Goaltending Plan For New York A Problem

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Simply put, how do you keep six goaltenders sharp/effective for what is two starting spots when all of them need to start, with many/most coming off surgeries?

What happens to the two goaltenders on the outside?

New York Notables/Players On The Clock

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Blake Comeau signing for over two million is a nice raise, but far below market value for players with back to back twenty goal seasons.
Our plan for a top four defender?
Let Calvin deHaan play here and win the Calder next season, making a run at the Norris.

Absolutely want to see Mark Katic's skating get a full look here.
With prospect camp opening September 9th, that is likely the time the club has to complete a new contract with Josh Bailey, with Charles Wang's rule looming on players not signed by opening of camp.

The owner/gm do not need another headache, but it's complicated. Bailey saw what Okposo received, his agent will want the same, perhaps not back-loaded?

When Garth Snow is quoted in a professional newspaper as saying he made an offer to Alexei Yashin, there is something to discuss here, not before.

Mark Gandler comes off like a used-car salesman every year, Yashin deserves better from his agent.
* If there is a crush of teams competing for Blake Kessel's services, I guess we missed it?

* Graduated prospects Brian Day/Shane Sims, both have 8/15 deadlines to sign professional contracts with the Islanders or they are available to any team.

* Getting late for Jack Hillen as well.
* Nothing about Dustin Kohn/Mark Wotton.
Because again we are being asked. Regarding NYIFC in 2011-12, all that can be guaranteed is the domain is paid until October, the arena circumstances have never played any part of NYIFC future, it never will.

Beyond that nothing will be written on this subject moving forward until it's decided to renew the domain for another year. If not, NYIFC will simply disappear.

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Projecting Out Coliseum End Game Long-Term

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Now things get tough folks, everyone took their out but Charles Wang.

Sorry to write everything short of Ed Magano's Casino idea for the Coliseum site (which he quickly killed) is playing out exactly as projected here. Kate Murray sat in silence, she's not going to be blamed or remembered for a referendum defeat.

Mangano got from plan A through plan C, very quickly from his NYIFC Blog Entry 4/11 Press Conference until now.

Now the land is anyone's to develop via an upcoming RFP without a new Nassau Coliseum.

Mangano's doing exactly as projected, playing the will of the people card, he's used his out.

No doubt he told Charles Wang, I just spent two million dollars in loyalty, took a huge political beating doing an August election, I have done enough.

It's also fair to write perhaps Mangano also told Wang, get in line like everyone else and win another bid, which frankly should be too insulting for him at this point (hundreds of millions in losses) and likely impossible financially without another Scott Rechler.

Kate Murray (not sure if she commented) got her name mentioned for her new zone which can get her best interest (her political developers) on the property, after total silence since May press conference.

Charles Wang stayed true to forum, he went right back into get the focus back on hockey, he deserves highest marks for that, eliminating distractions, but it's not helping himself long-term.

Wang should have pointed out how Mike Bloomberg got every other local team a stadium in the backroom via the taxpayers without a public referendum.

Mangano and TOH are going to make the best business deal for Nassau County, there will be no inside advantage for Wang being the anchor tenant of a building that has to be replaced, unless this upcoming RFP is for Mangano to come back and declare all these plans are not viable, we need a new Coliseum.

That's highly unlikely.

Mangano made this a public referendum to avoid political blame long-term, not to attach his political career to a forty year old building, and put himself back on the hook.

Bottom line, the right developer comes in with money to develop the entire site within Murray's zone without a Nassau Coliseum, the Islanders will have to relocate.

Why would any private company build a new Nassau Coliseum for Charles Wang to be the new Smg, and make all the revenue from it?

Cablevision can come in and bid on an arena for themselves as well, kicking out the Islanders for their team of choice, I don't see that coming for a while.

Charles Wang (unless he was told otherwise which is unlikely) has to get back in line now with everyone else wanting to build on that site if he has any interest at all?

Wang's hotel cannot be removed which is his tie to that site beyond 2015, and could make things tough for another developer.

It's also been made clear via Howard Saffan, Bridgeport ownership of the building in Ct signed this summer is going nowhere along with the Sound Tigers, who are owned by Charles Wang.

Obviously unless Cablevision wants to give Charles Wang a big TV contract buyout, it's in his best interest to keep the team local.

The non-sense in Brooklyn and Queens is just that, politicians can talk, they cannot get people to spend close to a billion dollars on a facility in Flushing.

The site itself could take years to prepare for any kind of construction.

Wang wants the team at his hotel next to the Coliseum, unless there is an outside buyer for the team and someone with the money to build an arena and start construction on Shea Stadium parking lot by next summer that is not happening. Mike Bloomberg (friends with Dolan again) is not getting away with any more taxpayer bonds in backrooms for a Queens arena.

The deadline for RFP in Queens/Willets Point was moved back four weeks, tons of competition there also.

Maybe Wang or someone takes the team to Brooklyn and they create enough capacity, but the revenue from all events will not be with the Islander owner as a renter.

As for Monday night, the Nassau legislature soon enough would have been defeating the Coliseum referendum approval vote. Can you picture Peter Schmitt, approving a property tax increase along with other legislators throwing away their re-elections?

Now it get's tough. The framework is there for a Coliseum deal, but will Mangano jump back in or simply rubber stamp the best potential deal when an RFP is ready, and protect his political career?

Mangano's used his out, the best deal moving forward wins, does Charles Wang want to go through that again?

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Newspaper Editorials Based On Lies Not Credible

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NY Times: had enough money in their budget they never have for New York Islander hockey coverage, to provide space for an editorial again ripping the Coliseum referendum Wednesday.

If Mr. Wang needs a new arena, let him build it. Last we checked, professional sports was still a private (and highly lucrative) business, not a public utility.

NY Daily News: Again continued their editorial practice of selective amnesia on 8/3 regarding funding for all local stadiums projects.

NYIFC Comments:
Sure seems like we have read/seen a lot of that, apparently those rules only apply to the New York Islanders, not every other team that got huge taxpayer money or permanent exemptions.

If editorials are going to be based upon outright lies, what's the point of writing them? The Daily News several times pulled this same junk, same as the Post, even insulting everyone's intelligence to a point they wrote the Yankees and Mets privately financed their stadiums?

What's the point of doing editorials based upon lies/selective reporting, when their own paper reported the facts about enormous taxpayer financing for those projects?

There are tons of articles from the same NY Times that the Yankees and Mets received huge taxpayer funds for their stadiums here here here here.

Is it all about the Times, News and Post are too cheap to cover New York Islander hockey? Is their end game to save on coverage permanently? Anyone who could find the Dolan's lukewarm/half-baked Newsday endorsement after weeks of negative coverage that already got out their true message (come to our taxpayer exempt building getting eleven million dollars a year permanently in NYC) should know better.

Reality is the Times, News and Post need NY baseball teams, and their advertising budgets, so they looked the other way on financing or wrapped themselves (like Mike Bloomberg) in a sea of baseball propaganda when it's taxpayer money for something that helps their business, however when it teams they can save money on not by not coveting them they present editorials based on lies?

That's where Charles Wang and especially Howard Saffan should focus their disappointment and anger, along with Ed Mangano making this a public issue in the first place. If this was a referendum for something Dolan/Cablevision wanted built not one negative word would have been printed in Newsday.

Not like these editorials are going to even give you an honest history. Funny, but I never saw in all the Yankee/Steinbrenner outright threats one word that the Yankees or Mets should fund it themselves. Not even in 1971 when Mayor Lindsay ran right to the taxpayers to renovate Yankee Stadium to keep the team from relocating.

But why write editorials on the facts?

That would be bad for the NY Times, NY Daily News and NY Post advertising and their bottom line covering baseball. You think the NY Times hockey bloggers are going to risk their credential and correctly point out the entire history?

Look how hard, Ken Belson and Dave Caldwell got busy to push the Islanders out the door in the Times? So transparent and downright dishonest.

Think a blogger who the NY Times backed last November, is going to question the NY Times?

All one big lie.
* Anyone else actually believe Ted Nolan was going to stay in Rochester when Buffalo bought the affiliate do not have long memories? No chance Darcy Regier or Lindy Ruff would not have one bit of that.

Welcome to Latvia, Ted Nolan.

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Blake Comeau Resigns With New York/Notables

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If Charles Wang issued a press release here.

Islanders website: Announced today that Blake Comeau has agreed to terms on a one-year deal.

NYIFC Comments:
Our fans could use some positive news, and a hockey signing of a player avoiding arbitration is just that.

Twenty four goal players are not easy to find on the open market, and this organizations left wing prospect depth took a hit this summer with the loss of Jason Gregiore, along with the Bridgeport losses.

Color make shocked the Devils took Trent Hunter in a trade, then bought him out given he passed his physical. The entire NHL passing on Hunter in waivers says a lot about how far his stock has fallen because of his injuries. I keep seeing Mark Parrish when his full-time NHL days were winding down.

These notions the Islanders are operating at a floor contradict the past before a salary floor when they were spending forty million, and last season when somehow this franchise supposedly scraping the floor traded 4.5m in salary last December?

The club easily could have kept Hunter and his cap hit instead of trading it if there was this scramble to reach a floor, especially if another injury would have insurance cover his salary.

This blog was no fan of Rolston last December, even at half that price on re-entry waivers, however he had an outstanding second half, plays all three positions, and is reportedly good for a lockeroom.

So far this summer Garth Snow replaced two players with three goals/eleven points with twenty seven goals/sixty six points.

All the one goal games, that cannot hurt.

Evgeny Nabokov, says last year, he was going through a rough time physically and mentally? Ok, fair enough.

Come to camp, quietly work hard and be the player he was two years ago.

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Mangano's 8/2 Press Conference On Coliseum Future

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/02/2011 03:51:00 PM | Comment Here

Updated 5pm:
Nassau County Website: Has Ed Mangano's full nineteen minute press conference on 8/2 with questions and answers.

Updated 3:35pm
Mr Mangano responded via twitter to our question on an 8/12 deadline for RFP with the following:

This is not a RFP request. We just want ideas submitted so we can create the RFP. The 12th is a loose deadline

AP: had an article on Mangano's press conference and that anyone, including Charles Wang, can submit a proposal for the Coliseum site. Also no public money can be used for any development project.

NYIFC Comments:
In short, Charles Wang has to bid to retain the team there past 2015 or someone willing to buy the team from him must bid and construct a Coliseum with no public money.

The door is now wide-open for any development, that if approved, would remove the Islanders after 2015, along with the Nassau Coliseum afterward. Construction on other projects could begin before 2015, as the Islanders are only a tenant.

About what was expected in early May. This was Kate Murray's plan all along for her zoning, now we see if her developers can get something constructed with the long-term slate on the land blank.

Problem there is Charles Wang's hotel belongs to him and is not leased only until 2015, but permanently.

Of course there is the Dolan factor long-term, do not see them jumping in when it would be unpopular, but after the Islanders exit ticket is stamped, they did plenty to win the sound bite game for the other side, long before their luke-warm endorsements.

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No More Excuses 16,000 Must Attend Games

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/02/2011 12:32:00 PM | Comment Here

67,000+ people in Nassau County alone voted YES on Monday, they should now be putting their money where they vote was.

All the folks, who voted YES, those who voted no, most had one thing in common, they wanted to keep the team here.

Your tax money is not going toward a building anymore, go purchase some tickets.

Perhaps that will make Charles Wang, less heartbroken, as he understandably should be for again spending money to be slapped around like a hockey puck by politics.

67,000 said Yes on Monday just in Nassau County alone. All it takes it's 16,000 people to get involved, not counting 30-40 percent of the season tickets based outside Nassau County per Charles Wang, who all wished they could vote YES Monday.

You want to force the politicians to keep the team here? Very simple.

You do that by filling the Nassau Coliseum for every single game. This team has games with four digit attendance, that has to stop immediately. The days of staying home until the club wins will get this team moved, new building or not.

We had two recent entries on this 5/31/11: Why Are We Here Now Blame Yourselves? & 6/3/11: Only Way To Save The New York Islanders Is Purchase Tickets

Unlike Monday, this is something not relegated to Nassau County, anyone can get involved and purchase tickets.

Howard Milstein long ago said fill the building first, I'm sorry, but the fans now have to fill the building immediately, regardless of poor and indifferent television and media coverage.

Regardless of what happens on the ice.

Charles Wang did what he usually does Monday, try to take away the distractions and put the focus on hockey.

Vote Yes on Season Tickets.

Trent Hunter: Has cleared NHL waivers, with a buyout expected.

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Referendum Defeated: Wang, Mangano Comment

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/01/2011 11:45:00 PM | Comment Here

Islanders website: Has Charles Wang's comments on the defeat of the referendum & additional entry with comments from Wang, Garth Snow and Ed Mangano.

ITV.com: Has several video interviews.

News12 Live Press Conference Concluded: Ed Mangano kept saying he will continue to work to keep the Islanders here, and find additional options for the property.

News12: Full press conference.

Charles Wang:
1. Disappointed with outcome and heartbroken/emotional, did not want to make any comments or specifics on next steps.

2.Thanked all his employees and interns.
3.Thanked all the groups who worked for a Yes Vote.
4.Thanked his friend, Ed Mangano, and his staff for getting out facts.

Felt soundbites decided issue, was very emotional. Is committed to Nassau Coliseum, will honor his lease for next four seasons, cannot wait for puck to drop with training camp, talked about season opener.

Ended with Let's Go Islanders to applause.

Garth Snow was also heartbroken, said he would keep working to build a winning team.

NYIFC Comments:
I know folks will jump to conclusions, fueled by media....please stop because it's a lot of sensationalism, nothing more. Tune out the media spin, and use your own judgment.

As written Saturday this was never a vote on the popularity of the New York Islanders, it failed in Pittsburgh for the Steelers, it's failed in other placed and things eventually got done.

Over 67,000 people in a place where thirty-forty percent of the season tickets were outside of Nassau County, committed to a thirty year tax increase of fifty eight dollars. It's hardly a defeat in these economic times.

An arena project will be approved here sooner or later, unless Mangano is determined to move on.

If this vote took place in the Bronx to give the Yankees more money it would have been overwhelmingly rejected, same as any team in New York or New Jersey. Newark would have voted Corey Booker into oblivion if he tried to do the Purdential Center in a public referendum, same as Ed Koch in 1981 when Msg was threatening to leave.

The New York Islanders did not have a politician willing to get it done in the backroom like everyone else, we had Ed Mangano.

This defeat was about tax increases at a horrible time, nothing more.

Charles Wang said Monday morning, there are four more hockey seasons here, and that means there is time for another plan.

The framework is there for a compromise deal, it's going to get ugly, my thoughts are like most places it will get done.

Monday was the day to congratulate Charles Wang, all the folks who worked so hard to get out a YES vote, and the people from the Islander staff, who have worked non-stop since early May. They did the NHL draft, prospect camp, and a daily campaign since May.

Charles Wang, sure did predict the rain, I wonder if the storms came at the wrong time vs earlier when the older demographics likely would have been against it?

Judging by the results, sadly we got the turnout wrong, but the result correct.

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Referendum Failing As of 11:30 PM HUGE

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/01/2011 11:02:00 PM | Comment Here

Referendum is now failing as of 11:25 pm with fifty four percent of votes counted, the margin has grown from 6,000 down to now over 11,000 down.


Fifty eight percent vs Forty Two Percent.

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Updated 7/31: Expecting A No Vote Monday Or Later & Then It Gets Ugly/Approved

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/30/2011 09:14:00 AM | Comment Here

Relax about Monday regardless, that's NYIFC message to all it's readers.

Of course vote YES early and often.

Polls open at 6am, close at 9pm. Decision could come via exit polls projections earlier or if it goes into overtime days/weeks.

Board of Elections: will have have numbers.

Updated 7/31:
Folks have asked, I expect at least a twenty point defeat of the referendum. We provide our reasons below. NYIFC is not a political blog, so take it as the guess work it's intended to be, hope our thoughts are incorrect.

Practically everyone has done their partisan dances, or given their endorsements, lukewarm or otherwise. The silly, biased or uninformed season of media misinformation is almost finished with the sensationalism.

A day more of this, then a vote on Monday, which at best brings it to a legislature brick wall/dead end.

Never believe this is a referendum of the teams fan support, not even the strongest political opposition wants this team to go anywhere or that building to close. Even Jay Jacobs--was adamant about keeping Charles Wang and the Islanders here, despite his comical grasp of the issue.

The Pittsburgh Steelers referendum failed in 1997, this is not about the teams popularity, but taxpayers being asked to spend money.

Charles Wang was fantastic. He has a ton of people to thank Monday, starting with his staff, who have worked very hard all summer.

Hopefully he keeps it classy because in a lot of ways he has won regardless, everyone now knows about the Nassau Coliseum issue, about the New York Islanders with coverage even a Stanley Cup would not have brought to this problem.

I fully expect a NO vote on Monday, then it gets ugly for a while.

Even if this does pass by some chance, no way it receives a super-majority when it's this polarized. When you have people like Jay Jacobs comical idea of PSL's leading the opposition, it's like getting past Kate Murray and those who owns her.

Not happening on those terms. Even Wang said Friday he does not know if he has Kate Murray's support.

No chance NIFA endorses a Mangano plan if that miracle happened.

As I wrote in the beginning back in May expect Ed Mangano to hide behind the will of the people, and use his out. Then it's up to Charles Wang to explore his options, that he's locked into over the next four years unless he has a buyer willing to take on the current lease now?

Bottom line, Mangano-Wang have their out, however this was all done to stay in.

It will get unpleasant, it has to, but it may be the only way to arrive at a solution.

Referendum's have failed and later been constructed.

I have changed views on this because it comes down to individuals, who have worked desperately hard to make this happen.

NYIFC initial instinct was eventual approval of a deal, we're going to stick with it.

Why A No Vote Projection Now:
This is a huge public issue, front-page news for weeks locally, getting national attention. Our guess is very strong turnout regardless of 8/1 date. I would also speculate a defeat of the referendum by a huge margin of over twenty percent.

Wang's interview on WFAN about thirty-forty percent of the season ticket base living outside Nassau County, so many folks writing, I wish I could vote but do not live in Nassau.

It's been the single greatest consistent trend.

Many Nassau residents worried about survival day to day in horrible economic times, vs many more who don't know the difference between a doughnut or a puck?

I have read far too much of it and respect that view, it's overwhelming and nothing to do with a sports team. The Yankees would lose by twenty percent in the Bronx, but Mike Bloomberg is not Ed Mangano and makes sure these are approved in the backroom in a sea of pro baseball propaganda.

Add in the incredible horrid luck of a national default as a backdrop on 8/2 if that is not enough?

The fan/community support has been incredible, it's not a defeat of the Islanders or sports, just higher taxes.

16,000 people need to fill those seats every game next season to force politicians to keep working at it, buying season tickets 8/2 is what makes Wang keep trying, and where every yes voter should put their money on regardless of Monday.

The misguided Long Island campaign (by Wang/Islanders) for a New York team over so many years never got the message this is a New York franchise, same as the other teams who got something built here.

That kind of support mandated deals had to be done behind closed doors, many took years and several false stats, but everyone locally got their agreement.

The Long Island campaign contributed to less media/less interest which equals less fan support, it also invited more biased media against the club taking liberties or to drop/limit coverage and drive away fans.

Win or lose Monday, the New York Islanders/Charles Wang have won already in several ways, receiving genuine support at the worst possible economic times from so many.

We hope this has no effect on immediate player negotiations with Bailey or Comeau.

Next on the Coliseum:
The framework is there for a compromise deal on a new Coliseum, it's likely going to get unpleasant for a while, with the usual Canadian outlets going into full Phoenix mode fueling strong national reaction/misinformation.

Unfortunate, however that comes with the territory.

As written above, it all comes down to Ed Mangano and Charles Wang. Are they enemies by this time next week with an idea the other cannot support? Are Mangano/Wang finished trying, or do they refuse to give up?

Charles Wang is not doing this for real estate anymore, it was kind of dragged out in interviews he's only paying 25m above 350m for construction overages, and it's his option to walk away beyond that. Mangano's general fund is no guarantee to taxpayers supporting this of a clear return which was no favor to Wang.

Wang said probably not on financing a building himself, however did not give an outright no.

If Mangano has a quick plan B, that could be something that forces a Coliseum back to the forefront....or not.

Remember Ed Mangano said he approached Charles Wang with this idea.

If Charles Wang has had enough of trying, it would be impossible to blame him however he's committed to his lease over the next four years (unless Mangano let's him out) his hotel and cable contract are not going anywhere, or his deal in Bridgeport signed this summer.

He has financial reasons to keep working and thousands of people in his corner.

One thing everyone agrees on they don't want the Coliseum closed or the Islanders to leave, that's a good start to the eventual compromise written about in May here.

Hopefully that places negotiations in the backrooms and a deal everyone can sign on to without the political football I have been writing about back in May.

Sadly virtually everything has played out exactly as projected here, there really has been no reason to write any blog entries beyond a few brief updates. Dolan's coverage has done a great deal to hurt a yes vote, lukewarm endorsements notwithstanding.

Monday win or lose is not going to bring a new Coliseum, only more debate, which can always continue.

If anything the only blog entry, NYIFC wanted to do was on the departure of a first class gentleman in Trent Hunter and the best of luck to him moving forward.

Bergen Record: Has Trent Hunter's first comments since leaving the Islanders.

"I’ve been there just as long as Charles and he’s been working so hard to get that building, so I really hope for him and the organization that it goes through because he really deserves it."

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UPDATED 7/30: Dolan's Newsday & Those Who Need Him Cannot Be Trusted On Nassau Coliseum Referendum Reporting/Coverage

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/17/2011 05:58:00 PM | 1 Comments

Updated 7/30:
Nice to see a Cablevision/Newsday lukewarm endorsement has finally arrived, good luck finding it buried in an article packed with downside before you get to it.

Overall it came off as forced and written as a transparent deflection of being the company that would directly benefit by everyone going to NYC, the downside of the project got the greater depth and billing.

Of course, the damage has already been done already by Newsday to influence a no vote.

Lou Lamoriello, as usual, proves himself to be one of the classiest ambassadors of our sport.

Updated 7/29:
I feel bad for Charles Wang having to run around like this and fight so hard.

Mr Wang's been fantastic getting his message out on every level displaying dignity & class, with the energy of a man half his age. Another interview Thursday NHL.com

Has any owner in this town ever fought so hard or been this visible, as other teams received huge taxpayer funded modern buildings in backrooms?

Updated 7/28:
Regarding Dolan owned media, do not fall for this transparent shell game folks. The people who have the most to gain by defeating this referendum are not going to come out and say so directly, the people involved in sports, and their support are of course genuine and above this.

Glen Sather's turn for a whole-hearted statement of support, the dancing employees then enter on cue, while those who need Msg access for their business benefit sing for their supper/credential by over-hyping it.

Is an Isiah Thomas endorsement next?

Meanwhile the Dolan family crucial voter influence (News12/Cablevision/Msg/Newsday) that spread to other media outlets, quickly provide negative referendum coverage the higher billing/depth with the other hand.

All this discussion about revenue going to NYC if the Coliseum closes for events. Who owns the permanent tax exemption Cablevision Garden? James Dolan.

Shell game.

Meanwhile, nothing on their own companies huge financial gain by by the Islanders leaving has been reported, or the yearly cable contract revenue at stake until 2030 which should be stamped on all coverage.

Democratic Party Chairman, Jay Jacobs, horrible WFAN appearance, was barely a footnote in Dolan owned Newsday. Nothing from the political reporters on Jacobs classless twitter message insulting Islander fans, then telling people to vote no?

Mangano is not legally allowed to tell people to vote one way or another.

Mr Jacobs sophomoric performance was not even mentioned on Dolan-owned News12 Wednesday night ninety minute special?

A lot of voters have been influenced already and likely know where they stand. If a very late Newsday transparent endorsement happens does it even change anyone's mind, is it be page one or will it be top billing for something negative?

A very respectful Thank You to Mr Sather, who scored the first goal ever at the Nassau Coliseum in an exhibition game. Fair to write most New York Islander fans do not want him to go anywhere either.

Updated 7/22:
James Dolan (ten seconds/less) were one of many celebrities in a one minute ITV spot on 7/22, where he encouraged everyone to vote for thousands of jobs on 8/1.

The New York Islanders were not mentioned.

James Dolan's media coverage (since 1998 on television/purchasing Newsday) is what reflects his true overall voice/agenda. This may not be the last Dolan moment before 8/1 because no doubt Wang has demanded for him to finally show some half-hearted support after his team has been treated so poorly on television and in his newspaper.

I'm not sure if this is what they had in mind.

Dolan's personal appearance likely only hurts any effort because of how unpopular he is generally perceived.

Let's see some ads supporting this project on Msg/Msg+ run next week like Knick ads during Islander games. They can run them like Ranger updates during the last Islander game in Philadelphia.

Our viewpoint stands, no doubt those who need James Dolan for a credential or whatever else, will hype those ten seconds to dismiss the last thirteen years.

When our fans read front page articles in the Dolan's newspaper that this team is a public trust and should never go anywhere, we can talk when the television and print coverage is equal that of his own teams.

Not before.

That is what being a partner is, regretfully the long-standing record since 1998 reflects the complete opposite.

Do you really want NYIFC to include all the local teams/events taken off Cablevision or bitter fights against them for leaving Msg? The Jets Stadium in Manhattan, their lawsuit against the NHL, among other items?

Anyone have fifty thousand dollars in Metro Ice Challenge money to spare?
Updated 7/17:
NYIFC has received many e-mail request to re-post our recent entry on highly selective/questionable Newsday coverage (which only seems to be increasing on the negative end) to influence/defeat an August 1st referendum vote.

Updated 7/18:
A note has to be added here. Cablevision/Newsday/Msg have done nothing illegal, it's newspaper viewpoint has every professional/legal right to publish information that is positive or overtly negative regarding the referendum or outright oppose it daily.

One of NYIFC's purposes is to examine the coverage, asking only fair/reasonable questions regarding the reporting.

Cablevision/Newsday/Msg's own long-term massive potential gains in cable contract money saved, which includes possible future expansion into Nassau County for their own brand, has not been included in any coverage to date.

NYIFC has noticed the articles on a new Coliseum's financial benefits, was not given the same top billing/depth as NIFA front-page article (with another George Marlin feature), that now includes Sunday's latest push-back by the Dolan's writing staff to influence voters. When the benefits of a new Coliseum were published, Newsday included a university economist viewpoint, to dispute, where people would go instead of the Nassau Coliseum to spend their money locally.

Obviously those who need Dolan to make a living/retain credential to Msg, must do like-wise, and will in their space even if they support the project. PHWA President, Kevin Allen, made clear teams determine who is credentialed among bloggers so taking the subject to Dolan's coverage/potential gain will-not happen.

Our Strongest Recommendation Moving Forward:
As things progress to 8/1, if you read these articles concentrate on the direct quotes only, tune out the writers slant/spin/headline writer. Question anything that does not point out everyone's personal gain in this referendum being passed or rejected starting with Cablevision/Msg/Newsday, include any blogger that needs an Msg credential for their personal business.

Question the messenger's motivations everywhere, not just in Cablevision's newspaper. Spread the word. Let people know long and loud, Cablevision, Msg and Newsday have a huge vested potential gain in the New York Islanders leaving.

Per our loyal readers request, I will re-post our earlier article, however this will be the final NYIFC blog entry before any referendum vote.

All hockey updates/signings will be posted on our twitter feed exclusively.
Dolan's Newsday & Those Who Need Him Cannot Be Trusted On Nassau Coliseum Referendum Reporting/Coverage

NYIFC has tried for years to get it's message out on this subject. If Charles Dolan bought the Islanders from John Pickett, or there was no James Dolan, we would likely have seen a true partnership that would have only helped hockey's viability in New York.

The New York Islanders for Charles Dolan/Cablevision in the 1980's was what the Yankees are to YES Network.

That was then, this is now.

Sorry folks, anything who believes or does not report the Cablevision Dolans stand to gain a great deal from the referendum failing, simply have another agenda.

That would be an agenda that, runs/hides from the long-standing poor treatment of the New York Islanders in their print or television coverage, which contributed to putting their viability in question.

Many need the Dolan's to stay employed and have nothing to gain by going there, or will even ignore what has happened and defend the company that owns the Cablevision Knicks and a hockey team with one more playoff appearance than the Islanders since 1997.

Those folks will be self-muted or defend Cablevision for their own gain.

The coverage is running exactly as expected here, mostly negative, with anything positive being quickly questioned by Dolan's writers and publication.

What are Dolan's writers going to do? Anything that questions their employer will not be printed, the writer sent packing faster than you can say John Mancini.

Scrutiny of the Garden's 1981 tax exemption is not to be mentioned, anything negative from another outlet receives top billing. The word Dolan never to be used, while Wang is a constant subject, despite his requests to keep negotiations out of newspapers.
What Can Wang/Islanders Do?
They do not own a newspaper or a major television outlet beyond their own website, the folks that own media (representing the other side) will call up their friends and request time to control the message.
If a referendum fails, Mangano has his out for good, Wang too.

I fully expect Ed Mangano to use that out and be rid of the Nassau Coliseum issue for good.

Charles Wang owns the hotel, it's in his best interest to keep trying, however this could well mean the end of his efforts to retain the team at it's present location.

Sure a rejection could lead to the compromise I first wrote about when the project was announced, still what happened in Phoenix will officially be stamped on everything that happens moving forward, the push will be on for the team to leave from all circles.

If a referendum passes on 8/1, I see Nassau Democrats making sure it dies in a legislature vote, or ultimately NIFA because of political party agenda.

A positive referendum vote will be dismissed as not-legitimate because it was done in summer.

Marquette.edu: Has a list of all stadium/area referendum's that have passed and failed back to 1990. Many failed and were constructed anyway.

Ultimately it depends on how much further Charles Wang wants to go. It would be impossible to blame him if he decided he has tried enough. Charles Wang is going to be over seventy if a new Coliseum is approved and constructed, his time as owner is going to end at some point.

NYIFC Viewpoint On Coliseum Referendum:
The New York Islanders are a public trust, with a tradition that is special among all sports teams, never to be placed into the embarrassing position Mangano has put them into.

The Coliseum referendum is a good project that will bring in new revenue, new jobs, and finally get something happening there, it will pay for itself and a lot more. No more Smg taking the revenue Nassau handed them from the Islanders.

Still, Mangano is a joke. Can you imagine if any other team had it's future put to a public referendum? Most/all of them would fail as Mike Bloomberg closed fire-houses to give baseball teams absurd tax bonds.

All those teams in NYC/NJ carved up the taxpayers in the backroom. Edmonton and Quebec will do likewise to it's taxpayers if an arena is built.

Unlike the New York projects which closed neighborhood businesses, or placed the revenue streams inside the owners new theme-parks, a new Coliseum adds capacity, it includes a new baseball stadium, new development on that parking lot. Those projects lowered ballpark capacity.

Wall Street Journal: provides comments from local businesses around Yankee Stadium that support this viewpoint.

A new Coliseum helps what already is there on Hempstead Turnpike.

If a new Coliseum received naming rights, the final four, other major events, a great deal is realistic in what can be gained by voting for this.

Wang's paying for overages, I cannot see a new building coming in at only 350m based on so many other local facilities.

The loss of the team and a shuttered Coliseum will take away the jobs, revenue and tax money a million visitors currently spend going there. The demolition of the Coliseum will take away from outside businesses that desperately need that revenue.

The loss of the Coliseum revenue, has to be passed on the taxpayers, which includes the demolition.

A nightmare for Nassau County on countless levels.

Maybe after a decade of all the politicians running off everyone who does not make their friends money (sound familiar Desmond Ryan?) something will get done there, the taxpayers will be on the hook for that too.

See Roosevelt Raceway.

NYIFC Blog has created a special section on the referendum via the Islanders website.

Dolan's Coliseum End Game:
Dolan rides in like he did with Hartford.

Cablevision pays Wang for the television rights, regains the territorial right for their own teams expansion into Nassau County.

A renovated (naming rights) Cablevision Coliseum becomes a reality with the Long Island AHL Rangers taking over (Wang keeps business at his hotel) games go on Msg+ and that will be it.

NYIFC Endgame:
It's up to each individual to clearly determine who's future interest is being best represented in referendum coverage, which will influence voters.

You know where NYIFC stands on this subject, it's a viewpoint that comes from a sincere and honest place with no agenda or gain ever.

NYIFC is our public trust to give you an honest blog, never anything else.

Regardless what happens, this is as far as we go on the subject, our best effort has been provided to NYIFC readers.

Thank You Always.

Hockey coverage will resume after the referendum.

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New York Notables 7/15

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/14/2011 11:44:00 PM | Comment Here

The twitter box will return at 3pm Friday.

Basically the side show continues with the New York Islanders again in the middle of a political football game.

NIFA's 7/14 meeting is now available webcast 13:55 on Coliseum referendum but frankly NIFA members after not having an official position, called the Coliseum referendum nothing more than a property tax of 3.5-4 percent, asking if the highest taxed people in the nation have an appetite for more?

The official position is the vote passes/legislature passes, it will be taken up again.

NYIFC Comments:
For an entity with no official position, they made clear enough they do not support this in any way at all. The contention on both sides between Mangano's office on County finances, and NIFA speaks for itself.

Obviously the Islanders, Wang, are clearly caught in-between.

George J. Marlin's personal blog in December 2010 did share his thoughts on Charles Wang's hockey team, but his viewpoints receive top billing in James Dolan's Newspaper.

Mr Marlin has never written anything on Cablevision's teams, or made personal comment of construction of team facilities in taxpayer bounded/exempt stadium/arena currently in the New York-New Jersey area.

Next Up:
Unless by some chance Desmond Ryan can get Mangano (and his staff) charged with using public funds to promote the Coliseum project (they are only allowed to inform residents) NYIFC will be going back into full-time hockey mode via twitter starting Friday.

A lot of good news coming out of camp, tons of features. NYIFC is not a political blog. The agenda's on all sides (media included) will play themselves out as they will.
I'm somewhat disappointed, I was unaware, Jeremy Colliton, was Bridgeport's all-time leading scorer. He is only twenty six, so this is not adding a player with absolutely no potential for a breakout year.

I would love to see the club get Jack Hillen signed to a AHL-NHL contract, but the defensive prospects here suggest no.

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New York Notables/Prospect Camp/NIFA Meeting Updated 7/14

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio is reporting UFA Jeremy Colliton will return on a two-way contract. Confirmed by Sound Tigers website.

Updated 1pm:
Writing the NIFA meeting will be live here Thursday at 4pm may not be correct.

NIFA meetings are archived for viewing. It may have been a bit presumptuous on NYIFC part, that automatically (like Nassau) the NIFA meeting would also been shown live at 4pm via live web cast.

We apologize in advance if the meeting is not live-streamed at 4pm.

NIFA will be Meeting 7/14/2011 at 4pm from Charles Wang's Marriott Hotel, where they are expected to comment on the Coliseum referendum in their agenda.

Like Nassau County all NIFA meetings can be seen with no media spin. NIFA had it's Jan-April meeting (likely others) at the Marriott, so there is nothing to be read into that.

Many past NIFA meetings are available for viewing, most are only a few minutes with none of the debate/lobbying you see in County meeting process.

NYIFC 8.1.11 section (right sidebar bottom of page) has all available information, including all Stadium/Arena referendum outcomes since 1990.
New York Islander Fan Central twitter on side-bars & special section set up for rookie camp, has had plenty of coverage.

7/13: ITV had video interviews with Ryan Strome, Calvin deHaan, Anders Nilsson, among others.

7/16 ITV: will show Blue vs White Live Saturday at 7pm.

NYIFC Comments:
Only expectation I have from prospect camp is no players are injured. The Devils, Adam Larsson, and several prospects have sustained injuries in their camp this week here.

Eric Boguniecki : signed by Bridgeport as as assistant to new Head Coach, Brent Thompson.

NYIFC Comments:
This is somewhat of a surprise given the club has a lot of folks, who have had brief appearances on the Sound Tigers bench, Matt Bertani was retained as an assistant.

Seems management felt a need to add a second assistant or Thompson was permitted his own hire?
New York Notables:
1. Funny how Charles Wang is spending the same forty million he was before there was a cap floor or ceiling, and not one person writes about it? Roloson/Wisniewski were traded with no replacements and the New York Islanders did not go below the floor, which means they were at least four million above it.

But why go there?

2. It's already 7/13, how dare the Islanders not sign Bryan McCabe for three million, Alexei Kovalev/Zherdev for another two million and subject us to actually seeing if Calvin deHaan, Nino Niederreiter can make the club out of camp?

At least replace Godard and Mike Rupp? We have no one to stand up for John Tavares. (wrong Atlantic team and era)

2A. It's not 1998-2008 for Bryan McCabe or Kovalev anymore. The right wings in the system may be a lot better than Zherdev now. Kyle Okposo will likely be back with Tavares and Moulson on the first line, with Parenteau going down a line or two.

3. How are the Islanders going to compete with a defense that has Eric Brewer, MA Bergeron, Bruno Gervais and Matt Gilroy?

3A. Victor Hedman is a very good player, spare me about the rest being better than the Islanders or most other teams at this time.

4. Make an offer sheet (insert star player name) what are they waiting for?

4A. Matched.
End of story.
How Low Can You Go Department:
1. I watched the Nassau County meeting Monday which included spending four million dollars in repairs to the Nassau Coliseum, it quickly and quietly passed, but those needing to create a story out of nothing (beyond selling themselves) did what they do best for their own selfish purposes.

1A. Not like the Nassau Coliseum had to cancel an Islanders home game because of asbestos issues, but those same folks would not dare write one word on that and retain a credential.

1B. Instead let's interview some former players to whole-heartedly, without question and from a completely honest place support the Islanders staying, while in the background, it's kept as negative as possible in the owners paper, which contributed greatly to the teams attendance/coverage issues since they started pulling games off television in 1998.

1C. What's next the Islanders refused their Metro Ice Challenge Winnings, or a pregame a few years ago because their TV partner is so wonderful? That the Islanders do not even want preseason games televised/or preseason specials? That the team does not even want our great partners to be burdened with live web-casted preseason games to help interest? Just place all the games on an insulting channel named for Madison Square Garden and hold the HD/ratings, while spamming Msg teams across every telecast.

1D. Anyone have a bridge to nowhere to sell cheap beyond the one going up at a renovated Msg? This end game is all about October 2015, quietly riding in as the good guy while saving hundreds of millions.

Since 1998, the history reflects the truth.

2. PHWA President, Kevin Allen, has no answers on what to do with blogger vs writer credentials issue here beyond letting the teams decide or who vouches for individuals in markets where there is less coverage?

I personally like Kevin Allen's work, but his answer seems to be pass the buck or stay above it as association president. Perhaps he's too smart to take a stand?

3. Beyond comical the same article reports the NY Times, does not allow it's hockey writers to vote for NHL awards? You may recall this was the same publication demanding transparency last November on Islanders media policies? NYIFC called out this hypocrisy once again on April 5th.

4. Yes folks, it's 2011. Hockey information has regressed so much we have comedy sideshows playing insiders on teams finances, with select professional media outlets so cheap and lazy they use them as actual resources.

Then those same publications, call out the teams for not spending enough?

4A. Where's X-Ice when you need them with long memories of Islanders earliest website versions.

5. Maybe we can get some of these comedy sideshow kiddies to publish the salaries of all the professional North American hockey writers? Then we can see which editors, publishers, and owners are the real hockey coverage problem?

5A. Will be fun to see the NY Post calling out Rupert Murdoch (NEVER), which needs to save a little money these days, firing Larry Brooks/Mark Everson and replacing them with AP coverage which would be a dramatic improvement for New York hockey credibility at the Post.

6. Let's end on a good note-Type the words Fort Neverlose into Google maps.
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Thank You.

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