Niederreiter/Cizikas Updates Available in Sidebars

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Feeds for St Michaels Majors with Casey Cizikas & Portland WinterHawks with Nino Niederreiter have been added to sidebars and crawl to follow both prospects in the OHL/WHL Championships.

Mississauga St. Michaels Majors lost game two in overtime Friday, Cizikas had an assist. Niederreiter had a first period goal for Portland in WHL final.

No twitter, OHL draft going on so too many updates.

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When Perception Ruins Reality: Wang's Payroll/Spending

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/06/2011 10:29:00 AM | | | Comment Here

Yes, I know some of you could care less or it's not your problem, however some of our fans desperately need a reality check on your perception of this owner and the New York Islanders as a franchise.

No, not from the Canadian/Dolan/Rupert Murdoch/media influencing many of you.

No, not even from this blog, but simply from the facts.

Far too many base it upon a steady diet of overtly negative coverage that is not fair or reality based. Our team is covered by a Fox News/Msnbc-like media with the New York Islanders always being the other party.

I also absolutely understand our teams fans use the Yankee/Met/New Jersey Football/Cablevision/Prudential Center Devils, template for our local teams spending on payroll and that many will gauge team perception on payroll vs low ticket prices.

The Mets can spend 140m on payroll and for some that is not considered trying.

You expect the same from this owner or your perception (usually enhanced by outside media fueling you) is that this ownership does not care or is not trying.


Reality is those franchises received taxpayer exepmtions or parts of their new facilities were paid for by the public with bonds or infrastructure/internal things like low-cost electricity.

I have posted enough links to those articles here.

Charles Wang has received none of those things. Wang and/or Rechler spent seventeen million dollars so Smg would give them Islanders full ticket revenue/concessions/parking along with other event revenue. Some actually believe that was some free gift Tom Suozzi gave them as departing county executive?

The seventeen million was Smg's gift in case the facility was closed during the summer and a renovation actually happened because that was revenue Smg would have lost. Wang-Rechler for their trouble lost close to another 20m putting together the LH project between studies/presentations.

As for Charles Wang's Islander payrolls you can dispute over the years how he spent his money on the wrong long-term contracts, but he did spend and proved he's not Howard Milstein, or John Pickett post 1990 so get over it until he tells Garth Snow to sell off John Tavares to cut payroll.

Wang's Perception:
A lot of what I read is frankly disgraceful. Anyone who tells you they know what Charles Wang does internally regarding his day to day role as owner of this franchise is lying to you.

Find me one former player in the last ten years who has played here, left this franchise and knocked this ownership in one newspaper?

Wang cannot sign star free agents? Neither can twenty plus other non-corporate franchises without a front-loaded contract regardless of what the building looks like. The Montreal Canadians are the most popular team in the NHL, what star players have signed to play there or have they offered a front-loaded contract to?

The next star free agent who signs anywhere without a front-loaded deal will be the first. Paul Martin is not a star free agent.

As for Charles Wang we'll see what he does when it's time to pay Tavares, Okposo, Bailey and the key players out of Garth Snow's top prospects. Many were brought to the NHL early which will cost the owner more money because they will reach UFA earlier.

Over the years what top prospects have not been signed because of salary?

Bottom line you create your own perception.

Hopefully you are guided by facts, not media with an agenda or folks who don't follow the team but check in to play expert for a day. Most are largely more interested in writing anything to get you to notice their articles to build page-views or their profile.

Yes, I understand some of you could care less how much money a millionaire can lose or it's not your problem, just lose more money, give me 1981 ticket prices, or don't waste my time.

For those who feel that way you can stop reading now.
Old News:
The viewpoint of NYIFC should not influence you.

Having written that how many links to articles from credible media (not sideshows or guesswork like Michael Ozanian/Forbes or shock jocks in Toronto) have been posted here directly with quotes from team owners/management in modern buildings who claim they are losing money?

That should influence you.

This blog has produced links (see archives) from Chicago ownership on losing money after winning the cup last season, on the Caps receiving revenue sharing and losing money and the Devils losses in an arena Newark largely paid for.

The Cablevision Ranger losses have been well-documented in our archives also with a large majority of the franchises.

The Minnesota Wild are even losing money now here according to their ownership.

Glendale paid it's twenty five million to the league, the NHL (not Forbes/Ozanian) claim the franchise lost close to thirty six million at that modern facility or what the BlackHawks were losing.

So how can the most ardent Wang critic begin to make any credible case his team is self-sustaining in it's current situation?

Fair Criticism Of Wang:
Sure there are fair and reasonable things to be critical of regarding Wang's ownership. I can make a longer list (and will here) but always get stuck on this issue.

The Long Island label spammed into practically every release for a New York franchise has been Wang or his supports managers biggest mistake. Perhaps it was the Lighthouse or Arena issue to rally local support but it's a mistake that has limited perception and coverage of a franchise as much New York/New York City as the Yankees.

It's given media an excuse to save budget money and cut coverage.

It's like the Giants and Jets demanding to be called East Rutherford and putting it in every team release.

Spare me on who Wang decides calls his teams games, that's all Dolan/Cablevision/Msg/Newsday. You really want Wang or Michael Picker to fight that one?

That will result in Wang's Islanders hidden on Msg+2 for 82 games or some out allows Dolan to take team off television again entirely. Good luck buying ad space in Dolan's paper to advertise games also after you do that.
Likely Montoya (nope) vs Tavares at WC Friday. Nabokov left last game with an injury for Russia. Anders Nilsson is Sweden's third goaltender for those curious and Jesse Joensuu to date has not played in one game.

Casey Cizikas is in the running for the OHL Most Outstanding Player Award here as Majors lead their finals series.

Cizikas has to be signed by 6/1 or he can re-enter draft.

Nino Niederreiter has been dominating as Portland opens Western Hockey League championship series tonight.

"It must be remembered that the Islanders had a terrible sequence of defeats at some point (14 games without a win), However, the team was never decommissioned, she was often lost by the margin of a goal.

"I often found myself on the ice in the final minute of play with the Islanders, and I was on the ice for not less than 13 goals the opponent scored into an empty net! The differential may be misleading in several respects."

James Wisniewski-Montreal 5/6/2011 on his plus minus in 2010/11.

Thrilled for Bergenehim, Roloson, Bergeron, Brewer and especially Wayne Flemming or any other former Islanders I missed. Would love to see Tambellini get a chance in Vancouver.


Getting A Head Start Correcting Scott Cullen's Mistakes

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/04/2011 02:43:00 AM | Comment Here

Somewhat of an unpleasant twitter exchange with Scott Cullen of, who is doing his yearly off-season game plans team by team once again.

I contacted him via twitter mostly wanting to know what date our fans can expect a game plan (last year was 5/4/10) but reminded him of 600+ man games lost to injury, and this being third of four years leading the NHL in this department.

Scott Cullen:
Man games lost to injury does not tell the story of the Islanders.

600+ man games lost starting with Streit, Okposo, Weight Hunter, MacDonald a significant part of story.

Scott Cullen:
Weight & Hunter not very significant. Season lost by the time MacDonald hurt. Streit matters, half season for Okposo too.

Season already lost by Oct 26th with NY 4-1-2 in first place when MacDonald broke his hand and was sidelined until Dec 2nd?

Scott Cullen:
Yep, that's obviously what I'm referring to. You write your Islanders articles; I'll write mine.

NYIFC Comments:
Perhaps Mr Cullen is still upset about all the mistakes he made in last season's entry where he misquoted the owner and general manger. NYIFC did a brief entry at the time and correctly titled that his work was sloppy and updated the entry when he made the necessary changes to reflect quotes that he put to the wrong people.

The reviews on the players a year ago were well done. Obviously Mr Cullen will not write the New York Islanders sign UFA but like twenty plus other franchises cannot offer front-loaded contracts required to land biggest names.'s Bob McKenzie is not willing to tell the Islanders story without a little media relations bias these days, perhaps this now extends to Mr Cullen?

For Mr Cullen to write a respected veteran Captain like Doug Weight, or a classy veteran like Trent Hunter are not very significant is not appropriate. In terms of 2010-11 in terms of roster Doug Weight opened the season on the PP and Trent Hunter has been considered a key player on this roster for years.

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Why New York Will Lose Next Season:

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/03/2011 01:18:00 PM | Comment Here

On Sunday NYIFC wrote on Why the New York Islanders can win next season with the standard of winning at this time being a playoff spot.

Today we look at the other side and why the club will lose with that standard being not qualifying for 2011-12 NHL playoffs.

1-Pressure on Management vs. Expectations Pt II:

We can repeat this one from the reasons they can win but add the word expectations.

Make no mistake a general manager who said a year ago the expectation was to win and that everyone has to be better, who fired his choice for head coach is under pressure to win next season. It could mean he presses the wrong buttons whether it be rushing young players vs making a trade that hurts the core. There were fair question on what position Bailey and Comeau were used along with Rob Schremp that may have hurt all three players at times. Charles Wang's second general manager is approaching the same point Mike Milbury was in the late 90's when folks demanded a winning team now and results. The support for the club in the stands may well dictate what the gm does to keep his team winning next season. Whatever Charles Wang's future is owning this club he again has to prove to the fan base he will do everything possible financially (short of front-loading contracts/spending to cap like many teams cannot) to give his gm the support he will need to compete now that there is a solid base of talent here.

The pressure to win was there a year ago but injuries left few alternatives, this year should be different. Most media locally and in Canada will work the other side and do everything possible to create a negative culture in the press to drive away fans and most of the uninformed viewpoints will not care about injuries/man games lost or tell you much about current team.

2-The Even Strength Scoring Was Mostly Grabner and Moulson:

Plus/minus is sometimes misleading but last years long scoring drought that caused the club's free-fall the numbers screamed the club could not produce at even strength early beyond Matt Moulson's regular production. Graber's second-half production at even strength was a big part of turning many of those early one/goal open net regulation loss to wins or overtime points. So what happens if again Comeau, Nielsen, Parenteau and most of the other forwards cannot score at five on five early (Nielsen is not an even strength scorer), what if Okposo's second half does continues into next season or Bailey does not take a step forward in development? What if Tavares, Moulson take a step back or Grabner struggles or if Trent Hunter is healthy can he produce after three years of struggling?

These things are very realistic possibilities with no answers.

3-Core Players Not Ready For Prime Time:

You go around the Eastern Conference/NHL and you know the veteran talents or rising stars that can take a close game and produce the big play to end a losing streak or change the momentum. Philadelphia is a very streaky team, who always seem to have a Carter, Richards, Briere or Hartnell score the big goal against the Islanders and break their losing streaks. You can find similar talents on most clubs and it's usually the long-term difference between the playoff teams vs the pretenders, who lose games but can pick themselves up and go on a winning streak to offset it.

Bob Nystrom used to ask the room: " Who's going to be the Hero," as the dynasty teams played playoff overtime.

In 2011-12 who's ready to become those players in New York? Five twenty goal scores/two thirty goal players are great and a good sign it can happen, but until they can take that step and players emerge who can take over a game or put the team on their back in critical moments that decide a game it's just numbers.

Yes, this is about a goal like Matt Martin's to tie a game in Philadelphia.

That production has to go beyond 4-1-2 (last season's start) or a game when the club is double-digit points out of a playoff spot. You go around this league many of the teams have players who have learned to win.

Who's ready to become the hero's for this team in 2011-12? Has this group learned how to win?

4-No Hiding From Injuries/Past/Players Returning From Injury:

Being due for less injuries or good luck mean nothing. What can be realistically expected from Mark Streit, Trent Hunter, Mike Mottau, Mark Eaton, Andrew MacDonald, Rick DiPietro, Frans Nielsen, Kyle Okposo and others who have lingering health issues or missed a large amount of games? Can these players stand up for 82 games much less the grind of a playoff chase? Who's going to get hurt among the few players who were not hurt for extended periods?

All teams have injuries, this team has to shake problems where virtually all players suffer injury. It's not acceptable for Mike Mottau/70+ games in NJ, having an eye injury, and suddenly being out for season with a different one.

5-Does December/March Record Last Season Really Matter?

A big part of the answer to this question may well come from re-reading part 4 because most of the returning/injured players are signed and expected to be in camp.

Many were not healthy or productive in the second half of 2010-11 when the Islanders were winning more games.

6-Free Agency/Trades?

Re-read part I. The wrong free agent or trade could hurt as much as it could help.

The front-loaded contract star free agents are likely not available for this franchise or most non-corporate teams willing to take a financial loss. Reality is also many of the free agents are a risk and available because they have struggled on the teams they were playing for or have health issues.

No, you do not give out offer sheets and surrender prime draft picks to players who could be UFA in a year or two.

7-The Right Coaches Pt II:

What kind of coach will Jack Capuano be without the interim tag and the expectations high with prospects being worked in? Will the seemingly light touch he displayed be there or will we see the coach during some stretches who threatened ice time last season as he pressed his players? Can he get pp to be more consistent and balance goaltending with injury/contract issues? Will the young core improve and what veterans can he lean on as a buffer to the players?

Steve Stirling posted a 38-29-11, ninety one point playoff season out of an injured club with Czerkawski-Kvasha-Weinhandl in the second half of 03-04 as his first line. Why should any less be expected of Capuano, even without Yashin, Peca or Mark Parrish in 2011-12?

Some things are going to work out, others will not. The disparity will answer our questions from both entries on a winning season vs a losing one in 2011-12.

It usually comes out somewhere in the middle meaning anywhere between 1-15.

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Radek Martinek Hospitalized With Spinal Injury/Concussion at WC

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/30/2011 07:25:00 PM | | Comment Here

No spinal injury. Outlets: Report Islander defenseman, Radek Martinek was taken to hospital with a spinal injury and concussion after he was hit in the head during a 4-2 win over Latvia at the world ice hockey championship on Saturday.

Team doctor Radomir Holibka told Czech public television that Martinek was in a stabilized condition but due to the nature of his injuries it was unlikely he would continue in the tournament.

Martinek was hit by Latvia defenceman Arturs Kulda at 14:40 in the first period. Kulda was penalized.

Video of play shows high head hit with arm/shoulder/elbow well after play.

NYIFC Comments:
Only thing important is Martinek is ok, expected to leave hospital and has no reported paralysis.

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Why New York Will Win Next Season

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/30/2011 12:51:00 PM | Comment Here

This will be a two part blog entry, with one entry on why New York will win next season vs why they will lose next season.

We all have our own standards of what constitutes a winning season vs a losing one. For NYIFC purposes, a starting point for a winning season will be a year where the club qualifies for the playoffs in 2011-12.

Long ago nothing short of New York winning a Stanley Cup Championship would be the standard.

Our overall view is this team can finish anywhere between first and fifteenth next season in the Eastern Conference.

You can really write that about fourteen other clubs with the true exception being Florida because of all the turnover of prospects, who developed and moved on under Dale Tallon and new management, of course that could be wrong also.

Why New York Will Win Next Season:
1-Pressure On Management:
Make no mistake a general manager who said a year ago the expectation was to win and that everyone has to be better, who fired his choice for head coach is under pressure to win next season. Charles Wang's general manager is approaching the same point Mike Milbury was in the late 90's when folks demanded a winning team now and results. The support for the club in the stands may well dictate what the gm does to keep his team winning next season. Whatever Charles Wang's future is owning this club he again has to prove to the fan base he will do everything possible financially (short of front-loading contracts/spending to cap like many teams cannot) to give his gm the support he will need to compete now that there is a solid base of talent here.

The pressure to win was there a year ago but injuries left few alternatives, this year should be different. The media locally and in Canada will work the other side and do everything possible to create a negative culture in the press to drive away fans.

2-The New York Islanders Will Finally Have A Season With Minimal Injuries Or A Reasonable Number On Par With Most NHL Organizations:

Even the trainer got hurt.

They are long overdue in that department for that number to drop. Most of the players are young and have shown some durability.

402, 582, 250+ and now 600+ in the last four years with the last season one where over 300 man games were lost in Bridgeport so ATO emergency one-game contracts were required which has not happened at least over the last decade.

Mark Streit will be a question for a while, perhaps MacDonald also entering camp and who is to say how bad Frans Nielsen's concussion is? Of course DiPietro remains a question.

Mike Mottau/Mark Eaton signed here as durable players. This is not the past where Andy Sutton or Brendan Witt/Mike Comrie/Sean Hill who were players who broke down regularly and were a risk in signing. Milan Jurcina is up and down in that department and the injury bug has found Andrew MacDonald. There will likely be no Doug Weight but Trent Hunter has struggled to remain healthy for three straight years. If Martinek returns he was reasonably healthy this season. Obviously a lot is riding on DiPietro in this department, with Poulin/Koskinen coming off surgery.

3-The Scoring In The Second Half That Lifted a Club Dead Last In Scoring/Even Strength Early Will Last For A Full Season:
Fair to write out of Tavares, Okposo, Grabner, Moulson, Comeau, Parenteau, Bailey, Nielsen, Martin, and some players will have better offensive seasons, others will take a statistical step backwards while others will stagnate. It should be enough for the club to break out of sustained losing streaks where last season the club lost thirty games by one goal/open net and that was with 600 man games lost to injury.

2010-11 New York Islanders February-March-April Goal Totals:
(extra goal added for shootout wins)

2010-11 New York Islanders Even Strength Fourteen Games Early Season:
1-3-1-1-2-1-2-1-1-1-0-1-0-0=15 goals

2009-10 New York Islanders Even Strength Fourteen Games Early Season:
1-1-2-1-2-0-3-0-2-0-2-4-4-3=25 goals

Bottom line too big a late season sampling of games to suggest with this many injuries the scoring is not there to pull them out of a losing streak.

4-The Second Half Was No Lie or Record Against Top Teams:
As with 09-10 the New York Islanders won a lot of games against the top teams. The games against Washington, Pittsburgh (especially at home) Devils, Sabres, Bruins, Montreal, Tampa were all competitive or the Islanders outright secured points. Against the West the Islanders again displayed competitive play or defeated many top teams when they met head to head.

Yes, they have to start winning games against Philadelphia.

No player came here and looked so badly out of place they could not be used for extended minutes.

The names Niederreiter, deHaan could enter the picture with other signed or drafted prospects and if Ken Morrow is pushing Matt Donovan for an NHL spot next season who are we to dispute that? If a Jesse Joensuu returns, he showed flashes he can take the next step with some moves to the net. Rhett Rakhshani, closed on team records in the AHL and was an all-star in his twenties. Mark Katic showed a level of quickness skating that was NHL quality and Ty Wishart hardly looked out of place in his extended looks. David Ullstrom also looked like a solid prospect who could step, and who is to write Jeremy Colliton will not get another look to say nothing of Justin DiBenedetto's season for Bridgeport. Is Tyler McNeely the next targeted Matt Moulson?

6-The Right Coaches:
I do not put much stock in this one, but perhaps Jack Capuano is the right coach for the right players at the right moment? Scott Gordon was in a situation where Capuano needed a 1-8 start before things turned around for a while. Someone has to get more out of this club's powerplay which was either red-hot or ice cold with seemingly no middle ground. The PK seems to have the depth and chemistry with returning players under contract.

Absolutely Capuano needs an AHL coach who will teach his system and work as flawlessly as Capuano was credited for working with Scott Gordon.

Next Week We Look At Why New York Will Lose Next Season.....

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New York At 2011 World Championships

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/29/2011 12:19:00 PM | | | Comment Here Site will have live game results, schedule and statistics which began with Russia/Nabokov losing to Germany, 2-0 on 4/29.

John Tavares has a goal/assist/penalty with Canada leading Belarus 4-1 late in third period.

Team USA hockey with Hockey Canada provide North American coverage of teams directly.

Even as of 4/29 announcements are being made regarding additions to the respective rosters.

Nabokov, Martinek, Tavares, Jurcina, Montoya, Joensuu and perhaps Tomas Marcinko, will represent New York at the games along with former head coach Scott Gordon.

Hopefully an oversight the team website not noting Martinek being part of the group at the World Championships which should also include Nabokov as a current player in the organization.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio reports via European link Rob Hisey has signed in Austria.

Long expected/reported by Ct Post the Islanders management would be getting involved in operations at Sound Tigers home (Harbor Yard/Webster Bank Arena/whatever) so yesterday's news entirely expected. Will be interesting to see if the Islanders can book a pre-season game there being that they are again having camp locally.

The AHL cut it's schedule for next season so who knows if that changes when players report or if only a few weeknight games are trimmed but schedule length remains same.

On the Charles Wang front impossible to know if this changes anything regarding the Coliseum (running it until 2015 per 17m Wang and or Rechler paid) or his sole ownership of the Marriot Hotel which is his permanently.

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NYIFC Will Cover 2011 World Championships...

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/24/2011 04:07:00 AM | Comment Here

NYIFC has decided to cover (mostly via twitter) the 2011 World Championships with a new section added. This tournament even more than last season has a few New York Islanders sprinkled through teams which again includes former head coach Scott Gordon, who will be working with another former Sound Tigers coach in Greg Cronin as one of his assistants.

More will be written on that subject when/if the appropriate time comes.

As for NYIFC business the scoreboard/some writer twitter accounts have been returned to sidebars per member requests.

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Donovan/Nabokov & Murray/Dolan/Msg+2/Newsday Endgame On New York

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/23/2011 02:48:00 AM | | Comment Here

The Oklahoman: Reports New York Islanders scout Ken Morrow, a defenseman on the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team, was at the Cox Center for Friday night’s playoff game between the Barons and Hamilton Bulldogs and had following on Matt Donovan....

“We think he’ll be pushing for an NHL job next year,” Morrow said. “I saw him at our rookie camp last summer, and he certainly stood out there. I think we all felt that he was ready to make the jump to play professionally.” Had a few words from Garth Snow on Friday regarding the status of goaltender Evgeny Nabokov, and possibly filing paperwork to toll the contract.

"If we were to entertain something like that it would be after the playoffs. The phase we're in right now is that we just finished up our exit meetings and we have to go through scouts meeting and look at any avenue to make the team better."

NYIFC Comments:
If Garth Snow files paperwork to toll the contract (after the NHL season concludes) and it now allows the Islanders to trade Nabokov without him needing to clear NHL waivers again (as he had to last season for Snow to trade him) this comes off like a very good move.

Hard to say where the club goes with this and pointless to file before he completes the World Championships healthy. If Poulin, DiPietro or Montoya come into camp injured/ineffective or sustain an injury they may well need Nabokov, who may want to be part of this team if an opportunity to start is provided.

What we need most here is more clarification of rules. Bottom line if the team files it appears Nabokov owes the team a year of service at salary he was claimed on waivers.
Some important Coliseum news on Thursday, too much innuendo surrounding Gary Bettman's nothing new statement on Islanders Friday, but obviously things have to start happening soon. Bettman's job is to push for a new/renovated arena and support a member of the Board of Governors.

The important news was in the NY Times (going pay subscription again) on 4/21 that I felt was a mistake so I did not post it here.

NY Times: Wrote about the Coliseum site with Kate Murray's comments.

For the Coliseum site, Hempstead will in the next few months be unveiling its alternative: a pared-down mixed-use zoning plan. It proposes 500 units of moderately priced and “work force” residences, said Kate Murray, the town supervisor, as well as hotels no taller than 10 stories, bicycle lanes, pedestrian walkways and the option to build convention facilities, shops, offices and entertainment sites, as well as refurbish the Coliseum. The new zone has 5.4 million square feet of development, versus as much as 13.5 million square feet in the Wang proposal.

That was “way too large for this 77-acre parcel,” Ms. Murray said.

NYIFC Comments:
I know, you saw this act last summer, but process now says TOH has to push through the same zoning you saw in that project last summer.

What folks forget here is TOH/Kate Murray's scaled-down development has to go through the exact same approval process as the Wang/Rechler proposal even if everyone's sees both proposals as futile.

TOH can take as long as possible (within guidelines) to push through their project(which is why eleven months just for re-zoning) but they cannot end process. The TOH must go through the motions, they must take their development project to completion with TOH approval and then force an official no from Wang/Rechler to vacate the current MOU regardless if we have their on the record comments via Mangano it's not viable for them.

This is all the end game for TOH/Murray to officially be the ones to tell the public they turned down our proposal, it's all about blame game. They are not going to vote down Wang-Rechler Lighthouse and be ones to take blame, they are going to force Wang-Rechler to formally reject their project.

All designed to go through motions and run out clock.

And it may well come down to Mangano blaming taxpayers, you turned down our referendum to finance a new Coliseum, nothing more I can do.

As for James Dolan's Newsday their end game is to run down the team, keep things negative from the former intern turned beatwriter (when will Grabner be signed/will Islanders be relocated poll?) drive away fans without the same level of coverage for any positive news or features via former Ranger beatwriters when it's time for additional coverage.

You think Newsday wants to hype Tavares, Moulson, Grabner or these kids? Token coverage at best/kind of like Msg+2.

It's not in their best interest on or off the ice.

Dolan's writers do what they are told or Chief Editor Debbie (website design) Krenek or Hank Winnicki (sports editor) will find someone to replace them as quickly as John Mancini was replaced here or as fast as Wallace Matthews quit. Many are long-time Ranger fans (Neil Best) and had plenty of enthusiasm running down Islanders before Cablevision purchased Newsday.

To be fair Ms Krenek held this position formerly at Daily News.

It's like the Dolan/Cablevision/Msg television coverage, keep the club hidden on stations like Msg+2 that produce lowest ratings, keep them off television as much as possible, hurt the brand because it's Msg competition and then simply write the team is not very popular with the public to justify these decisions and produce the ratings numbers via Msg media after the damage has been done.

Meanwhile spam their own teams 24/7 on both channels and during Islander games as this years latest twist.

No special programming, no preseason games on television/ITV/no Islanders in studio full time on Dolan's hockey show. No Msg telecast which Devils receive because they signed their agreement more recently and demanded better coverage as part of resigning.

Not believing this? Even the Red Bull had issues with Msg's branding of their product when they resigned their television agreement recently NY Post.

It was not only about money for Red Bull management, they wanted exposure for their team.

Why? The revenue the Dolan's can save on the Islanders vacated television contract combined with expanding his own teams brands (along with AHL team) back into Nassau County is worth hundreds of millions.

Cablevision/Dolan bought into Hartford and even recently insulted the Bridgeport Sound Tigers by naming their team Ct which is where the Islanders AHL team plays.

Msg may well spend 25 million to purchase the LA Forum here.

Is Nassau or TOH going to reject Cablevision renovating Coliseum to keep revenue for County/TOH if all these plans fail? Will Charles Wang, who owns hotel on that property regardless of what happens to the Islanders if he does not have a functional Coliseum on that site for future events?

I'm sorry, you have read this all here before here, however this is all one big endgame. Our fans may get the token editorials supporting the Islanders remaining at the Coliseum from Newsday, but continued poor media can kill a franchise. The kind the Dolan's teams never see in James Dolan's newspaper.

No team anywhere in North American sports has a media worse than the New York Islanders. It could be 1980-83 on the ice and the coverage and negative spin would be same, this goes beyond game results or the age of Nassau Coliseum or attendance at hockey games.

You believe the Canadian media does their own reporting on New York Islanders? They pick up blurbs from Dolan's paper and by the time they are done it's translated into another version with even more misinformation. Not even the Florida Panthers receive 1/10th of the mountain of negative coverage the New York Islanders receive.

Newsday will never fight for this team or show the enthusiasm for them they way the Pittsburgh media fought for Penguins, they will not even put up the fight the Arizona Republic does for the Coyotes.

Cablevision/Msg/Newsday has a vested interest in what they are doing, and it's not in the New York Islanders best interest.

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New York losses Robin Figren to Europe, McNeely Two-Way Contract

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/20/2011 06:14:00 PM | | | Comment Here

Islanders website: Announced Wednesday 4/20 that they have agreed to terms with forward Tyler McNeely on a one-year, two-way (NHL/AHL) contract.

Robin Figren, a restricted free agent has left the organization and signed in Europe with Linköping.

NYIFC Comments:
Figren's loss is not a footnote.

Figren was a third round pick in 2006, who the club put a lot of time and expense into so this is not a small loss by any means because after playing with the Oil Kings WHL (some may recall his wrist injury) the Islanders signed him but he wanted to play the first year of his contract in SEL with Djurgardens, his first year with Bridgeport was a learning experience but last season produced fourteen goals/thirty points.

As for Tyler McNeely, he had a good finish coming out of North Eastern University where he played the last four years before finishing season with Bridgeport.

Wetaskiwin Times: Report Bryan Trottier was mobbed for autographs at a 4/10 tournament.

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Blake Kessel Named Alternate Captain At UNH For 2011-12

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/20/2011 12:59:00 AM | | | Comment Here Report Islander prospect Blake Kessel was named an alternate captain in 2011-12 for the University of New Hampshire as he enters his junior season. Islander prospect Casey Cizikas comments on his upcoming series while Kirill Kabanov has had a great playoff for Lewiston here.

NYIFC Comments:
Some will recall Kessel was considering an offer recently to turn professional and sign with the Islanders. He can still turn professional and sign but this likely means he has decided to remain in school or this would not be announced.

Oshawa was eliminated from playoff contention. Calvin deHaan is signed, Tony Dehart has to be signed by next summer, however he is older and has seen a brief AHL stint before he was drafted.
Thrilled Grabner got past some writers vendetta's and will be a Calder finalist, my honest viewpoint is Jeff Skinner was the best rookie over six months and Grabner's assist total will hurt vs a player who is a more complete player at a younger age.

Sure Michael Grabner can win, he's dynamic and shows speed like no player in NHL and produced with a center/right wing that barely scored at even strength, what he did was amazing and few games he did not produce great chances in the second half.

I do believe Grabner will be a close second based on assist and the six month body of work and that's no knock on Grabner, who if he puts together six months like this next season will be MVP favorite and be over fifty goals.

Of course I'm hoping Grabner wins.
Most entertaining thing about new Comcast-Versus-NBC contract will be watching Flyers owner Ed Snider (Comcast) vs Dick Ebersol (NBC-Cablevision/Msg past ties) in a battle of massive ego's where Comcast has final say of how much the Flyers will be packaged and sold as America's NHL team. This was how they already were part of an outdoor game in Boston despite being mediocre overall. Ebersol's need to take over everything (Google Jay Leno vs Conan O'Brien) to get a good idea of what he is about and NYIFC archives has plenty on Ebersol and his past Msg connections.

Comcast and Ebersol are already fighting over next Olympics which is prime Ebersol territory. Snider is now Ebersol's boss with Sam Flood marching to beat of both.

Prediction-Ebersol will be gone sooner than later.

Of course Ed Snider/Flyers/Comcast/NBC merger money is paying the league this two billion which few will note.

Aside from that, it's an incredible financial victory NHL/Bettman and the league owners who no one would pay a few years ago to put on national television and took the risk to dump Espn who treated hockey like Msg hides Islanders/Devils. It will benefit the New York Islanders who will make more revenue off of it.

In term of on-air coverage, Ebersol will not permit Msg local competition to appear on NBC, he would not allow a Devils playoff game on a few years ago. For that to happen Snider's Flyers have to be involved.

National ratings for NY hockey have been horrible regular season and playoffs, among the worst of all markets because of baseball's enormous draw year-round. The media does not need hockey beyond Dolan's newspaper and Knick ad revenue.

Bottom line if you want to hurt another teams ratings, don't watch their games and give them a double or triple rating.

Why do you think hockey playoffs go to Msg+ and Knicks regular season is on Msg? If Islanders/Devils were still playing it would well hidden Msg2+2.
I'm putting this out there not because of media spin out of Canada, but the way the NHL Board of Governors does things when a league is in the rare horrible circumstance of running a franchise. If the Coyotes do not have a viable owner and financing by the point a new schedule is announced they will be moving by next season.

No chance the NHL is going to run/carry/operate/finance a franchise for a second straight season. No chance the City of Glendale is going to pay the NHL another 25m guarantee to offset losses for another year while league looks for owners again.

I feel terrible for their fans and the spin coming out of Canada to take away their franchise which literally drives away people from going to games and no doubt hurts the club in these playoffs. The Arizona Republic cannot outwork Canadian media or their perception machine.

All the talk/articles/spin aside. A approved sale has to happen now before league sits down to create a schedule or the clock runs out in Glendale.

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Shinnecock Nation Close To MOU With Nassau County

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/18/2011 10:27:00 PM | Comment Here

NY Post: Reports the Shinnecock Nation and Nassau County are close to a Memorandum of Understand to build a Casino next to the Nassau Coliseum site.

NYIFC Comments:
Basically repeats Mangano's speech from a week ago with this as first option. All I do know is if a new Memorandum of Understanding is done with Nassau County, that likely supersedes the one between Wang-Rechler to develop the property and that the Town of Hempstead cannot vote down any such project. Only Mangano knows where Coliseum/Wang/his Marriott hotel stand in this possible development that will not be permitted to drag out for years. Mangano is on record he will put a 400m dollar taxpayer referendum out for a brand new Nassau Coliseum as his final plan.

Still none of this explains how any current or future New York Islander owner or future owners can own a team that will be self-sustaining? It does not explain where Smg is with their future rights past 2015 to have a say in what's built on the property.

Charles Wang not only outright owns the hotel, he owns eight acres of land near that property.

Bruce Boudreau, hit the nail on the head.

This is a New York crowd come playoffs:

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Pat Bingham Out As Sound Tigers Interim Coach

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/13/2011 06:17:00 PM | Comment Here

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio had Pat Bingham's comments.

"I'd just like to thank the entire organization, from the owner to those 63 players. Mark Wotton, a great friend, a great leader," Bingham said.

"Management, Jack, Howard (Saffan, Bridgeport's president), the staff, everyone. I just hate to see it end." "We didn't win a lot, but we made a lot of strides. We got better. "The Islanders rebuild, I felt like a big part of it. Today, I don't."

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio reports Sound Tigers interim coach, Pat Bingham will not be back, however Matt Bertani is expected back as an assistant, along with trainer Mike Schroeder and equipment manager Leni DiCostanzo.

Mr Fornabaio reports Bingham seemed mostly shocked but thanked a bunch of people.

Bridgeport went 24-30-4-7 under Bingham after Jack Capuano went up to the Islanders on Nov. 15.

NYIFC Comments:
Pat Bingham was with the organization for five years.

I'm viewing this from afar and only by numbers.

Hard to see this making sense based on bringing back Jack Capuano, who's results were very similar under very rough circumstances and finished even better down the stretch than the Islanders.

If Garth Snow wanted to go in another direction and had someone pre-determined to be the choice they should not be locked into Pat Bingham's assistant so retaining the assistant limits an incoming coach.

I did not see anyone come up among the Bridgeport veterans/regulars who did not look prepared or out of place (conditioning) among Wishart, Joensuu, Katic among the many players (not counting ATO signings) Bingham was coaching.

Perhaps the deck is being cleared for Eric Cairns/Doug Weight/Mark Wotton or someone with coaching aspirations internally. No one coming from the outside is going to wish to inherit someone else's assistant.

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Bridgeport Sound Tigers Update: Pat Bingham's Interim Status?

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/12/2011 11:55:00 PM | | Comment Here

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio addresses the compete season in Bridgeport with speculation on the future of Interim Coach, Pat Bingham, along with player comment.

"I give credit to anybody and everybody who was here who tried to battle through," coach Pat Bingham said. "We didn't have a lot of slackers. We really didn't have any."

An organizational breakdown is also provided that list a signing deadline for prospect Brian Day, who is a college senior of 8/15.

NYIFC Comments:
All of the numbers are copied from the article. (below) I can add the club responded well to Josh Bailey going down, along with Jeremy Colliton's return to the organization. When both were called up to New York things really got off track.

Pat Bingham got a ton out of a lineup comprised largely of ATO signings down the stretch.

My viewpoint from afar is coach Pat Bingham and his assistant, Matt Bertani deserve a full season (contracts expiring) with a better mix of prospects and especially veterans to go with one more year from Captain Mark Wotton. If Bruno Gervais wants to return a two-way contract would be an alternative from Wotton.

David Ullstrom, Mark Katic, Justin DiBenedetto and Rhett Rakhshani had excellent seasons.

From Mr Fornabaio's numbers:
Bridgeport lost 380 man-games to injury, a team record. (with smaller roster)

Only four teams in the past 15 AHL seasons used more players than Bridgeport's 62 this year.

On Dec. 31, the Sound Tigers were 18-14-1-2. Then January was the worst month in team history. Then February was the second-worst month. On the morning of March 13, Bridgeport was 21-36-3-5, having gone 3-22-2-3 in the meantime.

They went 9-3-1-2 in their last 15 games, After winning just six of their first 33 road games, they won six of their last seven.

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Jack Capuano Video Interview 4/12/2011 On Being Head Coach

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/12/2011 10:49:00 PM | Comment Here

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New York Has Fifth Selection In 2011 Draft

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/12/2011 08:32:00 PM | Comment Here

The New York Islanders will have the fifth selection in the 2011 draft based on Tuesday's NHL lottery result, basically the worst possible result of what could have happened.

NYIFC Comments:
I don't believe another pic of Bill Daly with another Islander logo makes much difference anymore and hopefully this is the final time we see the New York Islanders in one of these unless a team trades them a future lottery pick.

This blog has not done the research on the draft class of 2010-11. NYIFC has added/moved things on sidebars to provide our readers more information. Obviously the outstanding work of E.J McGuire will be greatly missed by hockey fans around the world.

As for June in Minnesota, we'll see where the Islanders go with the pick. Another trade down/up or perhaps for an actual player? We have over two and a half months to speculate.

For those believing the organization has enough prospects, many have graduated to AHL level either with the Islanders or were not signed. One look at the updated NYIFC prospect blog here shows a lot of forwards on paper but many may never be signed.

Remaining defenders: Calvin deHaan (signed) Tony deHart, Shane Sims (must be signed upon graduation) and Blake Kessel. (deciding whether to sign/return to school)

In goal it's Anders Nilsson (must be signed this summer) and Cody Rosen in goal.

Thomas Marcinko, Jesse Joensuu, Robin Figren are all RFA, it's possible one or more may not return. I can keep listing Troy Mattila/other college players yet to graduate and there are some forward prospects in the system like David Toews, Brock Nelson, Jason Clark (among others) but depth goes quickly.

An NHL team building from within must be dedicated to a fault adding talent to sustain it's success long-term. The time will come where this franchise will not be able to keep everyone out of Okposo, Tavares, Bailey, Hamonic, deHaan or whoever else emerges as top level talent from within.

This happens all over the NHL as few players stay with one franchise their entire career.

Bottom line you can never have enough prospects.

The twitter box will return Wednesday at 3pm, unless something major happens it's time for a break after stepping things up here down the stretch.

If coverage of the World Championships here it will be infrequent, no special section will be created.

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New York Names Jack Capuano Head Coach

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/12/2011 01:44:00 PM | | Comment Here

Islanders website: Announced that they have removed the “interim” label from Head Coach Jack Capuano’s title.

Later in the day the teams website had more more from General Manager, along with several of the players here.

“We have made tremendous strides as a team this season under Jack’s direction and I’m confident that he’s the right person to lead the Islanders into the playoffs,” said Islanders General Manager Garth Snow. “Jack’s work ethic and familiarity with the numerous players on our roster has eased his adjustment to the NHL and we look forward to him taking the Islanders to the next level.”

“I’m extremely excited to remain the Head Coach of the Islanders,” Capuano said. “The organization has built a tremendous core of players here and I look forward to helping the Islanders become a consistent contender for years to come.”

Daily News Espn Canadian Press: Have more from General Manager, Garth Snow and Jack Capuano.

NYIFC Comments:
Congratulations to Jack Capuano, who came in not really deserving this opportunity based on Bridgeport's struggles when he was given the interim assignment, however absolutely produced a lot of positive results and progression from young players to where he earned the chance to come back next season as head coach.

Overall his familiarity with the organization, the clubs rebound in the second half and ability to compete in most games with so many regulars out made this an easy choice.

The team at it's worst point were 5-18-5, Capuano got it down to five under before finishing nine under with one veteran defender. It really goes beyond numbers to how the club competed most games.

Did Scott Gordon receive a fair opportunity given same circumstances? No. If next year's club sees another six hundred man games lost Jack Capuano will not be able to overcome that to where the club can consistently move up the standings.

What remains to be decided is the status of Scott Gordon's assistant coaches along with Pat Bingham in Bridgeport, although NY Post part time writer, Brett Cyrgalis speculates Scott Allen, Dean Chynoweth will be retained.

Scott Gordon for his part will absolutely resurface with another NHL coaching job, and likely after team USA concludes the World Championships.


Ed Mangano's 4/11/2011 Statement On Nassau Coliseum Future

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/11/2011 08:59:00 PM | | | | Comment Here

Long Island Business News: Ed Mangano gave his State of the County speech on 4/11 with comments on the future of the Nassau Coliseum/New York Islanders.

LIBN site had pdf file or each page listed individually, the content regarding the Islanders/Coliseum is on page eight.

As you know, I have not been shy about my plans to develop the area near Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum and Mitchel Field into a sports-entertainment destination center. For too long, Nassau Coliseum and the property that surrounds it has laid to waste rather than generate revenue for the County that can help hold the line on property taxes.

The aging Coliseum is no longer competitive with other sports complexes and conference centers around the region and nation.

Long Island's only professional sports team, the NY Islanders, have threatened to leave Nassau County in three years if a new Coliseum is not built. To construct a new Coliseum, an investment of nearly $400 million would be necessary. Several options have been explored to keep our Islanders and build a new Nassau Coliseum…

Option one was for a sustainable mixed use development which hasn't proven economically viable at this time.

Option two is a public-private inter-nation partnership with the Shinnecock Nation to develop a gaming casino on the land that surrounds the Nassau Coliseum. This project would include a hotel and conference center, a newly refurbished Nassau Coliseum and restaurants and stores.

Finally, option three is to ask homeowners via referendum whether they wish to fund the construction of a new Coliseum.

Regardless of your preference, we must all agree that the status quo is not the answer. It never is. A project of this magnitude would create thousands of jobs, generate hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue annually and would increase tourism in Nassau County. Best yet, it would help keep our New York Islanders here in Nassau County.

Over the coming months, I will seek public input on these options and work with community leaders to address any and all concerns. While I am excited about the opportunity of developing a sports-entertainment destination center in Nassau County, I am still focused on helping create and retain other jobs throughout all areas of the County.

NYIFC Comments:
Charles Wang is on record as saying the team will be here through the end of it's lease and is not for sale, he paid for rights to run the Coliseum through the end of the lease but there is an out in that clause.

Mr Wang outright owns the Marriott Hotel.

Only Mr Wang/Rechler know if both run the Coliseum via Smg amended agreement.

There is no MOU between Nassau County only with Charles Wang. Scott Rechler must be included, they were both approved as developers.

As for Mr Mangano's comments Monday, nothing new but clock is ticking louder.

It seems his final card is to dump it in the taxpayers laps via referendum, something that did not happen with Yankees/Mets taxpayer bonds, the Garden's forever tax exepmtions, the Prudential Center, Atlantic Yards or the new Meadowlands Stadium infrastructure.

Agreements got done behind closed doors, taxpayers had to pay for parts of what was agreed to.

Obviously all three alternatives have been mentioned in the past year or long before. It's easy for a New York Islander Fan not living in Nassau to write pay up for a new building but reality is the tax exepmtions/construction bonds or infrastructure all other local teams fans had to pay for to keep their teams.

Fans in Nassau County will now have to do likewise if it comes down to final alternative. That alternative does not guarantee Wang signing a new lease or revenue from a taxpayer funded facility.

I wrote in the last year it's time for Nassau County to pay up like other teams fans had to for their teams. If Kate Murray only wants her suburbia this is the position she has put folks in herself.

I have posted tons of articles on how every other local government had the taxpayers absorb the burden on construction/infrastructure or bonds/exemptions.

Reality is Charles Wang is not paying for a new building that he cannot make any money running plus give out massive front-loaded contracts for hockey players when teams in modern buildings with high ticket prices are bleeding red ink already.

Nothing new today but no doubt New York Islander fans have an interest. The State of the County address date has nothing to do with the conclusion of the New York Islanders season.
Al Montoya will participate for team USA at the World Championships.

Some NYIFC tweaks, the scoreboards gone for summer, free agent status/draft/prospects take over for the NHL writers twitter.

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Current Roster Status For New York & Bridgeport

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/10/2011 11:20:00 PM | Comment Here

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio has the roster status of most players in organization entering the summer so I wanted to include it here. He does have a question on Dylan Reese.

(Numbers in parentheses for signed players are years remaining on the contract; those without numbers are signed only through next season.)

SIGNED: Rick DiPietro (10), Al Montoya, Kevin Poulin (2), Mark Streit (2), Calvin de Haan (3), Mark Eaton, Travis Hamonic, Milan Jurcina, Mark Katic, Mike Mottau, Andrew MacDonald (3), Trent Hunter (2), Matt Martin, Matt Moulson (3), Nino Niederreiter (3), Frans Nielsen, P.A. Parenteau, John Tavares

GROUP II: Josh Bailey, Blake Comeau, Michael Grabner, Micheal Haley, Jesse Joensuu, Kyle Okposo, Bruno Gervais, Jack Hillen, Dylan Reese (V-320), Ty Wishart

GROUP III: Trevor Gillies, Zenon Konopka, Doug Weight, Radek Martinek, Evgeni Nabokov (if his contract isn’t tolled)

SIGNED: Mikko Koskinen, Matt Donovan (3), Anton Klementyev (2), Aaron Ness (3), Justin DiBenedetto, Rhett Rakhshani, Tony Romano, David Ullstrom (2)

GROUP II: Dustin Kohn, Robin Figren, Tomas Marcinko, Rob Hisey

GROUP III: Andy Hilbert (V), Jeremy Yablonski (V-320), Nathan Lawson, Joel Martin

GROUP VI: Jeremy Colliton (V)

AHL (unrestricted): Mark Wotton (V), Matt Campanale, Brett Motherwell, Benn Olson, Corey Syvret, Steve Tarasuk, Chris Barton, Jean Bourbeau, Brett Gallant, Phil Ginand, Tyler McNeely, Shayne Neigum, Joe Pereira, Mike Sellitto, Mike Sgroi, Justin Taylor

UNSIGNED DRAFT PICK: Brian Day (free agent if not signed by Aug. 15)
ELIGIBLE FOR NHL DRAFT: Art Bidlevskii, Alex O’Neil, Cameron Wind

Group II players are restricted free agents. The other free agents are all unrestricted. (V) indicates he’ll be a veteran next year. (V-320) means he qualifies as that one exempt player a night with 320 or fewer pro games.

I’m not positive on Reese, and if I was thinking ahead, I’d have asked him, ’cause he and a few other guys were here. Reese is 25 with less than 80 NHL games, but I think this was only his second year on an NHL contract.

NYIFC Comments:
Prospect blog has been updated to include all changes for 2011-12, including the ending of the Odessa affiliation.

Saw mistakes on Rakhshani who was a rookie this season and signed a three year contract last year and Klementyev who just completed his second season with Bridgeport but Mr Fornabaio will make necessary corrections.

As for overall prospect base: Shane Simms, Casey Cizikas, Brian Day and Anders Nilsson are to the best of my knowledge the players who must be signed by 6/1 or their 22nd birthday or upon graduation from college.

Kirill Kabanov was drafted last summer, the Islanders retain his rights for another season even with questions on transfer agreement with Russian.

Kirill Petrov's contract has another year to run in Russia.

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