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Newsday: Greg Logan begins his coverage where he left off the last few days with his DiPietro speculation game as Bill Guerin and head coach Scott Gordon talked about his teams penalties and the opportunities for Joey MacDonald and Yann Danis.

MacDonald was disappointed his club did not get the bounces.

Greg Logan unfortunately struck again in the middle of the night on early Tuesday with another long blog in the Islanders Newsday space essentially complaining about the injury policy and Monday's release on DiPietro as we got more on his injury speculation game here even going back to how the goaltenders concussions were announced in 06-07.

Afterward our fans finally got a few words about the game with Scott Gordon's comments.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
That's kind of funny Mr Logan writes with all the focus on DiPietro’s injury there was no room in today’s newspaper for a few other interesting comments.

Doesn't he mean all of his focus on DiPietro's injury?

Considering how well some of the young players performed they deserved a few words in the paper but Mr Logan is very upset with the injury policy and our fans pay for that. I thought this was about the fans need to know but it's clearly about his need to know along with issues he has with DiPietro.

I guess our beat writer will not even let us know about the game very much as part of his next policy change, all in the name of our fans.

Sorry folks. I absolutely would like to take the coverage in another direction but this is where the articles go and I am not writing them.

It's absolutely not where I wish they would go either.

I'm as tired of Mr Logan's act with this as everyone else is by now and as I have written the Islanders are doing what a lot of pro teams do with the policy, there is nothing ground breaking with what the club is doing here.

At this point Mr Logan should have his editor talk for him and keep our fans out of the middle.

Days like this I would not mind one bit if Newsday went paid subscription only.

Newsday: Mr Logan's other article was basically a blog reprint of the situation with Doug Weight and Brandon Sutter which head coach Scott Gordon also comments on.

Newsday: Mark Herrmann does what he does best and that's play the Islanders viability game once again telling us the club could be moving without a single word on the subject from anyone who would be involved in any such decision and that the days in the Islander-Ranger rivalry could be numbered. Bill Guerin comments on the loss along with a few softballs for Ranger coach Tom Renney.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Welcome to how the Newsday staff fights back and kicks a team when it's down. Not pretty or very professional from Mr Herrmann who always has his Ranger pomp poms out.

It's sad but this is what our coverage is these days. Not another goal from Mark Streit or a defense that is scoring goals with half the backline out or Scott Gordon's system producing chances we did not see last year along with a faster Islander team.

It's only been a few weeks since Mr Herrmann did his latest Islander viability dance which is into double-digits over the last year for almost any possible reason for him to bring it up. His act has gotten very old on this subject having to take an extra kick at the club and it's fans after a tough loss or when good news happens like Al Arbour night he makes it all about the club trying to sell tickets.

It's done to upset the fans and play for the worst.

I guess the young players like Kyle Okposo and how well they played last night just was not a story if he wanted to write about the future so much.

Newsday: Mr Herrmann's other article made sure to get the word fishing in the first sentence with regard to the Islanders new retro uniforms with Bob Nystrom and Josh Bailey praising the new look.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Those jersey's look fantastic, just make them the full time uniform starting next year along with bringing back the same in white.

NY Times: Lynn Zinser has the Ranger-centric article.

NY Post: Dan Martin's very limited space article was all about DiPietro and the clubs injuries with Bill Guerin's comments, nothing on the game beyond the score here. Larry Brooks of all people to point how out the Islanders were taking the play at the Rangers for a good part of the game here.

Daily News: Peter Botte had Bill Guerin's comments about the Islanders having to stay in their system and his quotes on DiPietro's absence.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Mr Botte wins my personal pool of what writer would first mention the team in it's early seventies look could finish with a similar record.

AP: Ira Podell's recap of the game includes the Islanders announced that D Brendan Witt would miss three to four weeks with an undisclosed injury while the Canadian Press here reports Rick DiPietro incurred a lower body injury Saturday night unrelated to his previous injuries and is day to day pending additional assessment and treatment. Freddy Meyer sat out Monday due to an abdominal strain.

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