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Newsday: Greg Logan's article is on the newest Islander Dean McAmmond who apparently grew up an Islanders fan and recalls the dynasty days as he also discussed being a teammate with Bill Guerin and Doug Weight when he played for Edmonton.

McAmmond also says he did not request a trade from Ottawa contrary to a report where Senators gm Bryan Murray is quoted he did and that coming here he has an opportunity to play a lot more hockey given the injury situation and help this team grow and learn.

Head coach Scott Gordon was excused from practice but is expected back Tuesday according to Mr Logan.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
His stats are not bad with a lot of years in the ten-twenty range, we'll see where it goes after the deadline and into the summer.

Newsday: Mr Logan in the Islanders Newsday blog has an entry on tomorrow's Lighthouse meeting and reports Charles Wang will be there and is expected to speak with reporters.

The beatwriter also speculates on the Islanders moving to Canada in the future after the lease expires if the project is not approved (apparently as they stay here in the interim) but also reports one way out of the lease now is if the Lighthouse is approved by the Town of Hempstead but Nassau County fails to negotiate a new lease with 120 days which is part of the memorandum of agreement reached when Nassau County awarded development rights to Wang and Rechler.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

I think that's the part I have missed on this with regard to an out in the Memorandum of Understanding I have blogged about constantly while Newsday reported the current lease is iron-clad. If TOH approves project the Isles lease is voided if Nassau does not negotiate a new lease within four months.

That's the out that was written about years ago which is in Nassau County's hands at the very end of the process when it goes back to them. It's the last hurdle with some pols at the time who approved the MOU saying they would never agree to a ninety nine year lease if it ever does comes back to them for final approval.

As for Greg Logan he pushed the Islanders to Canada angle (with no information from anywhere about a potential move there) considering they could also relocate in New York, have been contacted about Queens and could stay for five years as an arena is constructed here. Anthony Wiener also had no problem with them in Brooklyn as late as last week.

Been quite a while since we have had comments from Charles Wang which date back to last April on the Lighthouse and last March on his hockey team.

Call me skeptical but I do not see Mr Wang (or Mr Rechler) saying much to reporters, it's served them better to say less and let the project's merits speak for itself.

As long as Kate Murray does not talk like they are letting Mr Wang-Rechler do the TOH a favor renovating Nassau County's arena on their own dime (as Smg keeps Islander revenue from parking, concessions and portion of gate) and talking about a concrete parking lot like it's suburbia I have no problem with her role in this because it's not just about the hockey team.

That report tomorrow could be an outright rejection, even if it's a great report this is step #45 in a process that goes about 100 steps before that shovel goes anywhere.

NY Times: The same George Vecsey has a feature on the 30th anniversary of Ulf Nilsson's broken ankle at the hands of Msg's ice and a Denis Potvin hit.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Amazing article and some classy stuff from Nilsson on Denis Potvin. Article says 3/23
but I did not see it earlier, feeders for Times post three week old game articles so I could not use it here.

Pittsburgh Tribune Review: Rob Rossi reports LWs Matt Cooke and Ruslan Fedotenko did not practice Monday, and their status to play at home against the Islanders is uncertain with Dan Bylsma not naming a starter at this time with Mathieu Garon's playing status according to Shelly Anderson

Will likely let feeders do the walking tomorrow on any more morning articles. The Ct Post a few days ago redid it's Sound Tiger page here but still no rss.

After what we went through here recently I can understand why the paper has one sports feed.

Goaltender Peter Mannino has been recalled with Tobias Stephan sent back to Dallas system who does not have an AHL affiliate. Joe Callahan's paper trail put him back with the Islanders at this time.

Prospects blog has links to all Sound Tiger page updates.

NYIFC Update:
I may have to miss a few days or a week at any point in the near future, some things are coming up even if it happens at the trade deadline.

I just do not know for sure yet.

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