New York 4, Tampa Bay 3 OT

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/16/2008 10:16:00 PM |

Sorry folks, live blog did not work well tonight and I had too many phone calls combined with having to step out a few times.

Islanders website: Has the recap of tonight's 4-3 overtime win against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I know it's only four games in with some injuries but this was not what was advertised.

Yes, I know they won and was happy with a point going in.

I saw the Ted Nolan Islanders that were not skilled enough, not fast enough outside of a few good shifts from Okposo relying on Park and Hilbert far too much along with Nate Thompspon.

Okposo had one shift with a few shots like looked very good in the first.

I saw the usual lazy/tentative play from Tambellini on the perimeter when he took the penalty Comrie got called for and had a few outside shots but he did have a big play for the Islanders third goal so maybe, maybe it's something/anything.

He did take the shot on his off-wing and looked comfortable with more net to shoot at from the faceoff dot and used his speed.

Comrie had a few good back checks and again found the slot for the opening goal.

Blake Comeau at his worst did far better last season than some of these forwards, I'm not buying his demotion for this and every time I see Park or Hilbert with Okposo I just do not see it working long-term.

I feel like Bergenheim is wasting his shifts used with Thompson.

I also saw a powerplay that again could not get out of it's own way and was far too slow.

Weight taking a shot wide that hits a Tampa player and going in to me is not a good setup. For all the momentum it created Isles went on a five on three and could have put down the hammer and had no clue aside from outside shots and slow puck movement against an opponent as fragile as the Islanders.

Hunter and a few players did some nice work to draw powerplays.

Guerin was outworked and outnumbered in the offensive zone with a powerplay.

Still too many undisciplined penalties against a team that was terrible and waiting to lose for over forty minutes.

First goal was a very nice play from Gervais to Okposo for a Comrie rebound but for about a period and a half Kolzig could have sat down for all the tough chances he saw as the Islanders offense went to sleep as usual when they are shorthanded.

Defensively I saw some very good things without Martinek.

Meyer, Gervais both outstanding, Witt looked funny chasing Stamkos and helpless chasing LeCavalier, thought it was off-sides.

Isles had their best powerplay after that with some movement, then Prospal took a lazy penalty and again Isles could not finish and one for nine is nine or whatever it was is not going to do the job.

Hillen and Pock no huge mistakes, hard to blame Sreit for the bounce off the boards on Prospal's goal.

Isles did a nice job back checking/blocking passing lanes against a team for two periods that could not get out of it's own way and were satisfied with the same old cross-ice one timer but they had speed and the skill and eventually someone like LeCavalier was going to make a play with Prospal on his line.

MacDonald kept things settled for two periods, he did a solid enough job and made a few very good saves.

Love Nielsen's composure in overtime to settle the puck and find Hunter, every game he is making a few very good quality plays on offense. Hunter has to keep finding the net.

One struggling team beat another tonight, put this in the we'll take it category but it's not going to be enough to beat most teams.

2-2 another four goal game for the lowest scoring team in the NHL last season.

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