Charles Wang Blameless For Anything From Here

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Updated 2/13 The Cablevision Garden's Yearly Gift From NYC Taxpayers is now up to 16.5m a year.

I'm sure Ed Mangano, Kate Murray/Joe Mondello/Tom Gulotta all have a good laugh.

Tom Suozzi put the Lighthouse in a drawer for a few years, he helped do the Smg sublease, but is hardly blameless.

Perhaps the New York Islanders would have been more exciting for Kate Murray if the TOH gave the Isles, the 15m tax exemption Msg receives each year.

Al D'Amato is also smiling, while Stuart Rabinowicz see's Hofstra expansion dollars from Albany.

As fans, if you wish to assign blame, between Nassau County government, Town Of Hempstead, you have many to choose from. It's too bad they got the blame only one day a year, the Islander owner, countless times daily from sports fans/media.

It's not fair or right.

Charles Wang has done everything possible. No one is going to keep throwing money out the door for the privilege of doing so. Wang did not get the taxpayer funded facilities every other local team received, he will not be paid like many teams to manage new/modern facilities as promised to Phoenix/Edmonton.

From this point forward whatever Charles Wang decides financially regarding owning this franchise I cannot blame him for, which would include him trading John Tavares or letting any prospect go to save money.

That would even include putting the franchise in bankruptcy/walking away. 

I do not like writing it, however to not write it would not be fair.

In 2003, he said this would not be a church that remains opened forever. 

Because of the lack of government/financial support (like all New York/New Jersey) and most teams thorough the country receive Charles Wang has to protect himself financially. 

In May/June 2011 New York Islander Fan Central has two tough entries
 5/31/11 Why Are We Here Now? Blame Yourselves.
 6/3/11: Only Way To Save The New York Islanders Is Purchase Tickets

I'm sorry but this is not 1998, where new owner Howard Milstein got rejected by Nassau County, and cut the budget virtually to nothing forcing the trade of Zigmund Palffy. Charles Wang has been spending for over a decade from Hamrlik to Reinhart, he's gotten the same (much worse) than Milstein for his trouble.

Howard Milstein said, " Fill the building first ", Wang spent his money first.

Charles Wang has done his part and much more since the day he purchased this franchise, an entry was done here 3/14/2012: Total Support For Charles Wang which this website stands by moving forward regardless of what happens.

Also a little reality check of how bad things must have been with Nassau for Wang to agree to move the club to a facility in Brooklyn as a tenant where his revenue will not improve dramatically or he would have jumped at the chance before construction began on Barclay's Center, which could have been for a fully designed hockey facility.

I did not anticipate Nassau County being misguided/inept enough to lose it's only professional franchise, forcing Wang to separate his team from his hotel.  It usually takes an epic failure of local government for that to happen that is not seen often, but the signs were clearly there with Nassau/TOH.

They were there long before Charles Wang came along. 

Bottom line if Charles Wang's binding/lease is iron-clad in Brooklyn, he's secured the future for another ownership beyond his tenure, if it's the last thing he spends on, it will be the most important.

New York Organizational Roster Heading Into 2013-14

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Obviously at some point decisions will be made on the prospects in Bridgeport, CHL/European drafted prospects who's two years are up and must be signed by 5/31/2013, the qualified players who went to Europe (ie: Mark Katic, Justin DiBenedetto ect) , and the unrestricted free agents next summer.

But for now, let's set the 2013-14 roster of players signed because the list is very long, with a lot of prospects waiting for an opportunity, and a lot of NHL defenders signed on one-way contracts.

New York:

Brian Strait-Joe Finley (two way contract)
Andrew MacDonald-Matt Carkner

Rick DiPietro

Restricted Free Agents:
Travis Hamonic, Josh Bailey, David Ullstrom, Thomas Hickey, Jesse Joensuu.
John Persson-Brock Nelson-Nino Niederreiter
Mike Halmo-Johan Sundstrom-Kirill Kabanov
Jason Clark (ECHL)

Marc Cantin
Calvin deHaan-Matt Donovan
Aaron Ness

Anders Nilsson

Restricted Free Agents:
Ty Wishart, Kevin Poulin, Mikko Koskinen, Justin DiBenedetto, Mark Katic, Tomas Marcinko, Rhett Rakhshani. all require another qualifying offer by 6/25/13 for Islanders to retain NHL rights.
Signed Prospects:
Griffin Reinhart, Ryan Strome.

Kirill Petrov is signed through 13-14 in KHL, the Islanders retain his NHL rights. 

Mitchell Theoret-6/1/13
Brenden Kichton-6/1/13
Andrei Pedan-6/1/13

Cody Rosen 8/15/13

Note-CBA did not close Wheeler rule so any drafted college prospect can submit a letter to turn professional giving the team that drafted that player thirty days or they become an UFA.

This would include college junior, Anders Lee.

Bridgeport Staying Put Until 2021 Despite Registering Ct Ranger AHL Domain

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In short the Dolan's contract to play in the Whalers old facility in Hartford is up this coming summer, and could well be leaving. Harbor Yards Sports & Entertainment registered two Ct Ranger website domain names through 2018.

That would be the former name of the current, Webster Bank Arena, home of the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. the building Charles Wang manages in Bridgeport.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio as usual confirms the Sound Tigers have a lease until 2021 and no plans to leave a building Charles Wang operates via team President, Howard Saffan's comments that he had no idea about the registered domains.

Bottom line a facility managed by the Islanders ownership registered two future domain sites for another team via Harbor Yard Sports & Entertainment in a building they are running as of April 2011.

The Hartford Courant failed to reiterate Msg kicked former Whalers owner Howard Baldwin to the curb last summer.

Bridgeport has the higher recent AHL fan support which include many free tickets among the numbers.

NYIFC Comments: 
Yes, I read the Hartford Coutant article on this a few days earlier with Howard Saffan's comments.

If Harbor Yard Sports & Entertainment are registering domain names for another team it does not make a lot of sense unless the intent is to prevent that team from using that name in the future or they really want them to move there as a tenant.

Of course Msg or anyone could register those domain names on their own as easily as I would register each year.

Saffan makes clear this is the Islanders affiliate home.

How many times has Howard Saffan said the Sound Tigers have a binding lease until 2021? He did it pre/post referendum, and made clear the Islanders status had no bearing on that.  Enough updates have been written here from Mr Saffan's interviews on the club's operation to where it made a profit last season.

Plus Charles Wang spent to renovate that building with the new scoreboard, wrap-around boards, upgrades to the facility that has been the Islanders AHL affiliate since it opened.

For those who have followed this website since 2007 or it's predecessor, the Ct Post beatwriter, Michael Fornabaio, has always been a little more enthusiastic about the Rangers vs the Isles so none of this is a shock that in some manner the same Ct media, who did not lobby for the Islanders to simply move to Manhattan, are pushing past rumors of the Ct Whale into the Bridgeport Sound Tigers home arena where they did have a home playoff game last year.

For myself, who linked to Sound Tiger articles in the Ct Post since the ground breaking, when Chris Elsberry did features/Michael Fornabaio covered every game,  I have never read one past article of the Hartford Wolfpack relocating to Harbor Yard during Roy Boe's tenure or until this week.

Having written this there can be no blaming the media for Harbor Yard Sports & Entertainment registering Ranger centric domain names, that's a question which must be asked.  

Saffan for his part practically had to defend why the Sound Tigers should simply not leave their own building, which Charles Wang operates under a lease with Bridgeport.

Nothing was written about in 2010 if the Sound Tigers were asked about Hartford re-branding it's name as Connecticut at the time which is the Bridgeport Sound Tigers home state, or the Rangers having events on the former Harbor Yard (Webster Bank Arena) doorstep?
Imagine if Msg simply allowed the Isles to relocate into Manhattan permanently which is what I wrote about in May 2012:  If There Is No Deal In Nassau, The New York Islanders Permanent Home Should Be Msg.

What's ridiculous was Fornabaio (with the Hartford Courant writer) selling the (said/unsaid) notion of how many Ranger fans are in Fairfield County, which was Hartford Whalers country, despite a lot of Bruins, Rangers, and Islander fans with Whalers fans who never embraced the Ranger brand or their AHL affiliate moving into that building almost immediately upon the Hartford Whales relocation to Carolina.

The former Hartford Wolfpack had playoff games with crowds under 2,000, the playoff game they played as a home team at Webster Bank arena last year drew even less. 

Will events eventually line up where an Msg/controlled AHL team moves to the Nassau Coliseum? For those who have read this website know that's a past point I have advanced often.

It could take a few more years to answer, for 2013-14 it's a question which must be addressed soon, even if temporary. 

Brian Strait Signed For 2013-14

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/31/2013 05:34:00 PM |
Islanders website: Announced that defenseman Brian Strait has agreed to terms on a three-year contract..

NYIFC Comments:
This means Strait will likely be a part of the 2013-14 season in New York which for this website is the only subject at this time.

Bridgeport continues the 2012-13 hockey season on 1/31.

Matt Donovan, Nino Niederreiter Named Starters For All-Star Lineup

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Matt Donovan, & Nino Niederreiter were named to the starting lineup by the fans for the 2013 AHL All-Star Game in Providence on 1/27-1/28.

Both players thanked the fans on their twitter feeds Saturday.

Bridgeport off losing a third period 1-0 lead on Friday, lost 5-0 in Norfolk on Saturday entering the break at AHL five hundred.

Mr Jaffe Still Defending Msg: " Wasn't Their Call "

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/24/2013 07:15:00 PM |
For those who follow this twitter feed, I had an interesting exchange with current part time Msg employee/guest, former Islanders announcer, Billy Jaffe, on 1/24, who again maintained his dismissal/contract new renewed from broadcasting New York Islander hockey was not Msg's call.

Is it possible something happened beyond the scenes with the Isles where he's right?


However Mr Jaffe on 12/20/10 went above/ beyond telling us what a great job Msg had done covering Islander hockey, is flat out disingenuous nor am I talking about people in a truck putting in long hours to produce a broadcast.  

I invite folks to read the twitter comments and make their own judgements, no interest in repeating what's been written here countless times in the past about Msg coverage disparity.  

Sure, I understand for Mr Jaffe to be critical of Msg has the likely potential to end any current appearances on their network,  nor was he going to go there in any exchange with me, but praising my passion?

Spare me. I do not do passion, only facts with supporting documentation, when I made my points with supporting links (direct quotes) Mr Jaffe wrote it had nothing to do with him. 

Fair enough, nor did I claim it was.

Having written that on 12/20/10 Mr Jaffe went to absurd heights to defend Msg's coverage disparity of the New York Islanders (and Devils) vs Cablevision's team with former Islanders media relations coordinator. 

Here is the audio link to Mr Jaffe's comments on 12/20/10 where he claims Msg goes above and beyond to cover the New York Islanders

Full 15 minute interview

And of course the 12/20/10 Video in full. 

For those listening to Isles former media relations coordinator here praise Msg for airing all games (they are legally obligated to)  the comical background propaganda of how tough it is airing HD is another insult to our fans intelligence considering Msg refused to air games in HD.

Verizon had to fight Msg for HD coverage until Dec 2011 when the Dolan's lost another lawsuit. 

Sure by 12/31/11 if you had Time Warner, goodbye Msg. 

Even now I'll ask are those +++ channels offering HD? 

I like Mr Jaffe's work, praised him for being positive here when Msg/Newsday employees announced his dismissal from their coverage in my past entries. I knew of his Dec 2010 interview, and considered his defense back then insulting, but if he's still doing this in 2013, it's time to get real.

Of course the same former media relations coordinator defending Msg in 2010 made clear in 2008 Msg hiding Mr Jaffe's ITV pre-season games was entirely about Msg.

Please don't take my word for it, read from the same man who interviewed Mr Jaffe: Sept 27th 2008  when Mr Jaffe's preseason work could not air live on ITV

Islanders TV’s inability to show these ex games in Canada live and in living colour is a more difficult issue, but the reason is essentially the same. Not only does MSG Network have the broadcast rights for Islanders pre-season games, an impeccable TV industry source tells Point Blank that MSG Network also has the right to give the red light to any other company that wants to show the games.

It’s a fair leap to assume MSG opted to block ITV from broadcasting games live in Moncton, London, PEI or anywhere else. Yes, last year they allowed it. This year, nope.

To be clear, it’s not like the Islanders don’t want to have these games on ITV, MSG+ or anywhere else on the dial. MSG is exercising their contractual rights.

For now, it looks like you’ll have to wait to see the Islanders’ own Emmy Award-winning commentator Billy Jaffe on MSG+ when the regular season begins. While you vent, let me look into rumors I heard in Manhattan the other day about the plan to eliminate Islanders pre-game shows (and perhaps a studio analyst) from MSG+ broadcasts.

Funny, that was the year the Isles lost their pregame in the first month. Eventually a studio analyst full time job was eliminated with no full time replacement for Butch Goring who said he felt detached from Isles when they would go on long trips.

Msg could have paid to bring Goring on the road with Jaffe, and Rose as an analyst, after all the Devils/Rangers have plenty of people covering them full time. 

Like Mr Jaffe I feel good about writing this. 

1/22: Niederreiter Speaks On Wanting To Be First Team All-Star

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/23/2013 02:55:00 AM | |


That's Nino Niederreiter speaking likely on 1/22/13. It must be noted he was named as an all-star on 1/17 so when he says he was just named to the all-star team those comments could have been recorded at an earlier point.

Niederreiter posting this or re-tweeting this on 1/22 however suggest otherwise which he did on both his  twitter/facebook pages.

The Sound Tigers website released this update on 1/22/13.

Note-The team video was released between 10am-11am on the teams twitter feed or before any other updates on Tuesday.

 TheSoundTigers VOTE FOR NINO: @thelnino25 is an AHL All Star but needs your help to make the starting lineup! Voting opens @ 12 today!

1/22/13: Niederreiter's personal twitter feed also RT this update around 10am here.

Niederreiter later added this to his Facebook page on 1/22/13
Kirill Kabanov is getting very close to returning, it's possible he goes to Norfolk next weekend.

Bridgeport 2012-13 Race For Playoffs Continues

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/19/2013 01:42:00 PM |
The standings do not lie. Bridgeport is at the half-way point of it's 76 game season, ten points out of first place, at best a bubble team that has displayed weaknesses in surrendering goals for long stretches, along with periods where it's been very good.

The AHL adapted a more conventional NHL format of three division winners seeded 1-3, with the next five teams rounding out Calder Cup playoffs. 

The 2012-13 story of Niederreiter, Nelson, Persson, Sundstrom, Donovan, Ness, Nilsson, Poulin continue.

A lot of what happens in Bridgeport/among prospects will determine 2013-14 in New York.

Bridgeport has two games this weekend.
Information or updates related to the 2013-14 New York Islanders will be the only updates here or on twitter.

The Bridgeport Sound Tigers/Islander prospect 2012-13 seasons will be the primary content. 

Thank You

New York Statement For 2013-14: Resign Mark Streit Now

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/16/2013 12:06:00 PM |
No doubt it's a judgement call, no doubt like with Brendan Witt, Trent Hunter (resigned early) it can backfire with someone who already missed a year, who could get injured again before 2013-14. 

It's backfired with many players Streit's age who have been resigned or moved onto other teams.

Long term deals in general turn into poor decisions. 

Having written that Mark Streit is the captain of the New York Islanders, a top flight two-way defender which is rare in this league.

Mark Streit will have huge value entering free agency in a few short months, who likely will command a front-loaded contract on the open market.

This is a player who's ability the organization does not have a replacement for at any level in the near future, he is a player John Tavares went to Switzerland with to be on his team.

Tavares is the New York Islanders signature star moving forward.

Nino Niederreiter is another players who has, and will look to Mark Streit for advice in the years ahead.

This is where management needs to make another statement now by locking up Mark Streit for the remainder of his NHL career beginning with the 2013-14 season. 

2013-14: New York Claims D Joe Finley Off Waivers

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/14/2013 01:17:00 PM |
Joe Finley was signed to a three year/two way contract on 11/29/2011 by Buffalo.

New York claiming him on waivers means unless he is traded (or claimed on waivers at a future point) will be a part of the 2013-14 New York Islander/Bridgeport Sound Tigers. 

Again transactions that have something to do with 2013-14/beyond will be the only ones written about here.

Bridgeport/Prospect Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/13/2013 07:57:00 AM |
1/13-Updated 6:20pm: Matt Donovan scored a pp goal in final two minutes for a 5-4 win. Bridgeport lost a 4-2 lead in last five minutes. Aaron Ness, Costello three point games. Niederreiter two goals.
Welcome to the American Hockey League, Scott Pellerin.

Today is the first true day as a head coach, with these things called transactions where the AHL affiliate lose players with alarming regularity for many reasons.

Kind of like how Bridgeport has been again struggling recently with games where they have had roster advantages, leads and still were outplayed/lost.

You fall behind 5-0 with roster advantages, come back to lose 5-4, then take a 2-0 lead in your next game with same advantages, your team should not surrender that lead, losing 6-3. 

Four regulation losses in the last five games.

Goodbye: Travis Hamonic, Ty Wishart, Jon Landry, Colin McDonald, Casey Cizikas and David Ullstrom, with more changes coming.

That's life in the AHL.

On Sunday, Bridgeport plays it's third game in three days, traveling from Providence to Bridgeport to Atlantic City (not Albany)  against the Devils 4pm.
Until the NHL or NHLPA release an official copy of it's CBA which will cover the 2013-14 season, not much to write on this subject.
It would appear the rules on college prospects, deadlines to sign CHL drafted players still apply at two years which mean decisions have to be made by June 1st under normal schedule circumstances.

Anders Lee is a junior, he is under no deadline to be signed until 8/15/2014 if he graduates. 

Mitchell Theoret was traded to the Barrie Colts on 1/10/13, per previous CBA he must be tendered a contract because he was drafted in 2011.

Brenden Kichton-6/1/2013
Andrei Pedan-6/1/2013
Cody Rosen 8/15/2013