Sunday Notables: DiPietro/Mr Botta/Coach

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Players Club Magazine via Islanders website: Ron Dicker has an article on Rick DiPietro family life with comments from the Islander, goaltender, his father, and defender Chris Campoli.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I would guess this is the same Ron Dicker who covered the Isles in the Times a few years ago which was the last time they had regular coverage in the paper, I only wish Newsday would do a few features about the players so the fans get to know them more.

It's coverage like that long ago that made me a big fan of certain players.

Point Blank: Mr Botta blogs on who he feels is the best choice among the so-called remaining three from an NHL source and seems to be more in favor of Paul Maurice or Scott Gordon but claims no insider knowledge and feels Bob Hartley would be a good hire as a roving instructor for the club.

NY Times: Stu Hacklel in the Times blog has a few thoughts but mostly works off of everything Mr Logan wrote and links to Newsday.

Not much else unless you count TSN or THN simply posting the Newsday report with a few words and no quotes. Boston Globe blogger is going on vacation they announced Sunday. Providence Journal had nothing new.