trade
38 (73%)

Poor trade
7 (13%)

Lets see what next trade is
8 (13%)
Not for anything but if this Lighthouse meeting is so important Tuesday why doesn't the Islanders use their website to tell us to attend? Mr Botta (who is attending) used Point Blank and Mr Witt had an entry on it also but nothing from the official website of this team?

Anything you view ITV you have to watch Lighthouse ad so what's different?


An e-mail from the Islanders hit my inbox about tomorrow morning's meeting at 5pm.

The website at 6pm finally had a release about what they write is an important meeting here.

They should have been hitting us from the minute it was scheduled not less than sixteen hours before it takes place.
Point Blank: Mr Botta presents an excellent interview with Brendan Witt Monday where he discusses the trade deadline and a quiet practice day.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
As always visit Mr Botta's blog for the details.
Mark Herrmann is only kidding himself if he thinks Harry Howell and Andy Bathgate helped convert the New York area into a thriving hockey hotbed considering in that era hockey took a backseat to the circus come playoff time and some of those Ranger teams made Milbury's Islanders look like a cup winner by comparison.

Some of those teams did not win a playoff series for twenty one years in a row in a six team league.

The NY Americans are the original hockey team in New York City and deserve all credit and recognition for hockey's roots here.

The Rangers came in and kicked them out of their own building and never even mention them as the storied franchise who deserve the true recognition for hockey's roots.

The only story yesterday was the Rangers held a ceremony because they wanted to retire Graves who deserved a night but not a jersey retirement so they had to finally have a night for Howell and Bathgate. It was a gimmick scheduling two nights and most of the building was empty for two men who deserved better and should have had their day long ago or the exact same night as Graves but not a jersey retirement.

The New York Islanders are a storied franchise and set the standard for championship hockey for other teams to follow in the US markets and arguably the entire NHL given no team ever won nineteen playoff series in a row. Whatever the New York Islanders owe in terms of credit for who got hockey started here should go to the New York Americans.

Ranger tradition was demanding Denis Potvin or their money around the time Roy Boe was going under.
The long-time Ranger fans in the media did a good sales job like Mr Brooks, Mr Greenberg and Mr Herrmann. Steve Zipay did a poor job getting on the Ranger fans.

No, the Islanders do not have media like that covering this team in Newspapers who go back that far. George Vecsey, Pat Calabria and those days are long gone and our fans got Larry Brooks in 1980.

They actually gave Larry Brooks extra space to rip Lindy Ruff? I guess Cablevision increased the advertising budget but still not enough to cover many road games.

Usually around now Brooks has to go cover some baseball.
Cablevision-owned Newsday for a paper that is supposed to market the New York Islanders is going all Rangers today as Scott Gordon moves up the seniority ladder in Atlantic division coaches to third as Tom Renney has been fired today
here which was obviously coming for a while.

As long as Mr Sather stays at the drivers seat and keeps signing players like Redden, Drury, Gomez to those kind of front-loaded contracts no coach is going to win with that roster.

Tom Renney played a trap, their fans in the media will never call it that, it had some success.

Good luck to Tom Renney who got the Rangers back to the playoffs as Peter Laviolette, Steve Stirling and Ted Nolan did for the Islanders.

John Tortorella is a very good coach if he's selected (he has been) but Sather does not hire high profile coaches or could not hire them when Messier was captain.

I suspect Dolan demanded Sather get the big name coach and his tenure is no longer on solid ground.

If you think Snow-Tortorella was a potential problem wait until Sather-Tortorella who he bought out a decade ago in one of his early moves as gm.

Will Newsday dare mention the potential friction as we read this summer about Garth Snow if he hired him?

Don't bet on it.

Looks like my bet is wrong for openers, sort of.

Good job by Newsday letting Arthur Staple asking the question if Tortorella is the right hire here but did not go near Sather vs the coach.
Media game:
Steve Zipay six blog updates and an article so far on his day off.
Arthur Staple selling Rangers with two articles.
Mark Herrmann is writing like he has stock in Cablevision or Shaun Powell called asking if there is a job opening and even Mike Casey another Ranger fan is weighing in.

Mr Herrmann is even questioning why not more Ranger radio coverage in baseball's largest and most important market because college basketball is getting the major play today as it should.

Jim Baumbach is even lobbying for Ted Nolan despite the fact he is still Islander property until his contract expires.

I wonder if these Newsday reporters will air the Rangers locker room laundry as hard as Greg Logan did the Islanders last summer?

My personal take is no chance (beyond some throwing Renney under the bus) given this economy and what happened when editor John Mancini aired some Knicks dirty laundry recently here.

One thing for sure is they will never criticize James Dolan like they have Charles Wang.

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Islander News Articles 2/23

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/22/2009 06:52:00 PM | Comment Here
Newsday: Greg Logan's article is on defenseman Jack Hillen who made it clear he would love to be back with the Islanders as he discussed his season and what the club expects him to improve upon.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

It should be noted Hillen signed a two year contract but year one of his deal was those two games at the end of last season, this means he is a restricted free agent and one of the things he reportedly insisted upon when negotiating with all clubs a year ago.

I think at this point even a sentence in print from Dean McAmmond is mandated, even if he is passing through.

Second week in a row we have not seen an Islander Insider from Newsday for those scoring at home. It went from Friday to Saturday to oblivion.

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Bridgeport 5, Portland 2

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/22/2009 01:52:00 PM | | Comment Here Reports Bridgeport won 5-2 against the Portland Pirates Sunday afternoon at Harbor Yard.

1. BRI Morency, (1) (Fritz, Marcinko), 2:18
1. BRI Iggulden, (21) (Colliton, Joensuu), 5:47
1. POR Murphy, (5) (Mancari, Schutz), 15:42
1. BRI Walter, (13) (Smith, McLean), 17:45
2. BRI Walter, (14) , 0:57
2. BRI Haskins, (5) (Iggulden, Joensuu), 12:54
2. POR Schutz, (10) (Murphy, Bonneau), 18:59

Nate Lawson started in goal, Joe Callahan a paper transaction back to Bridgeport but not playing. Mitch Fritz had an early fight and other assist.

Jamie Fraser was a plus four on defense.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's game coverage and blog entries here.

Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram: Covers the Portland Pirates. Justin Skelnik had a feature on former Islander and Sound Tiger Brett Skinner Saturday afternoon.

Bridgeport is home against Albany on Wednesday which at this time is still scheduled to be played.

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Quick Poll on Trade with Ottawa

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/22/2009 01:45:00 PM | Comment Here
Quick three day poll, very straight-forward on the Campoli/Comrie-McAmmond-1st trade with Ottawa Friday.

Like the trade.
Do not like the trade.
Want to see what's next.

I took down the big countdown clock, ten plus days is a long time for everyone to look at that thing.

Maybe I will throw it back up toward the end but you don't need a week of it.

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Islander News Articles 2/22

Newsday: Greg Logan's game article has comments from Yann Danis and Mark Streit about the goaltenders first Islander shutout.

Newsday: Mr Logan's other article was a recap of the press conference with general manager Garth Snow and head coach Scott Gordon's comments.

Newsday: Mark Herrmann has his usual hodgepodge of misery about the team and the Lighthouse with a few words from Bruno Gervais on the trade of Chris Campoli questioning how long our fans can be patient and dismissing them from competing next season already.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Mr Herrmann went nowhere near the Islanders man games lost to injury or that in the four games against the Atlantic this week the Islanders won two, lost a one goal game (less open net) to a team the Islanders are virtually even in scoring with and aside from some self-inflicted mistakes against the Flyers trailed 2-1 on the road last week in the third period before they made a few more.

I get no satisfaction questioning Mr Herrmann but he does not apply the same journalistic standards to the Cablevision-owned team he also covers for Newsday. In fact in their case he goes in the exact opposite direction keeping the glass full at almost all times.

Can the 2009-10 New York Islanders be a bad team and not compete? Absolutely, but not for the reasons Herrmann gives us.

NY Post: Dan Martin's coverage was mostly on general manager Garth Snow's press conference but Bill Guerin and Bruno Gervais also comment on trade/teams direction.

NY Post: Mark Everson's mostly Devils centric coverage did include comments from Yann Danis on his shutout but did recap the game and the Islander goals.

Daily News: Peter Botte's article split coverage and content from both the Devils and Islanders with Garth Snow the only Islander quoted content.

Newark Star Ledger: Rich Chere's Devils coverage and blog entries.

Ottawa Citizen: Ken Warren had comments from Ottawa gm Bryan Murray on how the trade with the Islanders came together that was worked on for close to a month.

CP: Seemed to have to most comments from Chris Campoli after their loss to Montreal.

Point Blank: Mr Botta had an excellent article on Sean Bergenheim after the Islanders win with a good postgame breakdown with the forwards comments.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

I only feel it's fair to provide a small sampling here because this is Mr Botta's content and you should visit his blog.

Ct Post: Staff reports recap Bridgeport's 3-2 shootout loss to Springfield Saturday with Michael Fornabaio's blog entry here.

Ct Post: Mr Fornabaio previews Sunday's 1pm home game against Portland.

The Republican: Gary Brown
has Springfield coverage of their shootout win.

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New York 4, New Jersey 0

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/21/2009 10:02:00 PM | Comment Here

Will leave up interviews with Garth Snow and Scott Gordon and post the game highlights in the recap. Recaps New York's 4-0 win against the Devils Saturday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Yann Danis says take that Larry Brooks on his first Islander shutout.

Good team effort, great game by Danis who had to stop a lot of odd-man chances in front of him and was the difference. Islander team defense gave up those chances or Devils made plays but virtually no rebounds which was key.

That line with Parise made their plays, Islanders or Danis made one better play on this day.

Faceoff were all Devils in this one. Islanders did the job in the skating department and got in the trenches against a bigger team and took hits to make plays.

Bergenheim not only had his goal but that great early chance that should have been a goal and hit the holes very well. Streit another dominating game.

Islanders did not generate a lot of second chances themselves but Sim converted off a turnover, Okposo had a very nice powerplay goal to ice the game. Did not like when Guerin shot for his five on three goal or Witt out there.

Solid win, too much Danis but considering the Devils record to shut them out even with them struggling recently is a quality effort.

McAmmond won some faceoffs and if nothing else can skate and is a bigger body for a small lineup.

Sorry for the smaller entry, will add more here tomorrow.
Good win against a first place team.

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Islander Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/21/2009 04:50:00 PM | | | Comment Here
Garth Snow/Scott Gordon's press conferences on sidebar.

Newsday: Greg Logan in the Islander Newsday blog speculates it was a telling moment that showed where things stood between Scott Gordon and Mike Comrie when Brendan Witt went into a forward spot in Thusday's game.

The beatwriter also speculates this was also about mending fences with Witt who could be one of the few returning veterans.

The Islander head coach also talks about Chris Campoli and the circumstances with Weight, Streit and Okposo all on the point for most powerplays when the club was healthy and a few words about the New Jersey Devils.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

I tend to dobut this coach does anything to mend fences in terms of a players role, and only the coach and player know the working relationship until they tell us otherwise. Campoli's comments on the Senators website that he was treated first class by the Islanders since day one never made it into Newsday or Point Blank which needed to be.

Have to tell the entire story of what players, coaches, general managers say or it's not fair to anyone.

The telling moment for Comrie has been his placement on left wing early in the season and recently until Weight got hurt again which Mr Logan did not write about.

Fox Sports: Reports Chris Campoli Saturday has two secondary assists after Montreal took a 4-0 lead with an even rating.

Mike Comrie has one shot on goal as this game enters the third period with Montreal leading 5-2.

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New Jersey at New York 7pm Msg+2

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/21/2009 02:33:00 PM | Comment Here
USA Today: Previews tonight's game against the Devils.

General manager Garth Snow had the following from his press conference Saturday:

"Bottom line, we’re getting a first round draft pick and that falls into the plan that we set out all along, Now, it’s up to us to draft a good player with that pick. We got a first round draft pick and that’s big. As you see around the league, teams are holding on to those draft picks and it’s a situation where it falls into our criteria of what we have planned for the future. It’s up to us to draft a good hockey player."

On Dean McAmmond:
"Dean’s a good fourth, third line (center)," said Snow. "You can punch him into the top two lines in a pinch. He’s a great skater, very responsible and a good teammate. So we’re happy to have Dean in our locker room and he’ll be a great influence with our young players."

NYI Fan Central Comments: reports Joe Callahan has been recalled. Mr Botta reported Dean McAmmond will arrive for the game and likely center the fourth line with Andy Hilbert now the center for Jon Sim and Bill Guerin.

Devils Injuries:
2/19/09 Martin Brodeur G Elbow IR. Might return Feb. 26 vs. Colorado
02/19/09 Paul Martin D Upper body Doubtful for Feb. 21 at N.Y.

Martin Brodeur will not make his return tonight. Kevin Weekes started against Tampa in a 2-0 comeback win against Tampa I would expect Scott Clemmensen to start in goal.

Will be interesting to see how the Islanders respond to the trade but are badly overmatched against a team that was shutout 4-0 in Florida, fell behind 2-0 in Tampa before winning that game 3-2 in overtime.

Islanders have not had much going for them this year in games against the Devils and after the spotty play against Carolina cannot have a second effort like that in a row.

NYIFC Notable:
The feeders have been fixed to allow more updates, took a while to figure out why we were stuck on only last three updates.

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Garth Snow no lock to stick with Milbury's players

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/21/2009 01:21:00 PM | Comment Here
Don't be shocked to see Garth Snow move more of his former teammates.

Campoli was a talented young player but this was not Snow's drafted player. When the general manager signed Hillen a year ago it was a sign sooner or later something had to give with so many defenders locked up beyond one year.

I can absolutely see one of Bergenheim, Comeau, Nielsen or Tambellini moved before or after the trade deadline. Garth Snow has to get his roster bigger with more finishers/physical players and has far too many of the same kind of talent even if they are younger players with upside.

Snow has had time to look at these players at this level and decide where he wants to go if the right trade comes along. Not saying any one player absolutely be traded but with Campoli's trade it's obvious this gm will move young players to give another an opportunity.

These players also all have something else in common, they were all drafted or brought here by Mike Milbury.

That ticking clock also extends to Jeremy Colliton in Bridgeport and a player Snow traded for in Ben Walter.

General managers like to build their own talent pool. He also just traded a player he signed/resigned in Comrie so there are no rules.

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Islander News Articles 2/21

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/21/2009 12:00:00 PM | | | | | | Comment Here
Newsday: Greg Logan's article has comments from Mike Comrie and Chris Campoli on the trade to Ottawa where Campoli confirms he did request a trade because he was not progressing in this system while Comrie discussed the injuries being very frustrating for him the last two seasons.

General manager Garth Snow is expected to address the media again Saturday.

Newsday: Mr Logan in the Islanders Newsday blog speculates on the trade deadline, where Bill Guerin may waive his NTC and that this deal would have been better if Snow received a prospect with the pick. Jack Hillen who on paper replaces Campoli's offensive role is a restricted free agent this summer.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
We'll have to see what happens. Only Bill Guerin knows what he will do if asked to waive his NTC. Campoli obviously was behind Streit, Okposo and Weight on the powerplay.

Someone is going to have to explain to me why a club behind multiple teams thirteen points out of the playoff spot is talking about a playoff push? Campoli is about the future for Ottawa, Comrie matters only if he is resigned by Ottawa.

NY Post: Dan Martin's article only had Garth Snow's statement.

Daily News: Peter Botte's limited space had no quotes from anyone on the trade.

Windsor Star: Bob Duff has comments from Bill Smith and Bryan Trottier at a charity game where they talk about the current Islander struggles.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Looks like Smitty is far removed these day from the club. The Wings were giving away cars to get people to attend games when the Islanders dominated hockey.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's article was on Joel Rechlicz and previewed tonight's game against Springfield here.

Saturday AM:
Point Blank: Mr Botta had comments from head coach Scott Gordon and a recap of what Garth Snow told the media Saturday about the trades and the direction of his team moving forward with Jack Hillen getting the first opportunity to replace Campoli.

He felt Campoli's trade request should be kept in-house and simply credited his play.

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Fifteen Game Winning Streak Revisited

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/20/2009 11:00:00 PM | Comment Here

I know this has been posted before but 2/20/82 is 26th anniversary of the Islanders Fifteen game winning streak, I pushed it back a little because of Friday's big trade.

Yes folks, our fans used to cheer like that at games. Only wish we had NYIFC in those days.

Look at this dominance.
1/21/82-New York 6, Pittsburgh 1
1/23/82-New York 6, Rangers 1
1/26/82-New York 9, Pittsburgh 2
1/27/82-New York 6, Pittsburgh 3
1/30/82-New York 4, Minnesota North Stars 2
2/02/82-New York 7, Washington 6
2/04/82-New York 5, Washington 2
2/06/82-New York 6, Detroit 2
2/07/82-New York 7, Buffalo 3
2/11/82-New York 8, Chicago 2
2/13/82-New York 8, Philadelphia 2
2/14/82-New York 9, Hartford 1
2/16/82-New York 6, Pittsburgh 2
2/18/82-New York 7, Philadelphia 4
2/20/82-New York 3, Colorado 2

No NHL team has since has won fifteen straight games in regulation.

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Campoli, Comrie traded for McAmmond/First Rd Pick

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/20/2009 04:46:00 PM | | | | Comment Here
Islanders website: Reports the Islanders have acquired forward Dean McAmmond and a first-round draft selection in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft from the Ottawa Senators, in exchange for forward Mike Comrie and defenseman Chris Campoli.

This selection would be San Jose's first round pick which Ottawa had the rights to.

“We’re excited that we are able to add another piece to our rebuilding plans while bringing in someone like Dean who will provide additional depth for our team,” said Islanders General Manager Garth Snow. “The Islanders organization would like to thank Mike and Chris for their contributions both on and off the ice over the past few seasons.”

Newsday: Greg Logan reports Dean McAmmond is a fourth-liner with a contract that expires at the end of this season and it's believed Campoli had difficulties playing for Scott Gordon and asked to be traded, Mr Logan also speculates Comrie also was unhappy under Gordon.

San Jose's pick currently would be the 29th overall selection in the draft.

Point Blank: Mr Botta reports it is San Jose’s first round pick in 2009 with veteran forward Dean McAmmond for Comrie and Campoli and also had speculation on Campoli requesting a trade.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Islanders put a lot of time, years, development and revenue into Chris Campoli and was traded at age twenty four to a team in a playoff situation not much better than what the Islanders are currently in.

That's not what I call sticking with youth or a plan.

If the speculation is correct Scott Gordon's coaching was not a positive in having to move a twenty four year old, that's not a good endorsement.

I know they have drafted/signed offensive defenseman in Jack Hillen plus have Andrew MacDonald, Dustin Kohn with Aaron Ness, Mark Katic and a lot of players behind that room had to be made for so this is hardly a shock. It could be a sign the Islanders are looking to go defense with their first selection also.

It seemed with Mark Streit, Doug Weight and Kyle Okposo on the powerplay point it left Campoli the odd-man out too many nights. Gervais recent defensive play may have clinched it also.

Looks like Islanders took McAmmond as a body to fill a slot while Comrie has more time to negotiate a new contract with Ottawa. I don't know if Comrie was playing hurt again or not but he has been a ghost in the recent games and I suspect was not thrilled with being a left wing for a fair part of this season.

Only Comrie knows.

Unless a defender is ready to return from injury another callup will be needed for Saturday, I suspect a center may also get a call from Bridgeport.

Either way best of luck to Mike Comrie and Chris Campoli.

Unless Comrie and Campoli come out and say they did not get along with Scott Gordon that's more speculation than fact.

Senators website has audio interviews with Mike Comrie here and Chris Campoli here after the trade with their thoughts.

Campoli said he was treated first class by the Islanders in his interview.

Islanders are the NHL team with two first rounders in the upcoming draft to go with three second rounders.

Newsday: Mark Herrmann in Newsday supposed part Islander blog actually has a few words on today's trade but mostly negative asking what player on this team does make a difference as he traveled to Greenburgh to sell the latest former Ranger cash-grab for this coming Sunday. Scott Cullen had a far more professional breakdown of the trade for both sides.

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Quick Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/20/2009 04:03:00 PM | | | Comment Here
Newsday: Katie Strang had comments from Rangers defenseman Erik Reitz about his knee on knee hit against Sean Bergenheim in the Newsday Ranger blog Friday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Seems Newsday has no problem sending someone to Greenburgh to do Ranger blog updates and cover practice on days without games while the Islander Newsday blog is not updated to the same degree for a team that conducts practice at Syosset or Nassau Coliseum?

This was after Steve Zipay's earlier update Friday.

Obviously Reitz could have cared less about the knee on knee hit or if another player got seriously injured, hopefully the Islanders bookmark it for 3/5.

Newsday: Anthony Rieber reports the Lighthouse Project took a small step forward on Friday when Hempstead supervisor Kate Murray called on the town board to approve a key environmental report at its next meeting on Tuesday.

If the board approves the report, the Lighthouse developers will next have to answer concerns about how the project will impact the local environment.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

In short Kate Murray gave herself a pat on the back and some positive political fodder before Town of Hempstead night at the Coliseum which could have gotten ugly without something to settle the masses. Again Kate Murray maintained this was only submitted less than a year ago which is correct in it's current version.

Bottom line approving an environmental report be released does not mean what's in the report is favorable for the project, it could be exactly the opposite come Tuesday.

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Coaching by " Feel " or Conventional Practice?

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/20/2009 01:21:00 PM | Comment Here
If Scott Gordon is making starting goaltender decisions based on feel as he said the other day he sat Joey MacDonald off a win on Monday and lost on a bad goal Wednesday, he sat Yann Danis off a four game winning streak and lost before that.

Sure MacDonald could have started Wednesday and played terrible, he let in a very bad goal in the previous 5-4 Msg loss. Danis could have started against Carolina and with the breakaways MacDonald faced could have allowed ten goals.

That's not my point here, it's more about conventional coaching regardless of result.

I have no idea about the coaches feel and a very easy second guess from someone with a hockey blog but conventional hockey coaching says you ride the hot hand/lineup in goal which most NHL coaches will tell you all the time. That's not second guessing from the keyboard, this is what NHL coaches do.

It's what Scott Gordon has done most of this year.

Scott Gordon keeps going against standard practice and one he lived by early this season running MacDonald more games than even DiPietro would normally play if completely healthy.

I understand that's not absolutely necessary give the standings but no goalie is sitting for a week at a time either.

Just another item that makes me wonder about this head coach regardless of the on-ice results. I did my preview Wednesday and had no doubt MacDonald would start at Msg.

I cannot tell you it would have made any difference on the ice or game results at all but I can write it's the conventional move to ride the hot/winning goalie.

Having written this Scott Gordon has gotten NHL playoff level goaltending out of two AHL journeyman goaltenders this season.

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Islander News Articles 2/20

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/19/2009 10:45:00 PM | | | | | | Comment Here
Newsday: Greg Logan's game coverage of the Islanders 6-2 loss against Carolina with head coach Scott Gordon's comments.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
No second article, no extra blogs, no Islander Insider last week. Islanders had their worst loss in a while but I did not see that theme when the Cablevision owned team lost 10-2 in Newsday.

NY Post: Dan Martin was permitted to cover Thursday's game where Mark Streit was critical of his teams performance with head coach Scott Gordon's comments.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Larry Brooks in his Ranger-centric article shows no class at all with an insult of Yann Danis who has played well for this team. Considering Mr Brooks does not apply the same standard to Henrik Lundqvist who has been pulled in several poor performances he is not showing much professionalism here.

Daily News: Peter Botte was given six short paragraphs which had head coach Scott Gordon and Mark Streit's comments on the loss to Carolina.

Daily News: Mr Botte did have an Islander centric article after the Ranger game on Wednesday that I did not see posted, most of it was about Streit and why he decided on signing with the Islanders last summer with Bergenheim's comments about the dangerous hit against him.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

If I'm going to be fair in my blogging of the Daily News coverage of our team I also have to point out when I am wrong claiming no writer was dispatched to the Garden to do an Islander centric article when Mr Botte did cover that game on Wednesday. John Kreiser has a feature on Islanders captain Bill Guerin. Chip Alexander's game coverage includes several blog entries on Albany River Rats which is Canes minor league affiliate.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Albany used to be Devils affiliate for those confused.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio has comments from Joel Rechlicz, head coach Jack Capuano regarding the bus accident involving Albany River Rats.

Friday's game has been rescheduled.

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Carolina 6, New York 2

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/19/2009 09:43:00 PM | Comment Here Recaps New York's 6-2 loss to Carolina on Thursday with Associated Press.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Last week I did a blog entry about how teams in 30th place should not be this competitive in games as I went back to November and ran through the schedule/results.

Tonight the New York Islanders played like a 30th place team and they did it against a Carolina team that looked very beatable on defense and in goal.

All teams have poor performances over eighty two games, this seemed more about what the Islanders failed to do tonight vs Carolina's play. Islanders skated well enough tonight to earn two points.

Okposo does not pass up his great early chance maybe it changes things but defensive play/reads, decision making was spotty and they had breakdowns. MacDonald made the saves he should not have made but allowed goals on shots you expect him to stop, his play was uneven in goal and pucks hit players for goals against.

Bergenheim again a good effort and some energy, Jackman stood up for MacDonald getting run. Apparently Scott Gordon replaced Park on the powerplay with Brendan Witt which made me wonder despite Hunter's powerplay time was his role cut coming off injury. Nielsen got over five minutes of powerplay time on right wing also so he was part of the answer too.

Kyle Okposo, the teams best prospect on right wing actually playing right wing on this teams powerplay? Nope.

Tambellini, Sim or Bergenheim total powerplay minutes= zero powerplay time.
Tim Jackman who would have been a better alternative than Witt? Zero powerplay time.

Ward looked like he was ready to give up a few goals if the Islanders could have generated a quality chance/rebound which they simply could not do again.

Sim had his late breakaway and a nice goal with Guerin and Comrie but combined they were a minus eight and did not pull their collective weight with very few impact shifts again. No doubt the kids are outworking the outproducing the veterans which is a very bad sign.

Comeau was very quiet in this game, Bailey had one early shot but was not visible in this game like he was the night before with close in chances.

Gervais had his third post/crossbar in a week with some other chances and was solid on defense. Martinek had a chance but some turnovers, one bounced off him for a goal. Witt was physical and skated well but when breakdowns came he did nothing to prevent a goal. The late goal off Hillen's clear looked like it hit the boards high and went right to a Canes player.

I like to see the other team earn it a little more in a bad loss, no knock on the Canes but this was more the self-inflicted kind of loss.

If not for Martinek's skate Monday that a Penguin somehow hit with a wide open net Islanders would likely be 0-3 this week.

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Richard Park breaks rib out four weeks, Hunter in

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/19/2009 06:31:00 PM | | Comment Here
Reported on tonight's pregame that Richard Park broke a rib or ribs during last night's game and is out four weeks according to CJ Papa, Trent Hunter is expected to return to the lineup with Andy Hilbert moving to center.

AP: Confirms the story.

Note-Newsday did not have a blog entry this afternoon nor did Greg Logan mention this in his chat.

Updated 6:50pm:

Newsday: Mr Logan in the Islander Newsday blog has a quick update on the injury and reported according to a source he was playing with a broken finger.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Terrible break for Park who has done so much for this team, for those wondering this reduces his trade deadline value if he was ever in play for Garth Snow. Funny how DiPietro playing with his HIP problems last season was not called a good soldier by Logan, in fact all he did was run him down and wonder why he was playing hurt?

For those scoring at home no reported callups so Park for Hunter keeps the man games lost count at eight unless Bergenheim does not play. I have been updating this next to Isles roster on the sidebar.

Newsday/Msg+ have a difference of one man game lost to injury.

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Islander/Sound Tiger Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/19/2009 04:22:00 PM | | | | Comment Here
Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio in his Sound Tigers blog had an announcement from the Albany River Rats after a terrible bus accident that have three players listed in serious condition that Friday's game has been rescheduled for Tuesday, March 31 2009 at 7:00 p.m.

An announcement on next weeks game being rescheduled also is expected Friday. Also released a statement with team President Howard Saffan's comments.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Of course the only thing that matters is that everyone is ok. This should mean Bridgeport's three game weekend will be only be Saturday-Sunday. I still cringe when Mr Fornabaio drives back in bad weather after what happened to him a few years ago.
I listended to Anthony Weiner's interview on WFAN which was archived here about the Islanders and Brooklyn which is about 99 percent into the interview where he only mentions it. On 2/1 we had his comments in the Times on Chico Resch growing up here in another article.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Whatever, until we get a yes/no on the Lighthouse and some real action either way there is nothing to write beyond New York City (some Brooklyn/Queens officials) would like to add another NHL hockey team.

As an Islander fan of course I want the project built but even as an outsider with no stake at all that concrete parking lot does not represent changing suburbia, this project is not replacing Eisenhower Park and there will be more trees in the Lighthouse than there is right now.

No doubt the twists and turns will continue both ways.

One thing for sure is Nassau County cannot pay to replace it's own arena and Mr Wang-Rechler own the hotel regardless of what is built there.

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Carolina at New York 7pm Msg+

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/19/2009 02:00:00 PM | Comment Here
Updated Player Pos Injury Expected Return
10/01/08 David Tanabe D Concussion Out indefinitely
02/17/09 Tim Gleason D Hand Questionable for Feb. 19 at N.Y. Islanders
02/06/09 Scott Walker RW Upper body IR. Out until at least mid-February
02/16/09 Justin Williams RW Hand Out until at least mid-March

13 Ray Whitney LW 58 17 28 45
12 Eric Staal C 58 24 18 42
15 Tuomo Ruutu RW 55 16 17 33
14 Sergei Samsonov LW 58 12 19 31
17 Rod Brind'Amour C 56 8 21 29
8 Matt Cullen C 53 15 12 27
77 Joe Corvo D 58 9 16 25

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Last time the Islanders played Carolina at the Coliseum they took sixty shots and lost. Since then Carolina fired Peter Laviolette and replaced him with the coach who took over for Laviolette in Paul Maurice and have been a spotty team that sits five points out of eighth place as of Wednesday night's games.

Carolina comes in off a five-one loss against Boston with two goals in their last four games but before that scored seven against Phoenix and defeated San Jose who leads the West. Islanders play their third game in four days/nights but have not traveled. Like Pittsburgh, Carolina comes here a team bordering on desperate needing points and frankly due to breakout if they have it in them collectively.

Cam Ward starts in goal according to the beatwriter.

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