A few words on trade deadline

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/22/2008 01:43:00 PM | | |
Not a big fan of Lyle Richardson/Spector Hockey aka Fox Sports but for now added the site as a crawler for the trade deadline because he is a member of the media.

He does stick to the rumors from credible media sources only format and compiles the daily articles from several publications in one message for the most part.

If I see his site get away from that in the next few days I will drop the crawler from this blog.

My advice here is to take all rumors from the newspapers for what they are and ignore anything not in a newspaper unless it's written by a confirmed media source.

In my experience at times like this a lot of folks love to break the news and mistakes are made. Media folks speculation is far different from quotes they get from team officials that they write articles around.

I do not want to put too many crawlers up, just the ones that get us confirmed trades from reliable/credible media sources. If I find more of them that I feel can help I will take down the feed to my blog for a few hours Tuesday so more information reaches the blog for everyone quicker.

Of course this blog already has a lot of feeders set up from media sources all around the league so I suggest checking the news section of the page at the bottom at all times. That also includes Bridgeport, San Antonio where we can see what could happen just by players recalled.